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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research - 4 (8), 2010



Rosa Martha Pérez Gutiérrez

Orchids: A review of uses in traditional medicine, its phytochemistry and pharmacology

Research Articles

N. O. A. Imaga, G. O. Gbenle, V. I. Okochi, S.O. Adenekan, S. O. Edeoghon, M. O. Kehinde, S. B. Bamiro, A. Ajiboye and A. Obinna

Antisickling and toxicological profiles of leaf and stem of Parquetina nigrescens L.

Patience O. Adomi and Godwin E. Umukoro

Antibacterial activity of aqueous and ethanol crude extracts of the root barks of Alstonia boonei and preliminary phytochemical test of Morinda lucida

Gbonjubola Olusesan Adeshina, Josiah Ademola Onaolapo, Joseph Olorunmola Ehinmidu and Lilian Emiola Odama

Phytochemical and antimicrobial studies of the ethyl acetate extract of Alchornea cordifolia leaf found in Abuja, Nigeria

M. S. Idris-Usman, John-Africa L., G. C. Akuodor, T. C. Ugwu and U. A. Osunkwo

Antinociceptive and antipyretic properties of the pharmaceutical herbal preparation, Radix bupleuri in rats

Krishna Pandeya, Kavindra Nath Tiwari, Jayanti Singh, Jay Prakash Verma and Satya Deo Dubey

In vitro propagation of Clitoria ternatea L. : A rare medicinal plant

Nor Hafipah Md Rasdi, Othman Abd. Samah, Abubakar Sule and Qamar U. Ahmed

Antimicrobial studies of Cosmos caudatus Kunth. (Compositae)

Ju-Sung Kim and Myong-Jo Kim

In vitro anti-oxidant activity of Lespedeza cuneata methanolic extracts

R. J. Ogbe, G. I. Adoga and A. H. Abu

Antianaemic potentials of some plant extracts on phenyl hydrazine-induced anaemia in rabbits

A. A. Mahmood, Abdalbasit A. Mariod, Fouad Al-Bayaty and Siddig Ibrahim Abdel-Wahab

Anti-ulcerogenic activity of Gynura procumbens leaf extract against experimentally-induced gastric lesions in rats

Fernanda M. Ferreira, Francisco P. Peixoto, Elsa Nunes, Cristina Sena, Raquel Seiça and Maria Sancha Santos

Vaccinium myrtillus improves liver mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation of diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats

Jin-Lin Guo, Yan Ren, Lu Chen, Jin Pei and De-Guang Wan

Authentication of Caulis Clematidis Armandii (Chuanmutong) and differentiation of its common adulterants using RAPD and SCAR markers

Urve Paaver, Vallo Matto and Ain Raal

Total tannin content in distinct Quercus robur L. galls

Ping Lv, Lixin Wei, Yuzhi Du, Hongxia Yang, Min Peng

Hepatoprotective and toxic characteristics of the whole herb of traditional Tibetan folk medicine Swertia mussotii Franch.

T. Sibanda, A. O. Olaniran and A. I. Okoh

In vitro antibacterial activities of crude extracts of Garcinia kola seeds against wound sepsis associated Staphylococcus strains


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