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Plant Biology - 12 (1 Special), 2010

Contents [Volume 12, Issue 1 Special, 2010]:

>> Dynamics and Regulation of Plant Membrane Transport <<


Dynamics and regulation of plant membrane transport
N. Sauer and R. Hedrich

Review Articles

Modelling polar auxin transport in developmental patterning
F. Santos, W. Teale, C. Fleck, M. Volpers, B. Ruperti and K. Palme

An update on the ABCC transporter family in plants: many genes, many proteins, but how many functions?
D. Wanke and H. Üner Kolukisaoglu

Nucleoside transport and associated metabolism
T. Möhlmann, C. Bernard, S. Hach and H. Ekkehard Neuhaus

The Arabidopsis sugar transporter (AtSTP) family: an update
M. Büttner

The plant PRAT proteins – preprotein and amino acid transport in mitochondria and chloroplasts
B. Pudelski, S. Kraus, J. Soll and K. Philippar

Roles of tandem-pore K+ channels in plants – a puzzle still to be solved
C. Voelker, J. L. Gomez-Porras, D. Becker, S. Hamamoto, N. Uozumi, F. Gambale, B. Mueller-Roeber, K. Czempinski and I. Dreyer

Light-induced modification of plant plasma membrane ion transport
I. Marten, R. Deeken, R. Hedrich and M. R. G. Roelfsema

Physiology and biophysics of plant ligand-gated ion channels
P. Dietrich, U. Anschütz, A. Kugler and D. Becker

Plants and fungi in the era of heterogeneous plasma membranes
M. Opekarová, J. Malinsky and W. Tanner

Research Papers

Trafficking, lateral mobility and segregation of the plant K+ channel KAT1
M. Reuff, M. Mikosch and U. Homann

Expression of the AtSUC1 gene in the female gametophyte, and ecotype-specific expression differences in male reproductive organs
A. Feuerstein, M. Niedermeier, K. Bauer, S. Engelmann, S. Hoth, R. Stadler and N. Sauer

The role of plastidial glucose-6-phosphate/phosphate translocators in vegetative tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants impaired in starch biosynthesis
H. H. Kunz, R. E. Häusler, J. Fettke, K. Herbst, P. Niewiadomski, M. Gierth, K. Bell, M. Steup, U.-I. Flügge and A. Schneider

Kinetic analyses of plant water relocation using deuterium as tracer – reduced water flux of Arabidopsis pip2 aquaporin knockout mutants
O. Da Ines, W. Graf, K. I. Franck, A. Albert, J. B. Winkler, H. Scherb, W. Stichler and A. R. Schäffner

Expression, localisation and phylogeny of a novel family of plant-specific membrane proteins
A. Kasaras and R. Kunze



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