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Botany - 89 (6-12), 2011


Local differentiation of flowering phenology in an alpine-snowbed herb Gentiana nipponica
 Kawai, Yuka; Kudo, Gaku

Polymerase chain reaction identification of a female-specific genetic marker in Arceuthobium americanum (lodgepole pine dwarf mistletoe) and its implications for Arceuthobium sex determination
 Dwarka, Arvin; Ross Friedman, Cynthia M.; MacKay, Mairi E.; Nelson, Don

Uptake and partitioning of simulated atmospheric N inputs in Populus tremuloides - Pinus strobus forest mesocosms
 Nave, Lucas E.; Curtis, Peter S.

Phyllotactic transitions in seedlings: the case of Thuja occidentalis
 Yin, Xiaofeng; Lacroix, Christian; Barabé, Denis

Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizae on biomass and root morphology of selected strawberry cultivars under salt stress
 Fan, Li; Dalpé, Yolande; Fang, Chengquan; Dubé, Claudine; Khanizadeh, Shahrokh

Molecular phylogeny and reticulate origins of several American polyploid Hordeum species
 Wang, Huan; Sun, Genlou

Changes in cytosine methylation and DNA sequence induced by ethylmethane sulfonate in rice
 Wang, Xiaoli; Ou, Xiufang; Wang, Kaixi; Dong, Mingyue; Man, Guiliang; Cai, Yi; Shi, Yu; Yu, Xiaoming; Liu, Bao

Erratum: The vegetation and ecological gradients of calcareous mires in the South Park Valley, Colorado
 Johnson, J. Bradley; Steingraeber,  David A.

Botany - 89 (7), 2011


Honouring Dr. Loren H. Rieseberg / Hommage a M. Loren H. Rieseberg

Progress towards a reference genome for sunflower
 Kane, N.C.; Gill, N.; King, M.G.; Bowers, J.E.; Berges, H.; Gouzy, J.; Bachlava, E.; Langlade, N.B.; Lai, Z.; Stewart, M.; Burke, J.M.; Vincourt, P.; Knapp, S.J.; Rieseberg, L.H.

Altering light availability to the plant host determined the identity of the dominant ectomycorrhizal fungal partners and mediated mycorrhizal effects on plant growth
 Kummel, Miroslav; Lostroh, Phoebe

Natural plant colonization of borrow pits in boreal forest highlands of eastern Canada
 Hugron, Sandrine; Andersen, Roxane; Poulin, Monique; Rochefort, Line

Measuring and analyzing color and texture information in anatomical leaf cross sections: an approach using computer vision to aid plant species identification
 Sá Junior, Jarbas Joaci de M.; Backes, André R.; Rossatto, Davi Rodrigo; Kolb, Rosana M.; Bruno, Odemir M.

Impact of elevated CO2 on carbohydrate and ureide concentrations in soybean inoculated with different strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum
 Bertrand, Annick; Prévost, Danielle; Juge, Christine; Chalifour, François-P.

Canopy-scale relationships between foliar nitrogen and albedo are not observed in leaf reflectance and transmittance within temperate deciduous tree species
 Bartlett, Megan K.; Ollinger, Scott V.; Hollinger, David Y.; Wicklein, Haley F.; Richardson, Andrew D.

Motif-based evidence that a plastid translocon component acts like a rhomboid protease substrate in yeast mitochondria
 Powles, Joshua; Savage, Paul; Wu, Edwin; Karakasis, Katherine; Ko, Kenton

Botany - 89 (8), 2011


Strigolactones: a cry for help in the rhizosphere
 López-Ráez, Juan A.; Pozo, María J.; García-Garrido, José M.

The anamorph genus Knufia and its phylogenetically allied species in Coniosporium, Sarcinomyces, and Phaeococcomyces
 Tsuneda, A.; Hambleton, S.; Currah, R.S.

Hemiparasite - host plant interactions and the impact of herbivory: a field experiment
 Van Hoveln, Mickayla D.; Evans, Bethany A.; Borowicz, Victoria A.

Introgressive hybridization between Brahea dulcis and Brahea nitida (Arecaceae) in Mexico: evidence from morphological and PCR-RAPD patterns
 Ramírez-Rodríguez, R.; Tovar-Sánchez, E.; Jiménez Ramírez, J.; Vega Flores, K.; Rodríguez, V.

Wood traits in parental and hybrid species of Sorbus
 Ďurkovič, Jaroslav; Kardošová, Monika; Kačík, František; Masaryková, Miroslava

Highways for internal virus spread: patterns of virus movement in the stoloniferous herb Trifolium repens
 van Mölken, Tamara; Sundelin, Thomas; Snetselaar, Reinier; Stuefer, Josef F.


Botany - 89 (9), 2011


Role of Euphalerus ostreoides (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) in manipulating leaflet ontogenesis of Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus (Fabaceae)
 Isaias, Rosy Mary dos Santos; Coelho, Denis de Oliveira; Carneiro, Rene Gonçalves da Silva

The effects of plant size and light availability on male and female reproductive success and functional gender in a hermaphrodite tree species, Magnolia stellata
 Setsuko, Suzuki; Tomaru, Nobuhiro

Inflorescence and floral ontogeny in Osteospermum ecklonis (Asteraceae)
 Dadpour, Mohammad Reza; Naghiloo, Somayeh; Gohari, Gholamreza

Distribution and molecular diversity of arborescent Gossypium species
 Feng, Chunda; Ulloa, Mauricio; Perez-M., Claudia; Stewart, James McD.

