piątek, 6 sierpnia 2010

Cactus World - marzec 2010 (1)

Spis treści (Contents):

Things to come: new objectives for a future BCSS (Bill Keen & Roy Mottram)

Towards more effective ex situ conservation (Bill Maddams)

How do gardeners use succulent plants? (Terry Smale)

An apothecary's jar for aloe products (Len Newton)

Stereo pictures on your computer (Mike Shawyer)

Succulents on the Rock of Gibraltar & its Botanic Garden (Brian M. Lamb & Keith Bensusan)

Notes on general cultivation: part 4 - nutrition and nitrogen (Ray Allcock)

Nomenclatural notes on certain Arabian aloes (Tom A McCoy & John J Lavranos)

Worthwhile hybrid succulents no.11: from Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln. to the Double Flaming Katy Group ( Gordon Rowley)

Cactus Talk

Literature review

A surprise from Brazil - Bragaia estevesii Hofacker & P.J.Braun (Andreas Hofacker)

Two mysterious hybrids ( Margrit Bischofberger & Roy Mottram )


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