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Plant Diversity and Evolution - 128 (3-4), 2010


Progress in Apiales research - a multidisciplinary approach Part II

Structural traits of some species of Hydrocotyle (Araliaceae) and their significance for constructing the generic system

Konstantinova, Alexandra I.; Yembaturova, Elena Yu.

The family Myodocarpaceae: looking at the system from the standpoint of comparative carpology

Konstantinova, Alexandra I.; Yembaturova, Elena Yu.

The taxonomic significance of fruit morphology and anatomy in the genus Alepidea delaroche (Apiaceae, subfamily Saniculoideae)

Yembaturova, Elena Yu.; van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Tilney, Patricia M.; Winter, Pieter J.D.

Classification and evolution of the genus Eryngium L. (Apiaceae-Saniculoideae): results of fruit anatomical and petal morphological studies

Wörz, Arno; Diekmann, Heike

Morphological evidence of polyphyletic nature of traditional Carum (Apiaceae Apioideae)

Zakharova, Ekaterina A.

Survey of the leaf anatomy of Araliaceae and some related taxa

Ostroumova, Tatiana A.; Oskolski, Alexei A.

Leaf Typology in the subfamily Apioideae (Apiaceae)

Naumov, Sergey Yu.

Survey of the bark anatomy of Araliaceae and related taxa

Kotina, Ekaterina; Oskolski, Alexei A.

Comparative bark anatomy of Bursaria, Hymenosporum and Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae)

Nilova, Maya; Oskolski, Alexei A.

Wood anatomy of Bupleurum L. (Apioideae, Apiaceae) in relation to habit, phylogenetic relationships, and infrageneric taxonomy

Stepanova, Anna V.; Oskolski, Alexei A.

Conclusive remarks subsequent to the pluridisciplinary monograph of the Umbelliferae of France

Reduron, Jean-Pierre

Current knowledge of Umbelliferae in the Arabian Peninsula preparation for a floristic treatment

Knees, Sabina; Miller, Anthony; Alfarhan, Ahmed; Watson, Mark

Distribution of the Umbelliferae in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan

Kljuykov, Eugene; Ukrainskaja, Uljana

Schefflera (Araliaceae): taxonomic history, overview and progress

Frodin, David G.; Lowry II, Porter P.; Plunkett, Gregory M.


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