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Australian Journal of Botany - 58 (1), 2010

Spis treści (Volume 58, Number 1, 2010):

TURNER REVIEW No. 19. Savanna woody plant dynamics: the role of fire and herbivory, separately and synergistically

Jeremy J. Midgley, Michael J. Lawes and Simon Chamaillé-Jammes

Chromosome and morphological studies in the Mimosa debilis complex (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) from southern South America

Matías Morales, Arturo F. Wulff, Renée H. Fortunato and Lidia Poggio

Polyploidy and possible implications for the evolutionary history of some Australian Danthonieae

C. Waters, B. G. Murray, G. Melville, D. Coates, A. Young and J. Virgona

Pollination ecology of the rare desert species Eremosparton songoricum (Fabaceae)

X. Shi, J. C. Wang, D. Y. Zhang, J. F. Gaskin and B. R. Pan

Cytological analysis of hybrid embryos of intergeneric crosses between Salix viminalis and Populus species

Agnieszka Bagniewska-Zadworna, Maria K. Wojciechowicz, Maciej Zenkteler, Stanisław Jeżowski and Elżbieta Zenkteler

Karyotypic diversification and its contribution to the taxonomy of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) from Brazil

Carlos Roberto Maximiano da Silva, Rafael Trevisan, Maria Socorro González-Elizondo, Josué Maldonado Ferreira and André Luís Laforga Vanzela

Floral ontogeny of Brunonia australis (Goodeniaceae) and Calandrinia sp. (Portulacaceae)

Robyn L. Cave, Colin J. Birch, Graeme L. Hammer, John E. Erwin and Margaret E. Johnston

Ovule ontogeny of Relbunium species in the evolutionary context of Rubiaceae

Karen L. G. De Toni and Jorge E. A. Mariath

Corrigendum to: A catch-all leguminous tree: Erythrina velutina visited and pollinated by vertebrates at an oceanic island

Ivan Sazima, Cristina Sazima and Marlies Sazima


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