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African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (14), 2012


Research Articles


Xiaohui Wu, Guoli Ji, Qingshun Quinn Li and Sun Zhou

Comprehensive recognition of messenger RNA polyadenylation patterns in plants

Marwa E. Elkashef, Alaa M. Heikal, Mohei El-Din M. Solliman, Mohamed I kobeasy and Hany A. El-Shemy

Isolation and sequencing of the cryIC-like delta endotoxin gene from Egyptian strains of Bacillus thuringiensis toxic against Lepidoptera


Jian-guo Xue, Xian-guo Wang, Xiang-ge Du, Pei-sheng Mao, Tie-jun Zhang, Li Zhao and Jian-guo Han

Influence of salinity and temperature on the germination of Hedysarum scoparium Fisch. et Mey.

Tian-hu Liu

Load modeling for sharp V-cutter cutting litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) stalk

Hai-Dong Ding, Hong-Juan Zhang , Xiao-Hong Zhu, Hui Liu, Jian-Shen Liang and Bing Lu

Involvement of calcium and calmodulin signaling in adaptation to heat stress-induced oxidative stress in Solanum lycopersicum L. leaves

Y. Tang, L. Chen, X. M. Li, J. Li, Q. Luo, J. Lai and H. X. Li

Effect of culture conditions on the plant regeneration via organogenesis from cotyledonary node of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)

Sharifi Peyman, Mohammad Reza Safari Motlagh and Hashem Aminpanah

Diallel analysis for salinity tolerance in rice traits at germination stage

Mehrdad Jafarpour and Shahin Eghbalsaeed

High protein complementation with high fiber substrates for oyster mushroom cultures

Guang-Yong Zhao, Wei Sun, En-Liang Song, Wen-Jian Ma and Fa-Chun Wan

Effects of different levels of roasted soybeans in high forage-based rations on conjugated linoleic acid of longissimus dorsi muscle, subcutaneous fat and liver of beef cattle

A. Arifin, D. S. Karam, J. Shamshuddin, N. M. Majid, O. Radziah, A. H. Hazandy and I. Zahari

Proposing a suitable soil quality index for natural, secondary and rehabilitated tropical forests in Malaysia


Laura Castillo-Carvajal, Katherine Ortega-González, Blanca E. Barragán-Huerta and Aura Marina Pedroza-Rodríguez

Evaluation of three immobilization supports and two nutritional conditions for reactive black 5 removal with Trametes versicolor in air bubble reactor

Nighat Naheed, Nazia Jamil, Shahida Hasnain and Ghulam Abbas

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxybutyrate in Enterobacter sp. SEL2 and Enterobacteriaceae bacterium sp.PFW1 using sugar cane molasses as media

Rywińska Anita, Komorowska Agnieszka, Piegza Michał and Witkowska Danuta

Biosynthesis of phytases and phosphatases by Aspergillus niger 551

Periyasamy Elaiyaraju and Nagarajan Partha

Biogas production from co-digestion of orange peel waste and jatropha de-oiled cake in an anaerobic batch reactor

Fubara-Manuel, I, Nwonuala, A. and Davis, D. D.

Growth response of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F) to combinations of irrigation intervals and spent mushroom substrate in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria


Yunjian Du and Yuqiao Zhao

Optimization of fermentation conditions for trehalose production by a marine yeast

Wen-Jing Huang, Zhi-Rui Zuo1, Wei Shen, Suren Singh, Xian-Zhong Chen, You Fan and Zheng-Xiang Wang

High-level expression of alkaline protease using recombinant Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

N. Mokhtarian, Rahimnejad M, G. D. Najafpour, Wan Ramli Wan Daud, A. A. Ghoreyshi

Effect of different substrate on performance of microbial fuel cell

Yu Hanying, Xue Wei and Gao Xingxi

Development of a transformation method for the nematophagous fungus Dactylellina cionopaga


Qinxue Ni, Guangzhi Xu, Guoquan Lu, Qianxin Gao, Cunshan Zhou and Youzuo Zhang

Investigation of the stability and antioxidant properties of anthocyanins-based purple potato colorants after processing


Jing Zhang, Yun-Chao Huang, Qi Zhang, Zhi-Peng Hong, Yong-Chun Zhou, and Wan-Ling Chen

Down-regulation of aquaporins (AQP3) expression by RNA interference suppresses human lung cancer cell proliferation

Swi See Ang, Abu Bakar Salleh, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Nor Azah Yusof and Lee Yook Heng

