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Plant Diversity and Evolution - 129 (2), 2011


Synopsis of some important, non-DNA character states in the asterids with special reference to sympetaly

Erbar, Claudia; Leins, Peter

Microalgae trapped by carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae): analysis, attributes and structure of the microalgae trapped

Alkhalaf, Imad Aldeen; Hübener, Thomas; Porembski, Stefan

Effects of staking and shading on the facultative climber Solanum dulcamara L. and the leaf-angle climber Galium aparine L.

Steinbrecher, Tina; Speck, Thomas; Gallenmüller, Friederike

Pulling the skeleton out of the closet: resurrection of Phthirusa sensu Martius and consequent revival of Passovia (Loranthaceae)

Kuijt, Job

Index to new names and combinations


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