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Plant Diversity and Evolution - 128 (1-2), 2010


Progress in Apiales research - a multidisciplinary approach Part I


Lack, H. Walter; Leins, Peter; Porembski, Stefan; Comes, Hans-Peter

Progress in Apiales research a multidisciplinary approach

Erbar, Claudia; Leins, Peter

The Umbelliferae studies at Moscow University: From Hoffmann to the present days

Pimenov, Michael G.

Paraphyly and polyphyly in Polyscias sensu lato: molecular evidence and the case for recircumscribing the "pinnate genera" of Araliaceae

Plunkett, Gregory M.; Lowry, Porter P.

Recircumscription of Polyscias (Araliaceae) to include six related genera, with a new infrageneric classification and a synopsis of species

Lowry, Porter P.; Plunkett, Gregory M.

Can molecular systematics provide insights into aspects of the reproductive biology of Trachymene Rudge (Araliaceae)?

Henwood, Murray J.; Lu-Irving, Patricia; Perkins, Andrew J.

Major clades within Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae as inferred by phylogenetic analysis of nrDNA ITS sequences

Downie, Stephen R.; Spalik, Krzysztof; Katz-Downie, Deborah S.; Reduron, Jean-Pierre

Unraveling the taxonomic complexity of Eryngium L. (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae): Phylogenetic analysis of 11 non-coding cpDNA loci corroborates rapid radiations

Calvino, Carolina I.; Martínez, Susana G.; Downie, Stephen R.

Phylogenetic relationships among the perennial, endemic Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae of western North America: additional data from the cpDNA trnF-trnL-trnT region continue to support a highly polyphyletic Cymopterus

Sun, Feng-Jie Downie, Stephen R.

On some cases of conflict between serological and DNA sequence data in Apiaceae studies

Shneyer, Victoria S.

Diversity behind uniformity inflorescence architecture and flowering sequence in Apiaceae-Apioideae

Reuther, Kerstin; Claßen-Bockhoff, Regine

Developmental conditions for terminal flower production in apioid umbellets

Bull-Herenu, Kester; Claßen-Bockhoff, Regine

Major events in the evolution of sexual systems in Apiales: ancestral andromonoecy abandoned

Schlessmann, Mark A.

Flowers of Araliaceae: structural diversity, developmental and evolutionary aspects

Nuraliev, Maxim S.; Oskolski, Alexei A.; Sokoloff, Dmitry D.; Remizowa, Margarita V.

Nectaries in Apiales and related groups

Erbar, Claudia; Leins, Peter

Taxonomic significance of pollen morphology in Neotropical Schefflera (Araliaceae)

Fiaschi, Pedrodos; Santos, Franciscode; Assis R. Westbrook, Edwina; Plunkett, Gregory M.


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