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Annals of Botany - 105 (6), 2010



Plant Cuttings
Chaffey, Nigel

Conifer reproductive biology
Hill, Robert

Climate change and invasion by intracontinental range-expanding exotic plants: the role of biotic interactions
Morrin, Elly; Engelkes, Tim; Macel, Mirka; Meisner, Annelein; Van der Putten, Wim H.

Hawaiian angiosperm radiations of North American origin
Baldwin, Bruce G.; Wagner, Warren L.

Multiple introductions boosted genetic diversity in the invasive range of black cherry (Prunus serotina; Rosaceae)
Pairon, Marie; Petitpierre, Blaise; Campbell, Michael; Guisan, Antoine; Broennimann, Olivier; Baret, Philippe V.; Jacquemart, Anne-Laure; Besnard, Guillaume

Bud development in corydalis (Corydalis bracteata) requires low temperature: a study of developmental and carbohydrate changes
Khodorova, Nadejda V.; Miroslavov, Evgeniy A.; Shavarda, Alexey L.; Laberche, Jean-Claude; Boitel-Conti, Michle

Occurrence of adventitious sprouting in short-lived monocarpic herbs: a field study of 22 weedy species
Malkov, Lenka; milauer, Petr; Klimeov, Jitka

Changes in vascular and transpiration flows affect the seasonal and daily growth of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) berry
Morandi, Brunella; Manfrini, Luigi; Losciale, Pasquale; Zibordi, Marco; Corelli Grappadelli, Luca

Ecophysiological response of Crambe maritima to airborne and soil-borne salinity
de Vos, Arjen C.; Broekman, Rob; Groot, Maartje P.; Rozema, Jelte

A new look at sporoderm ontogeny in Persea americana and the hidden side of development
Gabarayeva, Nina I.; Grigorjeva, Valentina V.; Rowley, John R.

The role of plant traits and their plasticity in the response of pasture grasses to nutrients and cutting frequency
da Silveira Pontes, Lase; Louault, Frdrique; Carrre, Pascal; Maire, Vincent; Andueza, Donato; Soussana, Jean-Franois

The ameliorative effect of silicon on soybean seedlings grown in potassium-deficient medium
Miao, Bao-He; Han, Xing-Guo; Zhang, Wen-Hao

Morphological and physiological characteristics of seeds and their capacity to germinate and survive
Powell, Alison A.

Identification and characterization of the water gap in physically dormant seeds of Geraniaceae, with special reference to Geranium carolinianum
Gama-Arachchige, N. S.; Baskin, J. M.; Geneve, R. L.; Baskin, C. C.

Dormancy as exaptation to protect mimetic seeds against deterioration before dispersal
Brancalion, Pedro H. S.; Novembre, Ana D. L. C.; Rodrigues, Ricardo R.; Marcos Filho, Jlio

Fruit and seed heteromorphism in the cold desert annual ephemeral Diptychocarpus strictus (Brassicaceae) and possible adaptive significance
Lu, Juanjuan; Tan, Dunyan; Baskin, Jerry M.; Baskin, Carol C.

Variation of seed heteromorphism in Chenopodium album and the effect of salinity stress on the descendants
Yao, Shixiang; Lan, Haiyan; Zhang, Fuchun

Effects of photooxidation on membrane integrity in Salix nigra seeds
Roqueiro, Gonzalo; Facorro, Graciela B.; Huarte, Mnica G.; Rubn de Celis, Emilio; Garca, Fernando; Maldonado, Sara; Maroder, Horacio

Developmental changes in the germinability, desiccation tolerance, hardseededness, and longevity of individual seeds of Trifolium ambiguum
Hay, F. R.; Smith, R. D.; Ellis, R. H.; Butler, L. H.

A new type of specialized morphophysiological dormancy and seed storage behaviour in Hydatellaceae, an early-divergent angiosperm family
Tuckett, Renee E.; Merritt, David J.; Rudall, Paula J.; Hay, Fiona; Hopper, Stephen D.; Baskin, Carol C.; Baskin, Jerry M.; Tratt, Julia; Dixon, Kingsley W.

Prior hydration of Brassica tournefortii seeds reduces the stimulatory effect of karrikinolide on germination and increases seed sensitivity to abscisic acid
Long, Rowena L.; Williams, Kimberlyn; Griffiths, Erin M.; Flematti, Gavin R.; Merritt, David J.; Stevens, Jason C.; Turner, Shane R.; Powles, Stephen B.; Dixon, Kingsley W.

Iron homeostasis and iron acquisition in plants: maintenance, functions and consequences
Zheng, Shao Jian


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