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Novon - 19 (2), 2009

Contents [Volume 19, Issue 2, 2009]:


New Species of Alstroemeria (Alstroemeriaceae) from Brazil
Marta Camargo de Assis

Notes on the Flora of the Yucatán Peninsula IX: A Reappraisal of the Genus Wimmeria (Celastraceae), Including the new species W. lundelliana
Germán Carnevali Fernández-Concha, Rodrigo Duno de Stefano, JoséLuis Tapia Munoz, and Ivón M. Ramírez Morillo

Matelea quindecimlobata (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), a New Species from Amazonas, Brazil
Maria Ana Farinaccio and W. D. Stevens

Three New Species of Indigofera (Leguminosae) from China
Xin-Fen Gao and Brian Schrire

Eleocharis tenarum (Cyperaceae), a New Species from Durango and Zacatecas, Mexico
M. Socorro González-Elizondo, Martha González-Elizondo, Jorge A. Tena Flores, I. Lorena López-Enriquez, and E. David Enríquez Enríquez

A New Species of Elymus (Gramineae, Triticeae) from Eastern Australia
Surrey W. L. Jacobs and Mary E. Barkworth

Begonia caparaoensis (Begoniaceae), a New Endemic Species from the Atlantic Forest in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Eliane de Lima Jacques and Ludovic Jean Charles Kollmann

A New Species of Cyanus (Centaurea p.p.) sect. Napuliferi (Asteraceae) from Turkey
Zafer Kaya and Svetlana Bancheva

Solanum anomalostemon (Solanaceae), an Endangered New Species from Southern Peru with Unusual Anther Morphology
Sandra Knapp and Michael Nee

Draba calcifuga (Brassicaceae), a New Species from the Rocky Mountains of North America
Peter Lesica

A New Species of Hetaeria (Orchidaceae) from Hainan, China
Li Lin and Xing Fu-Wu

A New Species of Pseudostellaria (Caryophyllaceae) from Gansu, China
Lian Yongshan

Clematis liuzhouensis (Ranunculaceae), a New Species from China
Chun-rui Lin and Yi-Gang Wei

Hechtia caulescens (Bromeliaceae), a New Species from Central Mexico
Ana Rosa López-Ferrari, Adolfo Espejo-Serna, and Nancy Martínez-Correa

Persea pallescens, a New Combination for Phoebe pallescens (Lauraceae, Perseeae), a Mistaken Taxon of Mexico and Guatemala
Francisco G. Lorea-Hernández

Parkia nana (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae), a New Species from the Sub-Andean Sandstone Cordilleras of Peru
David A. Neill

A Tiny New Brazilian Species of Diandrolyra (Poaceae, Bambusoideae, Olyreae), with Notes on the Systematics of the Genus
Reyjane Patricia de Oliveira and Lynn G. Clark

Taxonomic Notes on Onobrychis sect. Hymenobrychis (Fabaceae, Hedysareae) in Iran
Massoud Ranjbar, Roya Karamian, and Fatemeh Hajmoradi

New Species of Tibouchina (Melastomataceae) from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Rosana Romero, Paulo JoséFernandes Guimaraes, and Lúcio Leoni

Opuntia chiangiana, Una Nueva Especie de Cactaceae de Oaxaca, México
Léia Scheinvar and Gladys Manzanero

Two New Brazilian Species of Phyllanthus (Phyllanthaceae)
Marcos José da Silva

A New Species of Hymenocallis (Amaryllidaceae) from the Apalachicola Forest of the Florida Panhandle, USA
Gerald L. Smith and Mark A. Garland

La Sect. Punctati del Género Lonchocarpus (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae, Millettieae) para Mesoamérica
Mario Sousa S

Actinocephalus koernickeanus, a New Species of Eriocaulaceae from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Marcelo Trovó and Fabiane Nepomuceno Costa

Stylosanthes rostrata (Leguminosae), a New Combination from Argentina and Uruguay
Ricardo O. Vanni

Petrocosmea xingyiensis (Gesneriaceae), a New Species from Guizhou, China
Yi-Gang Wei and Fang Wen

Kengyilia zadoiensis, a New Species (Gramineae, Triticeae) from Qinghai, China
Wu Yu-hu

A New Genus of Holoparasitic (Orobanchaceae) from Mexico
George Yatskievych and JoséLuis Contreras Jiménez

A New Variety of Tripterospermum chinense (Gentianaceae) from Zhejiang Province, Eastern China
Zhang Yi, Wang Hui-zhong, Zeng Jun, and Jin Xiao-feng*



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