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Australian Systematic Botany - 23 (4), 2010

Contents [Volume 23, Issue 4, 31 August 2010]:

Plant Morphology and Development

Development of reproductive structures in the sole Indian species of Hydatellaceae, Trithuria konkanensis, and its morphological differences from Australian taxa.
D. D. Sokoloff, M. V. Remizowa, S. R. Yadav, P. J. Rudall


Perssoniella and the genera of Schistochilaceae: a new classification based on molecular phylogenies.
X. He, D. Glenny


Phenotypic disparity and adaptive radiation in the genus Cladia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota).
H. T. Lumbsch, S. Parnmen, A. Rangsiruji, J. A. Elix

Systematics and Biogeography

A molecular phylogeny of the subtribe Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae): resolving the taxonomic confusion.
J. K. Janes, D. A. Steane, R. E. Vaillancourt, M. F. Duretto

A new classification for subtribe Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae), reaffirming Pterostylis in the broad sense.
J. K. Janes, M. F. Duretto

A phylogenetic study of Pimelea and Thecanthes (Thymelaeaceae): evidence from plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence data.
M. C. Motsi, A. N. Moteetee, A. J. Beaumont, B. L. Rye, M. P. Powell, V. Savolainen, M. van der Bank

Morphometric study of Euchiton (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae).
C. Flann

Erratum to: DNA sequences from three genomes reveal multiple long-distance dispersals and non-monophyly of sections in Australasian Plantago (Plantaginaceae).
M. L. Tay, H. M. Meudt, P. J. Garnock-Jones, P. A. Ritchie


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