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Australian Journal of Botany - 58 (3), 2010

Spis treści (Volume, 58 Number 3, 2010 ):

Effects of fire, post-fire defoliation, drought and season on regrowth and carbohydrate reserves of alpine snowgrass Poa fawcettiae (Poaceae)

A. D. Tolsma, K. G. Tolhurst and S. M. Read

Aboveground biomass of functional groups in the ground layer of savannas under different fire frequencies

Marcus Vinicius Cianciaruso, Igor Aurélio da Silva and Marco Antônio Batalha

Climate relationships with tree-ring width and ?13C of three Callitris species from semiarid woodlands in south-western Australia

Ciaran Sgherza, Louise E. Cullen and Pauline F. Grierson

Using growth-form attributes to identify pre-settlement woodland trees in central NSW, Australia

Peter G. Spooner, Ian D. Lunt and Lisa Smallbone

Histology of organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in excised root cultures of an endangered species Tylophora indica (Asclepiadaceae)

Aastha Sahai, Anwar Shahzad and Shiwali Sharma

High genetic diversity in a clonal relict Alexgeorgea nitens (Restionaceae): implications for ecological restoration

Elizabeth Sinclair, Siegfried Krauss, Belinda Cheetham and Richard Hobbs

Size-class structure and variation in seed and seedling traits in relation to population size of an endangered species Craigia yunnanensis (Tiliaceae)

Zerui Gao, Changqin Zhang and Richard I. Milne

Ontogenetic, anatomical and histochemical study of the extrafloral nectaries of Sapium biglandulosum (Euphorbiaceae)

Ítalo Antônio Cotta Coutinho, Vânia Maria Moreira Valente and Renata Maria Strozi Alves Meira

Structure and histochemistry of the stigmatic and transmitting tissues of Rodriguezia venusta (Orchidaceae) during flower development

Carlos André E. Leitao and Angelo L. Cortelazzo


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