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Australian Journal of Botany - 58 (2), 2010

Spis treści (Volume 58, Number 2, 2010):

Fusicoccin inhibits dark-induced stomatal closure by reducing nitric oxide in the guard cells of broad bean

Xiao-Ping She, Jin Li, Ai-Xia Huang and Xi-Zhu Han

Effect of storage temperature on spore viability and early gametophyte development of three vulnerable species of Alsophila (Cyatheaceae)

Y. Li, Y. L. Zhang, C. D. Jiang, T. Wang, Q. Wang and L. Shi

Mycorrhizal specificity of Diuris fragrantissima (Orchidaceae) and persistence in a reintroduced population

Zoë F. Smith, Elizabeth A. James and Cassandra B. McLean

In situ seed development and in vitro regeneration of three difficult-to-propagate Lepidosperma species (Cyperaceae)

Andrea Kodym, Shane Turner and John Delpratt

Floral traits, pollination ecology and breeding system of three Clematis species (Ranunculaceae) in Yunnan province, southwestern China

Nan Jiang, Wen-Bin Yu, Hong-Zhe Li and Kai-Yun Guan

The mating system of Acrotriche serrulata (Ericaceae)

Melanie Schneemilch and Emma Steggles

The effect of Cylindrocarpon destructans on the growth of Eucalyptus regnans seedlings in air-dried and undried forest soil

T. M. Iles, D. H. Ashton, K. J. Kelliher and P. J. Keane

Architectural traits of fruiting shoots in Juglans regia (Juglandaceae) related to fruiting habit and environmental conditions

Damijan Kelc, Franci Stampar and Anita Solar

Casuarina junghuhniana (Casuarinaceae) in India

R. S. C. Jayaraj


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