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The Journal of the Mammillaria Society - 48 (2), 2008

Volume 48, Number 2, 2008



BCSS Oxford Branch.. Cactus Show. and Lecture

Please. no more crinita
David Hunt

M. scheinvariana R. Ortega arena & Glass
R.E. Stanley

Unusual or uncommon Mammillaria ''names'' - Part 4 - M. kunthii
Chris Davies

Some Notes on Mammilloydia candida
Mark Masterson

What is a Mammillaria? - an attempt to summarise some recent genetic research
Chris Davies

Escobaria - A selection of Species

Summary of the contents of Mammillaria, Mitteilungsblatt des Arbeitskreises fur Mammillarienfreunde, Vol. 31, 2007, issue 4, p. 169 - 224
Wolter ten Hoeve


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