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Canadian Journal of Botany - 87 (1), 2009

Contents [Volume 87, Number 1, 2009]:

Introduction to the special issue / Introduction pour le numéro spécial
Shamoun, Simon F.

Contrasting research approaches to managing mistletoes in commercial forests and wooded pastures
Reid, Nick; Shamoun, Simon F.

Mistletoe ecophysiology: host-parasite interactions
Glatzel, G.; Geils, B. W.

Determinants of parasitic plant distribution: the role of host quality
Watson, David M.

Fungi and diseases — natural components of healthy forests
Ostry, M. E.; Laflamme, G.

Host responses in the xylem of trees after inoculation with six wood-decay fungi differing in invasiveness
Deflorio, Giuliana; Franz, Erwin; Fink, Siegfried; Schwarze, Francis Willis Mathew Robert

Factors affecting pine pitch canker modelled on Michaelis-Menten kinetics
Hammerbacher, A.; Wright, L. P.; Wingfield, B. D.; Wingfield, M. J.; Coutinho, T. A.

The phenology and impact of Caliciopsis arceuthobii on lodgepole pine dwarf mistletoe, Arceuthobium americanum
Ramsfield, Tod D.; Shamoun, Simon F.; van der Kamp, Bart J.

Distribution, host preference, and impact of parasitic mistletoes (Loranthaceae) in young eucalypt plantations in New South Wales, Australia
Carnegie, Angus J.; Bi, Huiquan; Arnold, Scott; Li, Yun; Binns, Doug

Interactive effects of carbon dioxide concentration and light on the morphological and biomass characteristics of black spruce and white spruce seedlings
Marfo, Jacob; Dang, Qing-Lai

Morphological and molecular evidence of natural interspecific hybridization in the diploid potato Solanum kurtzianum from Argentina
Bedonni, María C.; Camadro, Elsa Lucila

Viability of Neotyphodium endophytic fungus and endophyte-infected and noninfected Lolium multiflorum seeds
Gundel, Pedro E.; Martínez-Ghersa, M. A.; Garibaldi, Lucas A.; Ghersa, Claudio M.

A multivariate morphometric analysis of Solidago subsect. Glomeruliflorae (Asteraceae: Astereae)
Cook, Rachel E.; Semple, John C.; Baum, Bernard R.

Intracanopy variation in leaf morphology and physiology in dominant shrubs of Florida's xeric uplands
Stephens, Elizabeth L.; Saha, Sonali; Menges, Eric S.



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