Accuracy and bias on the estimation of aboveground biomass in the woody vegetation of the Sonoran Desert
 Búrquez, Alberto; Martínez-Yrízar, Angelina

Habitat may limit herb migration at the northern edge of the Appalachian deciduous forest
 Hill,; Garbary,

Expression patterns of nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate transporters in Arabidopsis roots exposed to different nutritional regimes
 Bao, Shengjie; An, Lijun; Su, Sha; Zhou, Zhongjing; Gan, Yinbo
Botany - 89 (10), 2011


Most highly cited journal article 2009 / Article de revue le plus cité de 2009

The use of fungicide Nova to mitigate infection of Sphagnum by parasitic fungi in the greenhouse
 Landry,; Martinez,; Rochefort,

Ecology and productivity of Cantharellus cibarius var. roseocanus in two eastern Canadian jack pine stands
 Rochon,; Paré,; Pélardy,; Khasa,; Fortin,

Anatomy and photochemical behaviour of Mediterranean Cistus incanus winter leaves under natural outdoor and warmer indoor conditions
 De Micco, Veronica; Arena, Carmen; Vitale, Luca; Aronne, Giovanna; Virzo De Santo, Amalia

Multiscale factors control community and species distribution in mountain peatlands
 Lemly, Joanna M.; Cooper, David J.

Systematics of “horned“ dodders: phylogenetic relationships, taxonomy, and two new species within the Cuscuta chapalana complex (Convolvulaceae)
 Costea, Mihai; Ruiz, Ignacio García; Stefanović, Saša

Comparison of iron acquisition from Fe-pyoverdine by strategy I and strategy II plants
 Shirley, Matt; Avoscan, Laure; Bernaud, Eric; Vansuyt, Gérard; Lemanceau, Philippe

Botany - 89 (11), 2011


Prolonged dormancy in the geophyte Allium amplectens on Vancouver Island
 Hawryzki, Allan R.; Allen, Geraldine A.; Antos, Joseph A.

Encapsulation and immobilization of a mycophagous nematode by two Sphaerobolus species
 Tanney, Joey B.; Hutchison, Leonard J.

Root connections can trigger physiological responses to defoliation in nondefoliated aspen suckers
 Baret, Matthieu; DesRochers, Annie

Photoperiod has a stronger impact than irradiance on the source-sink relationships in the sink-limited species Erythronium americanum
 Gandin, Anthony; Dizengremel, Pierre; Lapointe, Line

The infection process of Puccinia xanthii f. sp. ambrosiae-trifidae on Ambrosia trifida
 Zhang, Ping; Lu, Guo-zhong; Sun, Xiao-dong; Zhang, Wei; Qu, Bo; Tian, Xiu-ling

Dung longevity influences the fate of endozoochorically dispersed seeds in forest ecosystems
 Jaroszewicz, Bogdan; Pirożnikow, Ewa

Interspecific and intraspecific variations in water storage in epiphytic old forest foliose lichens
 Gauslaa, Yngvar; Coxson, Darwyn

Cortinarius species diversity in British Columbia and molecular phylogenetic comparison with European specimen sequences
 Harrower, Emma; Ammirati, Joseph F.; Cappuccino, Adam A.; Ceska, Oldriska; Kranabetter, J.M.; Kroeger, Paul; Lim, SeaRa; Taylor, Terry; Berbee, Mary L.

Erratum: Role of Euphalerus ostreoides (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) in manipulating leaflet ontogenesis of Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus (Fabaceae)
 Isaias, Rosy Mary dos Santos; Oliveira, Denis Coelho de; Carneiro, Rene Gonçalves da Silva

Botany - 89 (12), 2011


Horst Vierheilig (1960-2011)

Agronomic, breeding, and biotechnological approaches to parasitic plant management through manipulation of germination stimulant levels in agricultural soils
 Fernández-Aparicio, M.; Westwood, J.H.; Rubiales, D.

Strigolactones: a new musician in the orchestra of plant hormones
 Kohlen, Wouter; Ruyter-Spira, Carolien; Bouwmeester, Harro J.

Responses of seed germination and protocorm formation to light intensity and temperature in epiphytic and terrestrial Liparis (Orchidaceae)
 Tsutsumi, Chie; Miyoshi, Kazumitsu; Yukawa, Tomohisa; Kato, Masahiro

Position of rays and lateral deviation of vessel elements in the stem wood of some dicotyledonous species with storeyed, double-storeyed, and nonstoreyed cambia
 Wilczek, Anna; Włoch, Wiesław; Iqbal, Muhammad; Kojs, Paweł

Reproductive phenology of the Caribbean cactus Harrisia portoricensis: rainfall and temperature associations
 Rojas-Sandoval, Julissa; Meléndez-Ackerman, Elvia

Molecular characterization of organellar rhomboid proteins in Arabidopsis
 Sedivy-Haley, Katharine; Powles, Joshua; Newcomb, William; Ko, Kenton

Corrigendum: The anamorph genus Knufia and its phylogenetically allied species in Coniosporium, Sarcinomyces, and Phaeococcomyces
 Tsuneda, A.; Hambleton, S.; Currah, R.S.


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