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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research - 4 (16), 2010


Research Articles

H. Ghamarnia, H. Khosravy and S. Sepehri

Yield and water use efficiency of (Nigella sativa L.) under different irrigation treatments in a semi arid region in the West of Iran

R. Koehorst, C. P. Laubscher and P. A. Ndakidemi

Growth response of Artemisia afra Jacq. to different pH levels in a closed hydroponics system

G. C. Akuodor, M. Idris-Usman, T. C. Ugwu, J. L. Akpan, L. A. Irogbeyi, T. C. Iwuanyanwu and U. A. Osunkwo

Ethanolic leaf extract of Verbena hastata produces antidiarrhoeal and gastrointestinal motility slowing effects in albino rats

Ying Zhang, Yun-peng Diao, Xian-min You, Gui-xin Zou, Qi-hui Zhang, Ting-guo Kang, Xiao-hui Chen and kai-shun Bi

Quality assessment of Zaoren-an-shen granule by High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fingerprinting and quantitative analysis

A. Afacan Makasci, R. Mammadov, O. Dusen and H. I. Isik

Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of medicinal plant species Ornithogalum alpigenum stapf. from Turkey

A. A. Badmus and A. J. Afolayan

The foliar micromorphology of Arctotis arctotoides (L.f.) O. Hoffm

Xiaogang Du, Huaizhu Pan, Chengyun Zhang, Huaiyu Zhang, Hanmei Liu, Zhiyu Chen and Xianyin Zeng

Zingiber officinale extract modulates g-rays-induced immunosuppression in mice

Vinod Kumar Gupta, Amit Roy, Vikas K. Nigam and Kalishankar Mukherjee

Antimicrobial activity of Spondias pinnata resin

Myung-Suk Bae and Seung-Cheol Lee

Effect of deep sea water on the antioxidant activity and catechin content of green tea

X. Yang, H. T. Zhao, J. Wang, Q. Meng, H. Zhang, L. Yao, Y. C. Zhang, A. J. Dong, Y. Ma, Z. Y. Wang, D. C. Xu and Y. Ding

Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of essential oil of pine cones of Pinus armandii from the Southwest region of China

Showkat Ahmad Ganie, Ehtishamul Haq, Akbar Masood and Mohmmad Afzal Zargar

Amelioration of carbon tetrachloride induced oxidative stress in kidney and lung tissues by ethanolic rhizome extract of Podophyllum hexandrum in Wistar rats

F. O. Olayemi, Y. Raji, O. A. Adegoke and M. O. Oyeyemi

Haematological profiles in male rats treated with methanolic extract or chromatographic fractions of Cnestis ferruginea (de Candolle)

P. Sumathi and A. Parvathi

Antibacterial potential of the three medicinal fruits used in Triphala: An Ayurvedic formulation

Xiang-Fei Lin, Wei Min and Dan Luo

Anticarcinogenic effect of ferulic acid on ultraviolet-B irradiated human keratinocyte HaCaT cells

T. E. Tshikalange and A. Hussein

Cytotoxicity activity of isolated compounds from Elaeodendron transvaalense ethanol extract


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