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Australian Systematic Botany - 22 (3), 2009

Contents [Volume 22, Number 3, 2009]:

Systematics and Biogeography

Evolution of the south-western Pacific genus Melicytus (Violaceae): evidence from DNA sequence data, cytology and sex expression.
A. D. Mitchell, P. B. Heenan, B. G. Murray, B. P. J. Molloy and P. J. de Lange

Phylogeny and classification of Eucalyptus subgenus Eudesmia (Myrtaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal DNA, chloroplast DNA and morphology.
Adele K. Gibbs, Frank Udovicic, Andrew N. Drinnan and Pauline Y. Ladiges

Two new rare species and a new hybrid in Eucalyptus series Tetrapterae (Myrtaceae) from southern coastal Western Australia.
Stephen D. Hopper and Nathan K. McQuoid


An overview of Nitella (Characeae, Charophyceae) in Australia.
Michelle T. Casanova


Early Eocene Ripogonum (Liliales: Ripogonaceae) leaf macrofossils from southern Australia.
John G. Conran, Raymond J. Carpenter and Gregory J. Jordan

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