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Plant Biology - 12 (1), 2010

Contents [Volume 12, Issue 1, 2010]:


Dismantling of Arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll cell chloroplasts during natural leaf senescence
I. M. Evans, A. M. Rus, E. M. Belanger, M. Kimoto and J. A. Brusslan

Two sunflower 17.6HSP genes, arranged in tandem and highly homologous, are induced differently by various elicitors
P. Rampino, G. Mita, E. Assab, M. De Pascali, E. Giangrande, A. S. Treglia and C. Perrotta

Identification of a novel NPR1-like gene from Nicotiana glutinosa and its role in resistance to fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens
Y. Zhang, J. Shi, J.-Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, J.-D. Zhang and X.-Q. Guo

Biochemical changes associated with in vivo RbcL fragmentation by reactive oxygen species under chilling-light conditions
R. Nakano, H. Ishida, M. Kobayashi, A. Makino and T. Mae

Differential transcriptional expression following thidiazuron-induced callus differentiation developmental shifts in rice
D. Chakrabarty, P. K. Trivedi, M. Shri, P. Misra, M. H. Asif, S. Dubey, S. Kumar, A. Rai, M. Tiwari, D. Shukla, A. Pandey, D. Nigam, R. D. Tripathi and R. Tuli

Differences in photosynthetic behaviour and leaf senescence of soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merrill) dependent on N2 fixation or nitrate supply
G. Kaschuk, M. Hungria, P. A. Leffelaar, K. E. Giller and T. W. Kuyper

The microfilament cytoskeleton plays a vital role in salt and osmotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis
C. Wang, L. Zhang, M. Yuan, Y. Ge, Y. Liu, J. Fan, Y. Ruan, Z. Cui, S. Tong and S. Zhang

Salt stimulation of growth and photosynthesis in an extreme halophyte, Arthrocnemum macrostachyum
S. Redondo-Gómez, E. Mateos-Naranjo, M. E. Figueroa and A. J. Davy

Benzothiadiazole and l-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid reduce the severity of Sharka symptoms in pea leaves: effect on antioxidative metabolism at the subcellular level
M. J. Clemente-Moreno, P. Díaz-Vivancos, G. Barba-Espín and J. A. Hernández

Spatio-temporal changes in cell division, endoreduplication and expression of cell cycle-related genes in pollinated and plant growth substances-treated ovaries of cucumber
F. Q. Fu, W. H. Mao, K. Shi, Y. H. Zhou and J. Q. Yu

Growth in epiphytic bromeliads: response to the relative supply of phosphorus and nitrogen
G. Zotz and R. Asshoff

Tungsten affects the cortical microtubules of Pisum sativum root cells: experiments on tungsten–molybdenum antagonism
I.-D. S. Adamakis, E. Panteris and E. P. Eleftheriou

Foliar stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes in woody Mediterranean species with different life form and post-fire regeneration
S. Saura-Mas and F. Lloret

Casein kinase activity in etiolated Cucumis sativus cotyledons
D. Vidal, F. Alvarez-Flórez and E. Simón

Temporal and spatial variation in flower and fruit production in a food-deceptive orchid: a five-year study
H. Jacquemyn and R. Brys

Ecotypic variations in phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity of the cordgrass Spartina densiflora throughout its latitudinal distribution range
R. Álvarez, J. M. Castillo, E. Mateos-Naranjo, J. Gandullo, A. E. Rubio-Casal, F. J. Moreno and M. E. Figueroa

Pollination ecology and reproductive success in Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) in Québec (Canada)
I. Barriault, D. Barabé, L. Cloutier and M. Gibernau

Pollination biology and floral scent chemistry of the Neotropical chiropterophilous Parkia pendula
D. Piechowski, S. Dötterl and G. Gottsberger

Suites of plant traits in species from different stages of a Mediterranean secondary succession
M.-L. Navas, C. Roumet, A. Bellmann, G. Laurent and E. Garnier

Orange, yellow and white-cream: inheritance of carotenoid-based colour in sunflower pollen
M. Fambrini, V. Michelotti and C. Pugliesi

Long-term variation in seed mass and seed production in populations of Paris quadrifolia
I. Kosiński

Taxa distribution and RAPD markers indicate different origin and regional differentiation of hybrids in the invasive Fallopia complex in central-western Europe
C. Krebs, G. Mahy, D. Matthies, U. Schaffner, M-S. Tiébré and J-P. Bizoux


The polycotyledon (pct1-2) mutant of tomato shows enhanced accumulation of PIN1 auxin transport facilitator protein
E. V. Kharshiing, G. P. Kumar, F. A. Ditengou, X. Li, K. Palme and R. Sharma

Antibodies raised against tobacco aquaporins of the PIP2 class label viscin tissue of the explosive dwarf mistletoe fruit
C. M. Ross Friedman, B. N. Ross and G. D. Martens

Natural hybridisation between kermes (Quercus coccifera L.) and holm oaks (Q. ilex L.) revealed by microsatellite markers
Joaquín Ortego and Raúl Bonal


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