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Journal of Vegetation Science - 21 (2), 2010

Spis treści (Volume 21, Issue 2 , kwiecień 2010):

Competitive displacement or biotic resistance? Disentangling relationships between community diversity and invasion success of tall herbs and shrubs
Jan Thiele, Maike Isermann, Annette Otte, Johannes Kollmann

Spatial patterns of desert annuals in relation to shrub effects on soil moisture
J. Li, C. Y. Zhao, Y. J. Song, Y. Sheng, H Zhu

Vegetation succession among and within structural layers following wildfire in managed forests
Lori J. Kayes, Paul D. Anderson, Klaus J. Puettmann

Litter quality effects of beech and hornbeam on undergrowth species diversity in Luxembourg forests on limestone and decalcified marl
A.M. Kooijman

The shrub Rhodomyrtus tomentosa acts as a nurse plant for seedlings differing in shade tolerance in degraded land of South China
Long Yang, Hai Ren, Nan Liu, Jun Wang

Confusion among three common plant cover definitions may result in data unsuited for comparison
Jeffrey S. Fehmi

Incorporating functional dissimilarities into sample-based rarefaction curves: from taxon resampling to functional resampling
Carlo Ricotta, Sabina Burrascano, Carlo Blasi

OptimClass: Using species-to-cluster fidelity to determine the optimal partition in classification of ecological communities
Lubomír Tichý, Milan Chytrý, Michal Hájek, Stephen S. Talbot, Zoltán Botta-Dukát

Ecophysiological and bioclimatic foundations for a global plant functional classification
Sandy P. Harrison, I. Colin Prentice, Doris Barboni, Karen E. Kohfeld, Jian Ni, Jean-Pierre Sutra

Plant traits, species pools and the prediction of relative abundance in plant communities: a maximum entropy approach
Grégory Sonnier, Bill Shipley, Marie-Laure Navas

Detection probability and abundance estimation of epiphytic lichens based on height-limited surveys
Victor Johansson, Tord Snäll, Per Johansson, Thomas Ranius

Using hyperspectral satellite imagery for regional inventories: a test with tropical emergent trees in the Amazon Basin
M. Papeş, R. Tupayachi, P. Martínez, A.T. Peterson, G.V.N. Powell

Can tissue element concentration patterns at the individual species level indicate the factors underlying vegetation gradients in wetlands?
Zuzana Rozbrojová, Michal Hájek

Sensitivity of French temperate coniferous forests to climate variability and extreme events (Abies alba, Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris)
François Lebourgeois, Cyrille B.K. Rathgeber, Erwin Ulrich

Regeneration response and seedling bank dynamics on a Dendroctonus rufipennis-killed Picea engelmannii landscape
R. Justin DeRose, James N. Long

Beyond the tropics: forest structure in a temperate forest mapped plot
Gregory S. Gilbert, Elizabeth Howard, Bárbara Ayala-Orozco, Martha Bonilla-Moheno, Justin Cummings, Suzanne Langridge, Ingrid M. Parker, Jae Pasari, Daniella Schweizer, Sarah Swope

Changes in woody vegetation abundance and diversity after natural disturbances causing different levels of mortality
Gerardo P. Reyes, Daniel Kneeshaw, Louis De Grandpré, Alain Leduc


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