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African Journal of Biotechnology - 9 (31), 2010



Victoria Adaora Jideani and Israel Afam Jideani

A model for education and promoting food science and technology among high school students and the public

Fariha Hasan, Aamer Ali Shah, Sundus Javed and Abdul Hameed

Enzymes used in detergents: Lipases

Adenkola, A. Y. and Ayo, J. O.

Physiological and behavioural responses of livestock to road transportation stress: A review

Research Articles


Wang Min, Li Run-zhi, Yang Wan-ming and Du Wei-jun

Assessing the genetic diversity of cultivars and wild soybeans using SSR markers

Syed Aneel Gilani, Rizwana Aleem Qureshi, Amir M. Khan and Daniel Potter

A molecular phylogeny of selected species of genus Prunus L. (Rosaceae) from Pakistan using the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) spacer DNA

Yongke Sun, Yuai Yang, Dongmei Xi, Xiao Gou, Huaming Mao and Weidong Deng

Molecular cloning and characterization of two genes - PHKG2 and IRAK4 from black-boned sheep (Ovis aries)


Godswill N. Anyasor, K. Olusola Ogunwenmo, Olatunji A. Oyelana and Blessing E. Akpofunure

Phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activities of aqueous and methanol stem extracts of Costus afer Ker Gawl. (Costaceae)

Omoruyi G. Idemudia and Peter A. Ajibade

Antibacterial activity of metal complexes of antifolate drug pyrimethamine

A. A. Onilude, R. O. Igbinadolor and S. M. Wakil

Effect of varying relative humidity on the rancidity of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) kernel oil by lipolytic organisms

Mansour Salati, Wong Mui Yun, Sariah Meon and H. Nik Masdek

Host range evaluation and morphological characterization of Pseudoperonospora cubensis, the causal agent of cucurbit downy mildew in Malaysia

Upendra Kumar, Ishwar Singh, Priyanka and Y. Vimala

In vitro salt stress induced production of gymnemic acid in callus cultures of Gymnema sylvestre R.Br.

Shouping Zhao, Xuezhu Ye, Yongzhi Zhang and Jici Zheng

The contribution of bnnrt1 and bnnrt2 to nitrate accumulation varied according to genotypes in Chinese cabbage


Tolga Ozturk and Muhittin Inan

Comparisons of environmental effects and productivity by road construction machines in forest areas in Turkey

Meisam Tabatabaei, Mohd Rafein Zakaria, Raha Abdul Rahim, Norhani Abdullah andré-Denis G. Wright, Yoshihito Shirai, Mehdi Shamsara, Kenji Sakai and Mohd Ali Hassan

Comparative study of methods for extraction and purification of environmental DNA from high-strength wastewater sludge

Ebrahim Rahimi, Mazyar Hajisalehi, Hamid Reza Kazemeini, Ali Chakeri, Amin Khodabakhsh, Mohammad Derakhshesh, Mahdi Mirdamadi, Abdol Ghaffar Ebadi, Seyed Ali Rezvani and Maryam Fallah Kashkahi

Analysis and determination of mercury, cadmium and lead in canned tuna fish marketed in Iran


Kun Cheng, Fu-Ping Lu, Ming Li, Li-Li Liu and Xiao-Mei Liang

Purification and biochemical characterization of a serine alkaline protease TC4 from a new isolated Bacillus alcalophilus TCCC11004 in detergent formulations

Yanqiu Su, Wei Li, Weihua Zhu, Rongqing Yu, Baojing Fei, Tao Wen, Yi Cao and Dairong Qiao

Characterization of xylose reductase from Candida tropicalis immobilized on chitosan bead

E. A. Ophori, B. N. Eriagbonye and P. Ugbodaga

Antimicrobial activity of propolis against Streptococcus mutans


Dong-Xiao Chen, Tian-Gui Niu and Hui-Nong Cai

Optimizing culture medium for debittering constitutive enzyme naringinase production by Aspergillus oryzae JMU316

Jun Fang, Rao Li-qun, Tian Yun, Xiangyang Lu and Hongmei Jiang

Oxygen radical-scavenging capacities of peptides from swine blood


Tomoyuki Toyoda and Kazuhisa Ohtaguchi

The properties of Kluyveromyces lactis for the production of D-arabitol from lactose


Udobi, C. E. and Onaolapo, J. A.

Cell kill pattern and acute toxicity studies of the aqueous fraction of the methanolic extract of parts of Parkia biglobosa

Visa Thongrakard and Tewin Tencomnao

Modulatory effects of Thai medicinal plant extract on proinflammatory cytokines-induced apoptosis in human keratinocyte HaCaT cells

M. Abdollahi, A. B. Z. Zuki, Y. M. Goh, Rezaeizadeh A. and M. M. Noordin

The effects of Momordica charantia on the liver in streptozotocin-induced diabetes in neonatal rats

Yun Jin, Ding Luo, Aijun Hua and Jiahong Dong

Effects of RNAi-mediated cathepsin L gene silencing on bionomics of hepatoma carcinoma cells


Chioma G. Achionye-Nzeh

Growth response of juveniles of Clarias bidorsalis to imported floating feed and cost implication in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria


Afshin Barazesh, Jafar Majidi, Esmaeel Fallah, Rasul Jamali, Jalal Abdolalizade and Reza Gholikhani

Designing of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit for diagnosis copro-antigens of Giardia lamblia


J. F. Akinrinmade and O. A. Oyeleye

Antimicrobial efficacy and tissue reaction of Euphorbia hirta ethanolic extract oncanine wounds

Farrukh Hussain, Bashir Ahmad, Ishfaq Hameed, Ghulam Dastagir, Parveen Sanaullah and Sadiq Azam

Antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal activities of some selected medicinal plants of polygonaceae

Mahesh Chand Meena, Ramraj Meena and Vidya Patni

High frequency plant regeneration from shoot tip explants of Citrullus colocynthis (Linn.) Schrad. – An important medicinal herb


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