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African Journal of Biotechnology - 9 (36), 2010



M.A. Bisi-Johnson, C.L. Obi and G.E. Ekosse

Microbiological and health related perspectives of geophagia: An overview

Nazish Bostan, Maleeha Maria Mustafa, Waseem Safdar, Qamar Javed and Tariq Mahmood

Phylogenetics of HCV: Recent advances

Research Articles


Mohammad Reza Safari Motlagh and Maesomeh Anvari

Genetic variation in a population of Bipolaris oryzae based on RAPD-PCR in north of Iran

Kit, Y. S. and Chandran, S.

A simple, rapid and efficient method of isolating DNA from Chokanan mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Moradali Fouladvand, Afshin Barazesh, Keivan Zandi, Behrouz Naeimi and Saeed Tajbakhsh

Seroepidemiological study of toxoplasmosis in childbearing age women in Bushehr City, south west of Iran in 2009

Abdalbasit Adam Mariod, Ghanya AL-Naqeb and Maznah Ismail

Monechma ciliatum methanolic extract regulates low density lipoprotein receptor and 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase genes expression in HepG2 cells

Lucimara Chiari, Rosangela Maria Simeao Resende and Elizangela Tieko Matida

Mating system parameters in Stylosanthes guianensis (Aubl.) Sw. based on RAPD markers


Chunhua Fu, Cheng Lei, Lu Gan, Maoteng Li,YingYang and Longjiang Yu

Optimization of embryogenic-callus induction and embryogenesis of Glycyrrhiza glabra

Aileen O’Connor-Sánchez, Ángel V. Domínguez-May, Miguel A. Keb-Llanes, Tomás A. González-Estrada and Yuri J. Pena–Ramírez

Efficient plant regeneration from leaf explants of Solanum americanum

C. Charoenporn, S. Kanokmedhakul, F. C. Lin, S. Poeaim and K. Soytong

Evaluation of bio-agent formulations to control Fusarium wilt of tomato

K. Mesut Çimrin, Önder Türkmen, Metin Turan and Burcu Tuncer

Phosphorus and humic acid application alleviate salinity stress of pepper seedling

M. R. Karim, M. M. Hanafi, S. M. Shahidullah, A. H. M. A. Rahman, A. M. Akanda and A. Khair

Virus free seed potato production through sprout cutting technique under net-house

Azam Amiri, Ali R. Bandani and Sultan Ravan

Effect of an anti-juvenile hormone agent (Precocene I) on Sunn pest, Eurygaster integriceps (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) development and reproduction

B. Zhang, H. Q. Wang, B. L. Liu, J. Liu, X. Wang, Q. Liu and H. G. Zhang

A potato NOA gene increased salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

Burçak Işçi, Ahmet Altindişli, Gökhan Söylemezoglu and Cengiz Özer

Genome mapping in F1 population of crossbred Italia and Mercan grape varieties: Establishment of AFLP and SSR linkage groups towards significant morphological characters and fungal diseases

R. M. O. Kayode, A. Sani and F. L. Kolawole

Physico-chemical analysis and nutrient retention of mixed-culture fungal fermented mango (Mangifera indica) kernel cake in cockerels

Ilhan Kizilgoz and Erdal Sakin

The effects of increased phosphorus application on shoot dry matter, shoot P and Zn concentrations in wheat (Triticum durum L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) grown in a calcareous soil

Hajivand Shokrollah, Thohirah Lee Abdullah, Kamaruzaman Sijam and Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah

Ultrastructures of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and its damage in huanglongbing (HLB) infected citrus

Sebahattin Kaya, Salih Evren, Erdal Dasci, M. Cemal Adiguzel and Hasbi Yilmaz

Effects of different irrigation regimes on vegetative growth, fruit yield and quality of drip-irrigated apricot trees


Qingjie Guan, Dexi Xia and Shenkui Liu

OsAPX4 gene response to several environmental stresses in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Wu-Chung Chan and Hong-Yuan You

The influence of nonionic surfactant Brij 30 on biodegradation of toluene in a biofilter

J. E. Ehiagbonare and Y. O. Ogunrinde

Physico-chemical analysis of fish pond water in Okada and its environs, Nigeria

V. M. Ngole, G. E. Ekosse, L. de Jager and S. P. Songca

Physicochemical characteristics of geophagic clayey soils from South Africa and Swaziland


H. C. Edima, L. N. Tatsadjieu, C. M. F. Mbofung and F-X Etoa

Anti-bacterial profile of some beers and their effect on some selected pathogens

Anchan Choonhahirun

Proximate composition and functional properties of pra (Elateriospermun tapos Blume) seed flour


Egbuonu, A. C. C., Ejikeme, P. M. and Obasi, L. N.

Monosodium glutamate: Potentials at inducing prostate pathologies in male Wistar rats


Bi-Zeng Mao, Chao Huang, Guan-Mei Yang, Yu-Zhe Chen and Shao-Yuan Chen

Separation and determination of the bioactivity of oosporein from Chaetomium cupreum

M. Sirous, Jalil F. Mehrabadi, N. E. Daryani, S. Eshraghi, S. Hajikhani and M. H. Shirazi

Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in Helicobacter pylori isolates from Iran

Rula M. Darwish, Ra'ed J. Abu Fares, Musa H. Abu Zarga and Ibrahim K. Nazer

Antibacterial effect of Jordanian propolis and isolated flavonoids against human pathogenic bacteria

Jienny Lee, Jongsung Lee, Kyungbaeg Roh, Myeong-Ok Kim, Ju-Duck Kim and Deokhoon Park

Conditions for the differentiation of melanocyte-precursor cells from human cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells


Wang Zhaobao and Yan Bing

Gastrodia elata Blume extract ameliorates exercise-induced fatigue


M. Ganjkhanlou, A. Nikkhah and A. Zali

Effect of dietary cation-anion balance on milk production and blood mineral of Holstein cows during the last two months of pregnancy

A. H. Khaltabadi Farahani, H. Moradi Shahrbabak, M. Moradi Shahrbabak and H. Mehrabani Yeganeh

Relationship of fat-tail and body measurements with some economic important traits in fat-tail Makoei breed of Iranian sheep

H. Moradi Shahrbabak, A. H. Khaltabadi Farahani, M. Moradi Shahrbabak and H. Mehrabani Yeganeh

Genetic variations between indigenous fat-tailed sheep populations

H. Yazdani, H. R. Rahmani, M. A. Edris and E. Dirandeh

Association between A59V polymorphism in exon 3 of leptin gene and reproduction traits in cows of Iranian Holstein


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