Characteristics of ß-glucosidase production by Paecilomyces variotii and its potential application in bioassay system for boric acid determination

Boyang Liu, Liying Zhang, Hao Yu, Chunyan Lu, Qianqian Qin, Chuanjiang Lian, Yonghong Zhang, Runjun Yang and Zhihui Zhao

Establishment and comparison of three different codon optimization of fat1 gene in transgenic mammary epithelial cell lines


Quan Luo, Xibao Zhang, Yuwu Luo, Xin Zhou,Ling Lin, Jiayan Li, Sanquan Zhang and Yumei Liu

Increased expression of Th17 cytokines in patients with psoriasis


C. O. Omoifo and B. I. Awalemhen

Sporangiospore-yeast transformation of Mucor circinelloides: Ionic circulation, chemical potential, sodium influx rate and morphogenesis

Shanshan Zhang, Long Wang, Yue Hu1, Meng Yu, Zhimin Lian, Yaofu Bai, Xingrong Yan and Jinlian Hua

Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3) inhibitor 6-bromoindirubin-3'-oxime (BIO) promotes the proliferation of mouse male germline stem cells (mGSCs) under serum- and feeder-free conditions

Moussa, I. M., Ashgan MH, Mahmoud MH3 and Al-Doss, A. A.

Rapid detection and characterization of Salmonella enterica serovars by multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay

Aima Iram Batool, Naima Huma Naveed, Fayyaz Ur Rehman, Aamir Ali, Muhammad Ilyas Tariq, Shazia Irfan, Tasawwur Ali, Naima Iram1 and Nabiha Riaz

Comparative analysis of zinc, copper, chromium, iron and manganese among pregnant, unmarried and menopausal females using hairs as biomarkers

Małgorzata Krzywonos

Decolorization of sugar beet distillery effluent using mixed cultures of bacteria of the genus Bacillus


O. T. Soyelu and P. J. Masika

Antibacterial and antioxidant activities of some selected plants used for the treatment of cattle wounds in the Eastern Cape


Jian-Hong Hu, Wen-Chang Zhang, Peng Wang1, Zhi-Guo Fan, Zhong-Liang Jiang, Qing-Wang Li, Huai-Ping Shi, Yu Liu, Jin-Xin Mo and Zhe Qiang

Effects of growth-promoting factors on proliferation of mouse spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) in vitro

Yuan Shi-bin and Chen Hong

Effects of dietary supplementation of chitosan on growth performance and immune index in ducks


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (13), 2012


Research Articles


Noor Camellia, N. A., Thohirah Lee, A. and N. A. P. Abdullah

Genetic relationships and diversity of Jatropha curcas accessions in Malaysia

Yudha Trinoegraha Adiputra, Jan-Lung Chuang and Jin-Chywan Gwo

Genetic diversity of Indonesia milkfish (Chanos chanos) using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis


Zhou Xin-Bin, Huang Jian-Guo, Zhou Yong-xiang and Shi Wei-Ming

Genotypic variation of rape in phosphorus uptake from sparingly soluble phosphate and its active mechanism

Ebrahim Amiri, Ali Abdzad Gohari and Yaser Esmailian

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on yield, yield components and water use efficiency of eggplant

Şule Orman and Hüseyin Ok

Effects of sulphur and zinc applications on growth and nutrition of bread wheat in calcareous clay loam soil

Muhammad Ishtiaq, Abdul Samad Mumtaz, Tanveer Hussain and Abdul Ghani

Medicinal plant diversity in the flora of Leepa Valley, Muzaffarabad (AJK), Pakistan

Zahra Khodarahmpour and Jahad Hamidi

Study of yield and yield components of corn (Zea mays L.) inbred lines to drought stress

Chao Ma, Yi Tang, Xiaomei Li, Juan Li, Li Wang and HuanXiu Li

In vitro induction of multiple buds from cotyledonary nodes of Balsam pear (Momordica charantia L.)


