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Botany - 89 (3), 2011


Phenotypic and genotypic differentiation of Vaccinium vitis-idaea between coastal barrens and forests in Nova Scotia, Canada
 Balsdon, Jennifer L.; Smith, Tyler W.; Lundholm, Jeremy T.

Bromus inermis invasion of a native grassland: diversity and resource reduction
 Fink, Krista A.; Wilson, Scott D.

Hybridization among foundation tree species influences the structure of associated understory plant communities
 Lamit, L. J.; Wojtowicz, T.; Kovacs, Z.; Wooley, S. C.; Zinkgraf, M.; Whitham, T. G.; Lindroth, R. L.; Gehring, C. A.

Arabidopsis At2g40730 encodes a cytoplasmic protein involved in nuclear tRNA export
 Johnstone, Aaron D.; Mullen, Robert T.; Mangroo, Dev

Hybridization between the threatened herb Boltonia decurrens (Asteraceae) and its widespread congener, B. asteroides
 DeWoody, Jennifer; Nason, John D.; Smith, Marian

Diversity of macromycetes determined by tree species, vegetation structure, and microenvironment in tropical cloud forests in Veracruz, Mexico
 Gómez-Hernández, Marko; Williams-Linera, Guadalupe


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