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Plant Biology - 12 (2), 2010

Contents [Volume 12, Issue 2, 2010]:


The molecular physiology of poplars: paving the way for knowledge-based biomass production
A. Polle and C. Douglas


The role of abscisic acid and auxin in the response of poplar to abiotic stress
J. Popko, R. Hänsch, R.-R. Mendel, A. Polle and T. Teichmann

Potassium-dependent wood formation in poplar: seasonal aspects and environmental limitations
P. Ache, J. Fromm and R. Hedrich

Calcium-dependent physiological processes in trees
S. Lautner and J. Fromm

Nitrogen nutrition of poplar trees
H. Rennenberg, H. Wildhagen and B. Ehlting

Fungal carbohydrate support in the ectomycorrhizal symbiosis: a review
U. Nehls, F. Göhringer, S. Wittulsky and S. Dietz

Poplar volatiles – biosynthesis, regulation and (eco)physiology of isoprene and stress-induced isoprenoids
J.-P. Schnitzler, S. Louis, K. Behnke and M. Loivamäki

Salinity tolerance of Populus
S. Chen and A. Polle

Targeted integration and removal of transgenes in hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. x P. tremuloides Michx.) using site-specific recombination systems
M. Fladung and D. Becker


Transcriptome changes in the cambial region of poplar (Populus alba L.) in response to water deficit
M. Berta, A. Giovannelli, F. Sebastiani, A. Camussi and M. L. Racchi

Spatial distribution of cadmium in leaves and its impact on photosynthesis: examples of different strategies in willow and poplar clones
F. Pietrini, M. Zacchini, V. Iori, L. Pietrosanti, M. Ferretti and A. Massacci

Molecular and histochemical characterisation of two distinct poplar Melampsora leaf rust pathosystems
B. Boyle, V. Levée, L.-P. Hamel, M.-C. Nicole and A. Séguin


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