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Alpine Botany (Botanica Helvetica) - 122 (1), 2012


Specific ant-pollination in an alpine orchid and the role of floral scent in attracting pollinating ants

Florian P. Schiestl and Florian Glaser

Plant traits across different habitats of the Italian Alps: a comparative analysis between native and alien species

Matteo Dainese and Luca Bragazza

High genetic differentiation in populations of the rare alpine plant species Campanula thyrsoides on a small mountain

Eva S. Frei, J. F. Scheepens and Jürg Stöcklin

Altitudinal changes in the growth and allometry of Rumex alpinus

Petra Šťastná, Jitka Klimešová and Jiří Doležal

Profiteers of environmental change in the Swiss Alps: increase of thermophilous and generalist plants in wetland ecosystems within the last 10 years

H. Moradi, S. Fakheran, M. Peintinger, A. Bergamini and B. Schmid, et al.

Estimating herbaceous plant biomass in mountain grasslands: a comparative study using three different methods

C. Redjadj, A. Duparc, S. Lavorel, K. Grigulis and C. Bonenfant, et al.


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