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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research - 4 (20), 2010


Research Articles

O. Bamidele, A. M. Akinnuga, M. M. C. Anyakudo, O. A. Ojo, G. B. Ojo, J. O. Olorunfemi and O. P. Johnson

Haemostatic effect of methanolic leaf extract of Ageratum conyzoides in albino rats

Mohammed Naseer Alyemeni and Hassan Sher

Impact of human pressure on the population structure of Persicaria amplexicaule, Valeriana jatamansi and Viola serpens the naturally growing medicinal plants in Malam Jaba, Swat, Pakistan

Milan S. Stankovic, Marina Topuzovic, Slavica Solujic and Vladimir Mihailovic

Antioxidant activity and concentration of phenols and flavonoids in the whole plant and plant parts of Teucrium chamaerdys L. var. glanduliferum Haussk

I. J. Peni, C. M. Elinge, H. Yusuf, A. U. Itodo, B. M. Agaie, A. N. Mbongo and E. Chogo

Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of Parinari curatellifolia stem extract

Fu-Ju Yang, Yi-Hsien Wang and Li-Je Chen

Information value of the infectious diseases outbreak on biotechnology

Irum Shahzadi, Amjad Hassan, Ummara W. Khan and Mohammad Maroof Shah

Evaluating biological activities of the seed extracts from Tagetes minuta L. found in Northern Pakistan

Sirichai Adisakwattana, Jeerasuk Moonrat, Supatra Srichairat, Chuliporn Chanasit, Hathaichanok Tirapongporn, Benjanut Chanathong, Sathaporn Ngamukote, Kittana Mäkynen and Suwimol Sapwarobol

Lowering mechanisms of grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera L) and its antihyperlidemic activity

Cecilia Promise Maliwichi-Nyirenda and Lucy Lynn Maliwichi

Medicinal plants used for contraception and pregnancy-related cases in Malawi: A case study of Mulanje District

Md. Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan, Jaripa Begum and Nemai Chandra Nandi

Chemical component studies on the leaf and inflorescence essential oil of Hyptis brevipes (Poit.)

Guleray Agar, Medine Gulluce, Ali Aslan, Sedat Bozari, Mehmet Karadayi and Furkan Orhan

Mutation preventive and antigenotoxic potential of methanol extracts of two natural lichen

Aparanji Poosarla and Rama Rao Athota

Immunosuppressive properties of aqueous extract of Plumbago zeylanica in Balb/c mice

Harsh Mani Pant and Neelam Sharma

Inventory of some exotic cultivated tree species of Doon valley and their ethnobotanical uses

D. A. Focho, E. A. Egbe, G. B. Chuyong, A. G. N. Fongod, B. A. Fonge, W. T. Ndam and B. M. Youssoufa

An ethnobotanical investigation of the Annonaceae on Mount Cameroon

Qasima Agha, Sarfraz Ahmad, Muhamad Islam, Aslam Gill and Mohammad Athar

Growth and production potential of five medicinal crops in highlands of Balochistan, Pakistan

Onder Yumrutas and Saadet Demirors Saygideger

Determination of in vitro antioxidant activities of different extracts of Marrubium parviflorum Fish et Mey. and and Lamium amplexicaule L. from South east of Turkey

Yavar Sharafi

Biological characteristics of pollens in some genotypes of Rosa canina as main factors affecting fruit set


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