Lei Liu, Feng-Lan Huang, Qiu-Xiang Luo, Hong-Ying Pang and Fan-Juan Meng

cDNA- AFLP analysis of the response of tetraploid black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) to salt stress

Andrés Calderín García, Ricardo Luiz Louro Berbara, Liane Portuondo Farías, Fernando Guridi Izquierdo, Orlando Lázaro Hernández, Reinier Hernández Campos and Rosane Nora Castro

Humic acids of vermicompost as an ecological pathway to increase resistance of rice seedlings to water stress


C. I. Uzoigwe and O. K. Agwa

Microbiological quality of water collected from boreholes sited near refuse dumpsites in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Ali Mohammad Latifi, Samaneh Khodi, Morteza Mirzaei, Mohsen Miresmaeili and Hamid Babavalian

Isolation and characterization of five chlorpyrifos degrading bacteria


Yasser Durrani, Alam Zeb, Ye Xingqian, Muhammad Ayub, Waseem Tahir, Ali Muhammad1 and Said Wahab

Influence of storage temperatures on physicochemical sensory and nutritional properties of chemically preserved mango pulp


Mahdi Ghanbari, Mansoureh Jami, Konrad J. Domig and Wolfgang Kneifel

Long-term effects of water pH changes on hematological parameters in the common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

A. Nisha, S.Govindarajan, M. Muthuraj, S. Manupriya, B. Usharani, S. Kamatchyammal and V. Saroja

Molecular characterization of rpoB gene encoding the RNA polymerase ß subunit in rifampin-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from south India

Ulzias R. Fontes-Jr, Cledison S. Ramos, Mairim R. Serafini, Sócrates C. H. Cavalcanti, Péricles B. Alves, Gabriele M. Lima, Paulo H. S. Andrade, Leonardo R. Bonjardim, Lucindo J. Quintans-Jr and Adriano A.S. Araújo

Evaluation of the lethality of Porophyllum ruderale essential oil against Biomphalaria glabrata, Aedes aegypti and Artemia salina

Songül Çanakci and Bahar Dursun

The effect of pre-application of salicylic acid on some physiological and biochemical characteristics of tomato seedling (Lycopersicon esculentum L) growing in cadmium containing media


Eung Soo Kim, Young Hwa Kim, Byoung Seob Ko, Seung Eun Oh, Eui Jung Do and Mi Young Lee

Multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis for identification of deer species from antlers

Ali Movahed, Dariush Iranpour, Iraj Nabipour, Mojtaba Jafari, Samad Akbarzadeh, Majid Assadi, Kamran Mirzaei and Najmeh Hagian

Plasma malondialdehyde, bilirubin, homocysteine and total antioxidant capacity in patients with angiographically defined coronary artery disease


Qing-fei Zeng, Xiao-hong Gu, Yin-ping Wang, Zhi-gang Mao, Ming-bo Sun, and Xian-kun Gu

Dynamics of photosynthetic activity of cyanobacteria after gut passage through crucian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio) and goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus)


Banu Kutlu, F. Sanem Sunlu and H. Baha Büyükişik

Carrying capacity of Chaetoceros gracilis in Homa Lagoon and the bay of Izmir


H. Lu, Y. D. Huang, B. Y. Zhao and J. Y. Wang

The content of mineral elements on whole blood and hair in Moschus sifanicus

Shahabodin Gharahveysi, Hossein Ali Abbasi, Mehrdad Irani, Ruhollah Abdullahpour and Soheil Mirhabibi

Polymorphism investigation of calpastatin gene in Zel sheep population of Iran by PCR-RFLP method


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African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (10-12), 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (10), 2012



M. Monajjemi, E. Shirkhodaee Tari, F. Mollaamin, M. Movahedi and Seyed Hosseini Ghaheh

Studies of molecular modeling on drug design of Listeria monocytogenes internalin B ß-sheet

R. Yánez-López, Torres-Pacheco, R. G. Guevara-González, M. I. Hernández-Zul, J. A. Quijano-Carranza and E. Rico-García

The effect of climate change on plant diseases

Full Length Research Article


Ali Yousefi-Golverdi, Hasan Hafezian, Yadolah Chashnidel and Ayoub Farhadi

Genetic parameters and trends of production traits in Iranian Holstein population


Nazan Keskin, Pinar Ili and Barbaros Sahin

Histochemical demonstration of mucosubstances in the mouse gastrointestinal tract treated with Origanum hypericifolium O. Schwartz and P.H. Davis extract

Ihsan-ul- Haq and Abdur Rab

Foliar application of calcium chloride and borax affects the fruit skin strength and cracking incidence in litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) cultivars

Montaser Fawzy Abdel-Monaim, Mamdoh Ewis Ismail and Kadry Mohamed Morsy

Induction of systemic resistance in soybean plants against Fusarium wilts disease by seed treatment with benzothiadiazole and humic acid

Mashaalah Jabbari Orange, Ali Ebadi, Ahmad Tobeh and Hossein Mostafaei

Responses of phenological and physiological stages of spring safflower to complementary irrigation

