sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010

Journal of Vegetation Science - 21 (3), 2010

Volume 21 Issue 3 , czerwiec 2010

Seedling growth and morphology of three oak species along field resource gradients and seed mass variation: a seedling age-dependent response
Ignacio M. Pérez-Ramos, Lorena Gómez-Aparicio, Rafael Villar, Luis V. García, Teodoro Maranón

Are island plant communities more invaded than their mainland counterparts?
Montserrat Vila, Joan Pino, Ana Montero, Xavier Font

Sensitivity of plant functional types to climate change: classification tree analysis of a simulation model
Alexandra Esther, Jürgen Groeneveld, Neal J. Enright, Ben P. Miller, Byron B. Lamont, George L.W. Perry, F. Benjamin Blank, Florian Jeltsch

Testing for the influence of niche and neutral factors on sapling community assembly beneath isolated woody plants in grasslands
Leandro da S. Duarte, Gabriel S. Hofmann, Melina M. G. Dos Santos, Sandra M. Hartz, Valério D. Pillar

Subalpine vegetation pattern three decades after stand-replacing fire: effects of landscape context and topography on plant community composition, tree regeneration, and diversity
Jonathan D. Coop, Robert T. Massatti, Anna W. Schoettle

Understory vegetation indicates historic fire regimes in ponderosa pine-dominated ecosystems in the Colorado Front Range
Robin P. Keith, Thomas T. Veblen, Tania L. Schoennagel, Rosemary L. Sherriff

Changing importance of environmental factors driving secondary succession on molehills
Katja Schiffers, Katja Tielbörger, Florian Jeltsch

Competition and regeneration in quaking aspen–white fir (Populus tremuloides–Abies concolor) forests in the Northern Sierra Nevada, USA
Andrew D. Pierce, Alan H. Taylor

Differences in trait compositions between rocky natural and artificial habitats
Zdeňka Lososová, Deana Láníková

Development of vegetation patterns in early primary succession
Bryndís Marteinsdóttir, Kristín Svavarsdóttir, Thóra Ellen Thórhallsdóttir

Aerial seed bank dynamics and seedling emergence patterns in two annual Mediterranean Asteraceae
F. Bastida, J.L. González-Andújar, F.J. Monteagudo, J. Menéndez

Soil phosphorus and disturbance influence liana communities in a subtropical montane forest
Agustina Malizia, Héctor Ricardo Grau, Jeremy W. Lichstein

Fire disturbance and forest structure in an old-growth Pinus ponderosa forest, southern Cascades, USA
Alan H. Taylor

Neighbourhood effects influence drought-induced mortality of savanna trees in Australia
John M. Dwyer, Rod J. Fensham, Russell J. Fairfax, Yvonne M. Buckley

Occurrence and dominance of six Pacific Northwest conifer species
Todd A. Schroeder, Andreas Hamann, Tongli Wang, Nicholas C. Coops

Positive ecosystem engineering effects of the ant Atta vollenweideri on the shrub Grabowskia duplicata
Beatriz Sosa, Alejandro Brazeiro

Long-term directional changes in upland Quercus forests throughout Oklahoma, USA
Ryan D. DeSantis, Stephen W. Hallgren, Thomas B. Lynch, Jesse A. Burton, Michael W. Palmer


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