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Australian Journal of Botany - 2009, 57 (8)

Spis treści (Volume 57, Number 8, 2009 ):

Water relations of woody plants on contrasting soils during drought: does edaphic compensation account for dry rainforest distribution?
Timothy J. Curran, Peter J. Clarke, Nigel W. M. Warwick

Consistency in seed-deposition patterns and the distribution of mistletoes among its host trees in an Amazonian savanna
Rodrigo Ferreira Fadini, Danielly Caroline Miléo Gonçalves, Rúbia Patrícia Fernandes Reis

Effect of time since burn on soil seedbanks in the jarrah forest of Western Australia
John M. Koch, Alex M. Ruschmann and Tim K. Morald

Tolerance of Sesbania virgata plants to flooding
Ilisandra Zanandrea, José D. Alves, Sidnei Deuner, Patrícia de F. P. Goulart, Paôla de C. Henrique, Neidiquele M. Silveira

Seed persistence of the invasive aquatic plant, Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (Asteraceae)
F. Dane Panetta

Population ecology and genetics of the vulnerable Acacia attenuata (Mimosaceae) and their significance for its conservation, recovery and translocation
Heather Brownlie, Julia Playford, Helen Wallace, Alison Shapcott

Aleurone and subaleurone morphology in native Australian wild cereal relatives
F. M. Shapter, M. P. Dawes, L. S. Lee, R. J. Henry

Reproductive biology and intergeneric breeding compatibility of ornamental Portulaca and Calandrinia (Portulacaceae)
Priyanka Wickramasinghe, Dion K. Harrison, Margaret E. Johnston

Water deficit changes the anatomy of the fruit abscission zone in Raphanus raphanistrum (Brassicaceae)
Mohammad S. Taghizadeh, Simon Crawford, Marc E. Nicolas, Roger D. Cousens

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