Sumontip Bunnag and Warisa Pilahome

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Dendrobium chrysotoxum Lindl

Yan Qing Li, Xiu Ju Wang, Zhen Xin Sun, Bao Zhen Feng, Li Fu1 and Xiu Guo Zhang

Expression and functional analysis of polygalacturonase gene Pcipg5 from the plant pathogen Phytophthora capsici


Sumitra Chanda, Mital Kaneria and Yogesh Baravalia

Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of various polar solvent extracts of stem and leaves of four Cassia species

Aref Neifar, Ines Borgi, Rim Mnif, Faouzi Ben Rebah, Abdelwahab Abdelmouleh and Ali Gargouri

Inhibitory effects of extracts from Tunisian marine species on serine-protease from a local Beauveria bassiana strain

Rahmat Ali Khan, Abdus Saboor shah, Mushtaq Ahmad, Farid Ullaha Khan, Noor Aslam, Muhammad Rashid Khan and Mir Sadiq Shah

Phytotoxic activity of crude methanolic extract of Euphorbia prostrata collected from Bannu District (Pakistan)

Xiangwei Chen, Wenting Han and Min Li

Spectroscopic determination of leaf water content using linear regression and an artificial neural network

Xiangwei Chen and Wenting Han

Spectroscopic determination of soluble solids content of ‘Qinmei’ kiwifruit using partial least squares


Ezeonu, I. M. Akobueze, E. U. and Chah, K. F

Prebiotic effects of Vernonia amygdalina and Ocimum gratissimum aqueous leaf extracts in rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)


Zheng Xiao Jian, Lu Ye, Zhang Pen Jie, Zhang Xiao Li, Cao Guang Li, Xue Ren Yu and Gong Cheng Liang

Effect of inhibiting the expression of insulin-like peptide gene BBX-B8 on development and reproduction of silkworm, Bombyx mori


Jun Ma, Ye-hua He, Cheng-hou Wu, He-ping Liu, Zhong-yi Hu and Guang-ming Sun

Effective Agrobacterium–mediated transformation of pineapple with CYP1A1 by kanamycin selection technique

Rahmatollah Karimizadeh, Mohtasham Mohammadi, Naser Sabaghnia, Mohammad Kazem Shefazadeh and Jaleh Pouralhossini

Univariate stability analysis methods for determining genotype × environment interaction of durum wheat grain yield


Feng Li Yang, Xiao Shan Li, Bing Zhuang Yang, Yu Zhang, Xiu Fang Zhang, Guang Sheng Qin and Xian Wei Liang

Clinical mastitis from calving to next conception negatively affected reproductive performance of dairy cows in Nanning, China

Mohammad Masood Tariq, Masroor Ahmad Bajwa, Khaleel Jawasreh, Mohammad Arif Awan, Ferhat Abbas, Abdul Waheed, Majed Rafeeq, Abdul Wadood, Khalid ullah Khan, Nadeem Rashid, Mohammad Adnan Atique and Farhat Abbas Bukhari

Characterization of four indigenous sheep breeds ofBalochistan, Pakistan by random amplified polymorphic DNAs

Cyrus Eydivandi, Cyrus Amirinia, Naser EmamJomeh-Kashan, Mohammad Chamani, Jamal Fayazi and Hamid Reza Seyedabadi

Study of citrullinaemia disorder in Khuzestan Holstein cattle population of Iran


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (11), 2012



P. Singh, S. S. Singh, A.Srivastava, A. Singh and A. K. Mishra

Structural, functional and molecular basis of cyanophage-cyanobacterial interactions and its significance

Full Length Research Article


Xiaogang Du, Yanyan Geng, Zhou Huang, Yanger Chen, Huaiyu Zhang, Hanmei Liu, zhiyu Chen, Zhihuan Wu, Tianzeng Song and Xianyin Zeng

Effects of Zingiber officinale extract on antioxidation and lipid peroxidation in mice after exposure to 60Co-?-ray

Mianxue Liu, Junbei Xiang, Yi Yang and Xufeng Li

Over-expression of BnFAD8 mitigated leaf curvature and increased 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ying Li, Qing-Feng Meng, Wei-Li Wang and Xiao-Yuan Sun

Differential expression of ATP-dependent RNA helicase gene in viable but nonculturable Salmonella pullorum

Zhang Junhuan, Wang Yu zhu, Chen Xuan, Sun Haoyuan and Yang Li

Molecular fingerprinting and relative relationship of apricot cultivars in China by simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers


