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Botanical Studies - 53 (1), 2012


Katelyn B. SHORTT and Steven M. VAMOSI
A review of the biology of the weedy Siberian peashrub, Caragana arborescens, with an emphasis on its potential effects in North America

Ya-Han DAI, Chich-Yu HUANG, Lisa WEN, Dey-Chyi SHEU, and Chi-Tsai LIN
Lemon ascorbate peroxidase: cDNA cloning and biochemical characterization

Chun-Hung LIN, Jia-Yuan HUANG, and Long-Fang O. CHEN
Cloning the broccoli HMG-I/Y gene as an endogenous reference for transgene copy number determinations using real-time PCR
Min-Lang CHANG, Nan-Ying CHEN, Li-Jen LIAO, Chung-Lung CHO, and Zin-Huang LIU
Effect of cadmium on peroxidase isozyme activity in roots of two Oryza sativa cultivars
Min-Lang CHANG, Li-Jen LIAO, Jia-Hong LIN, Zin-Huang LIU, Yuan-Ting HSU, and Tse-Min LEE
Modulation of antioxidant defense system and NADPH oxidase in Pluchea indica leaves by water deficit stress

Yu-Ling HO, Shyh-Shyun HUANG, Jeng-Shyan DENG, Yaw-Huei LIN, Yuan-Shiun CHANG, and Guan-Jhong HUANG
In vitro antioxidant properties and total phenolic contents of wetland medicinal plants in Taiwan
Idioleidys ALVAREZ, Ofelia SAM, Inés REYNALDO, Pilar TESTILLANO, María del CARMEN RISUENO, and Marta ARIAS
Morphological and cellular changes in rice roots (Oryza sativa L.) caused by Al stress
Jhy-Gong WANG and Hsu-Liang HSIEH
Induction of tomato Jasmonate-Resistant 1-Like 1 gene expression can delay the colonization of Ralstonia solanacearum in transgenic tomato
Matt GEISLER, David J. GIBSON, Kenneth J. LINDSEY, Katherine MILLAR, and Andrew J. WOOD
Upregulation of photosynthesis genes, and downregulation of stress defense genes, is the response of Arabidopsis thaliana shoots to intraspecific competition
Yung-I LEE and Edward C. YEUNG
Embryology of the lady’s slipper orchid, Paphiopedilum delenatii: Ovule development
Jinsoon PARK, Jong Seong KHIM, Taisuke OHTSUKA, Hiroyuki ARAKI, Andrzej WITKOWSKI, and Chul-Hwan KOH
Diatom assemblages on Nanaura mudflat, Ariake Sea, Japan: with reference to the biogeography of marine benthic diatoms in Northeast Asia
Shih-Yuan CHEN, Li-Ying PAN, Min-Jhe HONG, and An-Chin LEE
The effects of temperature on the growth of and ammonia uptake by marine microalgae
Sheng-Hua WU, Yu-Cheng DAI, Tsutomu HATTORI, Tu-Wen YU, Dong-Mei WANG, Erast PARMASTO, Heng-Yuan CHANG, and Siang-Yun SHIH
Species clarification for the medicinally valuable ‘sanghuang’ mushroom
Qing-Yan LI, Wei GUO, Wen-Bo LIAO, James A. MACKLIN, and Jian-Hua LI
Generic limits of Pyrinae: Insights from nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
Wei-Bin XU, Bo PAN, Yan LIU, Ching-I PENG, and Kuo-Fang CHUNG
Two new species, Primulina multifida and P. pseudomollifolia (Gesneriaceae), from karst caves in Guangxi, China
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