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Journal of Vegetation Science - 21 (1), 2010

Volume 21 Issue 1 , luty 2010

The nature of vegetation science
Meelis Pärtel, Alessandro Chiarucci, Sandra Díaz, J. Bastow Wilson

Fate of epiphytes on phorophytes with different architectural characteristics along the perturbation gradient of Sabal mexicana forests in Veracruz, Mexico
A. Aguirre, R. Guevara, M. García, J.C. López

Functional differences between summer and winter season rain assessed with MODIS-derived phenology in a semi-arid region
G. Darrel Jenerette, Russell L. Scott, Alfredo R. Huete

A tree-ring reconstruction of wind disturbances in a forest of the Slovakian Tatra Mountains, Western Carpathians
Tomasz Zielonka, Jan Holeksa, Peter Fleischer, Paweł Kapusta

Interspecific variation of functional traits in a CAM-tree dominated sandy coastal plain
Bruno Henrique P. Rosado, Eduardo A. de Mattos

Effects of habitat configuration and quality on species richness and distribution in fragmented forest patches near Rome
Michele De Sanctis, Marco Alfo, Fabio Attorre, Fabio Francesconi, Franco Bruno

Distribution and abundance of vines along the light gradient in a southern temperate rain forest
Ernesto Gianoli, Alfredo Saldana, Mylthon Jiménez-Castillo, Fernando Valladares

Growth releases of three shade-tolerant species following canopy gap formation in old-growth forests
Amanda B. Stan, Lori D. Daniels

Imputation of environmental variables for vegetation plots based on compositional similarity
Lubomír Tichý, Michal Hájek, David Zelený

Influence of soils and topography on Amazonian tree diversity: a landscape-scale study
Susan G. W. Laurance, William F. Laurance, Ana Andrade, Philip M. Fearnside, Kyle E. Harms, Alberto Vicentini, Regina C. C. Luizao

Compositional differentiation, vegetation-environment relationships and classification of willow-characterised vegetation in the western Eurasian Arctic
A.M. Pajunen, E.M. Kaarlejärvi, B.C. Forbes, R. Virtanen

Coexistence of forest and savanna in an Amazonian area from a geological perspective
D.F. Rossetti, S. Almeida, D.D. Amaral, C. M. Lima, L.C.R. Pessenda

Variation in ecophysiological properties among conifers at an ecotonal boundary: comparison of establishing seedlings and established adults at timberline
Sheel Bansal, Matthew J. Germino

Assessing long-term hydrological and ecological responses to drainage in a raised bog using paleoecology and a hydrosequence
J. Talbot, P.J.H. Richard, N.T. Roulet, R.K. Booth

Resilience of soil seed banks to site degradation in intermittently flooded riverine woodlands
David J. Eldridge, Ian D. Lunt

Travelling to a former sea floor: colonization of forests by understorey plant species on land recently reclaimed from the sea
Marleen Pierik, Jasper van Ruijven, T. Martijn Bezemer, Frank Berendse

Species traits affect the performance of species distribution models for plants in southern California
Alexandra D. Syphard, Janet Franklin

Fire mediated edge effects in bayhead tree islands
David P. Matlaga, Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio, Eric S. Menges, Roberta Pickert

The limited role of canopy gaps in the successional dynamics of a mature mixed Quercus forest remnant
C. Mark Cowell, Nancy Hoalst-Pullen, Marion T. Jackson


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