Raúl López-Aguilar, Diana Medina-Hernández, Felipe Ascencio-Valle, Enrique Troyo-Dieguez, Alejandra Nieto-Garibay, Mario Arce-Montoya, Juan A. Larrinaga-Mayoral and Gracia A. Gómez-Anduro

Differential responses of Chiltepin (Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum) and Poblano (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) hot peppers to salinity at the plantlet stage

Weilin Wu, Bo Zhou, Dan Luo, Haifang Yan, Yuhua Li and Saneyuki Kawabata

Development of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers that are polymorphic between cultivars in Brassica rapa subsp. rapa

Maralian Habib

Effect of supplementary nutrition with Fe, Zn chelates and urea on wheat quality and quantity

Onyimonyi, A. E. Chukwuma, P. C. and Igbokwe, Chinenye

Growth and hypocholesterolemic properties of dry garlic powder (Allium sativum) on broilers

Soliman S. S. and Harhash M. M.

Effects of strands thinning on yield and fruit quality of Succary date palm

Mohammad Alanazi, Hesham Saeed and Manal Shalaby

The use of degenerate oligonucleotide primed polymerase chain reaction (DOP-PCR) technique to detect and isolate cytochrome P450 2E1 and 2A genes

Tajidin, N. E., Ahmad, S. H, Rosenani, A. B., Azimah, H. and Munirah, M.

Chemical composition and citral content in lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil at three maturity stages


Parvaiz Ahmad, Khalid ul Rehman Hakeem, Ashwani Kumar, Muhammad Ashraf and Nudrat Aisha Akram

Salt-induced changes in photosynthetic activity and oxidative defense system of three cultivars of mustard (Brassica juncea L.)


Jinxu Sun, Hui xia Zhu, Jiping Guo and Dong Guang Xiao

Antimicrobial action of purified raspberry flavonoid

Qurban Ali Panhwar, Radziah Othman, Zaharah Abdul Rahman, Sariah Meon and Mohd Razi Ismail

Isolation and characterization of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria from aerobic rice

Li Shu-bin, Zhou Ren-chao, Li Xia, Chen Chu-yi and Yang Ai-lin

Solid-state fermentation with okara for production of cellobiase-rich cellulases preparation by a selected Bacillus subtilis Pa5

Xiaohong Yu, Zhenxin Gu, Rong Shao, Kang Tu and Xinjiang Jin

Optimization of solid state fermentation media of Hericium erinaceus for soluble dietary fiber using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms


Eşref Isik, Nazmi Izli and Bülent Akbudak

Microwave heat treatment of dent corn (Zea mays var. indentata sturt.): Drying kinetic and physical properties


Yihong Hu, Juan Wu, Ping Luo and Yiwei Mo

Purification and partial characterization of peroxidase from lettuce stems

Kiramat Khan, Hassan Sher, Muhammad Iqbal and MN Al-yemeni

Development And Release Of Indigenous Maize Hybrids To Enhance Maize Yield In North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan


Bing Wang, Jiti Zhou, Shaohui Cui, Baoling Yang, Yinan Zhao, Budiao Zhao, Yan Duan and Shubiao Zhang

Cationic liposomes as carriers for gene delivery: Physico-chemical characterization and mechanism of cell transfection

Peisong Wang, Wei Meng Meishan Jin, Liyan Xu, Enmin Li and Guang Chen

Increased expression of miR-221 and miR-222 in patients with thyroid carcinoma


Irfan Hafeez, Bushra Sadia, Hafeez Ahmad Sadaqat, Riaz Ahmad Kainth, Muhammad Zaffar Iqbal and Iqrar Ahmad Khan

Establishment of efficient in vitro culture protocol for wheat land races of Pakistan

Wenke Ruan, Jianjun Zhang, Lixia Wang, Peng Zhang and Jian An

Heterologous expression of biologically active chicken granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor in Pichia pastoris


Moyo, Busani, Masika, Patrick Julius and Muchenje, Voster

Antimicrobial activities of Moringa oleifera Lam leaf extracts


Reza Masoudi, Hamid Kohram, Ahmad Zare Shahne and Seyed Danial Moein Ale Davoud

Effect of estradiol and oxytocin on ovine cervical relaxation


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (12), 2012



Waris Ali Gabol, Aleem Ahmed, Hadi Bux, Kaleem Ahmed, Amanullah Mahar and Shafiullah Laghari

