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Alpine Botany (Botanica Helvetica) - 121 (2), 2011


A definition of mountains and their bioclimatic belts for global comparisons of biodiversity data

Christian Körner, Jens Paulsen and Eva M. Spehn

Factors influencing altitudinal patterns of C3 plant foliar carbon isotope composition of grasslands on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China

Yongchun Zhou, Jiangwen Fan, Wenyan Zhang, Warwick Harris and Huaping Zhong, et al.

Adaptation of Poa alpina to altitude and land use in the Swiss Alps

Markus Fischer, Anne Weyand, Katrin Rudmann-Maurer and Jürg Stöcklin

Fine root traits in adult trees of evergreen and deciduous taxa from low and high elevation in the Alps

Pilar Alvarez-Uria and Christian Körner

Plant–plant spatial interactions in the dry Puna (southern Peruvian Andes)

Andrea Catorci, Sabrina Cesaretti, Jose Luis Velasquez and Horacio Zeballos

No evidence for a role of competitive capabilities of adults in causing habitat segregation of diploid and hexaploid Senecio carniolicus (Asteracaeae)

Karl Hülber, Andreas Berger, Christian Gilli, Markus Hofbauer and Monika Patek, et al.

Allometric equations for biomass assessment of subalpine dwarf shrubs

Tasneem M. Elzein, Olivier Blarquez, Olivier Gauthier and Christopher Carcaillet

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