wtorek, 30 października 2012

Botany - 90 (3), 2012


Selective fertilization in interspecific crosses of allotetraploid species of Gossypium
 Pereira, G.S.; Sousa, R.L.; Araújo, R.L.; Hoffmann, L.V.; Silva, E.F.; Barroso, P.A.V.

Analysis of genetic diversity in Elytrigia repens germplasm using intersimple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers
 Meng, Lin; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Mao, Peichun; Tian, Xiaoxia

Antheridiogen concentration and spore size predict gametophyte size in Ceratopteris richardii
 Ganger, Mike; Sturey, Tiffany

Two distinct pathways for iron acquisition by iron-limited cyanobacterial cells: evidence from experiments using siderophores and synthetic chelators
 Sonier, Mathew B.; Contreras, Daniel A.; Treble, Ron G.; Weger, Harold G.

Acquiring DNA sequence data from dried archival red algae (Florideophyceae) for the purpose of applying available names to contemporary genetic species: a critical assessment
 Saunders, Gary W.; McDevit, Daniel C.

Genetic differentiation within the Paralia longispina (Bacillariophyta) species complex
 MacGillivary, Michael L.; Kaczmarska, Irena

Within-species leaf size-number trade-offs in herbaceous angiosperms
 Scott, Stephanie L.; Aarssen, Lonnie W.

Interactions between plant hormones and light quality signaling in regulating the shoot growth of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings
 Kurepin, Leonid V.; Walton, Linda J.; Hayward, Allison; Emery, R. J. Neil; Pharis, Richard P.; Reid, David M.

Impacts of experimental leaf harvesting on a North American medicinal shrub, Rhododendron groenlandicum
 Tendland, Youri; Pellerin, Stéphanie; Haddad, Pierre; Cuerrier, Alain


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