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Australian Systematic Botany - 22 (6), 2009

[Volume 22, Number 6, 2009]

Systematics and Biogeography

Saxipoa and Sylvipoa – two new genera and a new classification for Australian Poa (Poaceae: Poinae).
R. J. Soreng, L. J. Gillespie and S. W. L. Jacobs

Phylogenetic relationships of Australian Poa (Poaceae: Poinae), including molecular evidence for two new genera, Saxipoa and Sylvipoa.
L. J. Gillespie, R. J. Soreng and S. W. L. Jacobs

Revision of Pycnandra subgenus Pycnandra (Sapotaceae), a genus endemic to New Caledonia.
U. Swenson and J. Munzinger


Additions to the myxomycetes known from New Zealand, including a new species of Diderma.
S. L. Stephenson, Y. K. Novozhilov, C. Shirley and D. W. Mitchell


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