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Journal of Vegetation Science 2009, 20 (4)

Spis treści (Volume 20 Issue 4 , sierpień 2009):

Ants accelerate succession from mountain grassland towards spruce forest
Blanka Vlasáková, Jana Raabová, Tomáscaron Kyncl, Petr Dostál, Marcela Kovářová, Pavel Kovář, Tomáscaron Herben

Vertical distribution of Hymenophyllaceae species among host tree microhabitats in a temperate rain forest in Southern Chile
Maria J. Parra, Karina Acuna, Luís J. Corcuera, Alfredo Saldana

Modified TWINSPAN classification in which the hierarchy respects cluster heterogeneity
Jan Roleček, Lubomír Tichý, David Zelený, Milan Chytrý

Could we obtain better estimates of plot species richness from multiple-observer plant censuses?
Frédéric Archaux

Explaining patterns of primary production from individual level traits
E. Leoni, A. Altesor, J.M. Paruelo

Numerical reproduction of traditional classifications and automatic vegetation identification
Miquel De Cáceres, Xavier Font, Paloma Vicente, Francesc Oliva

Insights into succession processes using temporally repeated habitat models: results from a long-term study in a post-mining landscape
Annett Baasch, Sabine Tischew, Helge Bruelheide

Optimal spatio-temporal hybrid sampling designs for ecological monitoring
Mevin B. Hooten, Christopher K. Wikle, Steven L. Sheriff, John W. Rushin

Species properties and recovery from disturbance: Forest herbs buried by volcanic tephra
Donald B. Zobel, Joseph A. Antos

Fire, aridity and seed banks. What does seed bank composition reveal about community processes in fire-prone desert?
Boyd R. Wright, Peter J. Clarke

Patterns of species impoverishment in managed forests of Catalonia (NE Spain)
F. Lloret, A. Solé, J. Pino, J. Vayreda, X. Font, J. Terradas

How does surrounding vegetation affect the course of succession: A five-year container experiment
Vojtěch Lanta, Jan Lepscaron

Pluralism and diversity: trends in the use and application of ordination methods 1990-2007
Henrik von Wehrden, Jan Hanspach, Helge Bruelheide, Karsten Wesche

Effects of landslides on the mountain vegetation of Flores Island, Azores
R. B. Elias, E. Dias

Experimental comparison of competition and facilitation in alpine communities varying in productivity
Vladimir G. Onipchenko, Mikhail S. Blinnikov, Maria A. Gerasimova, Elena V. Volkova, Johannes H.C. Cornelissen

Positive effects of shrubs on herbaceous species richness across several spatial scales: evidence from the semiarid Andean subtropics
Ramiro Pablo López, Daniel M. Larrea-Alcázar, Ortuno Teresa

The direct regeneration hypothesis in northern forests
Triin Ilisson, Han Y. H. Chen

Quantitative methods for defining mast-seeding years across species and studies
Jalene M. LaMontagne, Stan Boutin

Species constancy depends on plot size – a problem for vegetation classification and how it can be solved
Jürgen Dengler, Swantje Löbel, Christian Dolnik

Vegetation and seed bank dynamics in a tidal freshwater marsh
K.N. Hopfensperger, K.A.M. Engelhardt, T.R. Lookingbill


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