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The Journal of the Mammillaria Society - 49 (2), 2009

Volume 49, Number 2, 2009



Mammillaria herrerae Werderm., a Mexican species on the brink of extinction - Part 1
E.S. Martinez et al.

Some Notes about Mammillaria sp. UG 1370
Chris Davies

Bill Maddams

Thord Hakansson

Lau field collection number survey
Mark Masterson

Thomas Linzen and his mysteries made more mysterious
W.R. Ogdon-Leroy (aka Gordon Rowley)

Winter is nearly over - greenhouse notes
Chris Davies

Summary of the contents of Mammillaria, Mitteilungsblatt des Arbeitskreises für Mammillarienfreunde, Vol. 32, 2008, issue 4, p. 113 - 168
Wolter ten Hoeve

Seedling/Plant Exchange Scheme - an Update
Chris Davies


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