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Pakistan

Seo Ryang We, Eun-Ok Jeong, Yun Hyung Koog and Byung-Il Min

EEffects of nutraceuticals on knee osteoarthritis: Systematic review

Qian Dai, Yun Tian and Xiangyang Lu

Flooding response in rice: Ethylene networks and sugar signaling

Full Length Research Article


Zhiming Zhang, Li Liu, Haijian Lin, Guangsheng Yuan, Xing Zeng, Yaou Shen, Maojun Zhao, Qi Zhao, and Guangtang Pan

Identification of genes differentially expressed in maize (Zea mays L.) during Rhizoctonia Solani Kühn infection by suppression subtractive hybridization

Azeem Mehmood Butt, Ishaque Badshah Khan, Asifa Ahmed, Yigang Tong

Structural analysis of deafness associated E216V mutation in human myosin VI protein

Saima Aftab, Muhammad Nauman Aftab, Ikram-Ul-Haq, Muhammad Mohsin Javed, Asma Zafar and Irfana Iqbal

Cloning and expression of endo-1,4–ß-glucanase gene from Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580 into Escherichia coli BL21 (DE 3)

Xi-Mei Zhang, Ning Wang, Dong-Mei Li, Xia Li , Lian-Hong Jin and Lei Lei

Induction of epigenetic reprogramming in fibroblast by extracts of carcinoma

Maziar Yahyavi, Majid Afkhami, Ali Javadi, Maryam Ehsanpour, Aida Khazaali, Reza khoshnood and Amin Mokhlesi

Fatty acid composition in two sea cucumber species, Holothuria scabra and Holothuria leucospilata from Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf)


Muhammad Iqbal, Saghir Ahmad, Wajad Nazeer, Taj Muhammad, Muhammad Bismillah Khan, Mubshar Hussain, Abid Mehmood, Muhammad Tauseef, Asifa Hameed and Abdul Karim

High plant density by narrow plant spacing ensures cotton productivity in elite cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes under severe cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV) infestation

Dita Agisimanto, Normah Mohd Noor, Rusli Ibrahim and Azhar Mohamad

Efficient somatic embryo production of Limau madu (Citrus suhuiensis Hort. ex Tanaka) in liquid culture

Mahmood Ghorbani-Marghashi, Mansour Gholami, Reaza Maadankan and Hassan Jamshidi

The study of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T effects on gene expression at early stages of embryogenesis in chickpea (Cicer arientinum L.)

Akande, T. O. and Odunsi, A. A.

Nutritive value and biochemical changes in broiler chickens fed detoxified castor kernel cake based diets

Kai-Xing Qu, Sang Ngoc Nguyen, Zhan-Xing He, Bi-Zhi Huang, Xi-Ping Yuan, Ya-Ping Zhang and Lin-Sen Zan

Genetic diversity and bottleneck analysis of Yunnan mithun (Bos frontalis) using microsatellite loci

Kamal Nabiollahy, Ahmad Heidari, Norair Tomanian, Gholamreza Savaghebi and Khosro Mohammadi

Spatial variability of arsenic in relation with some soil forming factors

Mohtasham Mohammadi

Effects of kernel weight and source-limitation on wheat grain yield under heat stress

M. R. EnayatGholizadeh, A. M. Bakhshandeh, M. Dehghan Shoar, M. H. Ghaineh, K. H. Alami Saeid and M. Sharafizadeh

Effect of source and seed size on yield component of corn S.C704 in Khuzestan

Paulo Ivan Fernandes Júnior, Elson Barbosa da Silva Júnior, Sebastiao da Silva Júnior, Carolina Etienne Rosalia da Silva e Santos, Paulo Jansen de Oliveira, Norma Gouvea Rumjanek, Lindete Míria Vieira Martins and Gustavo Ribeiro Xavier

Performance of polymer compositions as carrier to cowpea rhizobial inoculant formulations: Survival of rhizobia in pre-inoculated seeds and field efficiency

Mukesh Kumar Meena, Neelam Singh and Vidya Patni

In vitro multiple shoot induction through axillary bud of Cocculus hirsutus (L.) Diels: A threatened medicinal plant

Jiangbo Zhou, Aiqing You, Zhujun Ma, Lili Zhu and Guangcun He

Association analysis of important agronomic traits in japonica rice germplasm

Abbas Biabani, Lynne Carpenter Boggs, Kovalskaya Natasha3 and Umarov Morad

Microscopic morphology of nitrogen fixing paranodules on wheat roots


Natalia C. de Oliveira, Ariana A. Rodrigues, Maria I. R. Alves, Nelson R. Antoniosi Filho, Geraldo Sadoyama1 and José Daniel G. Vieira

Endophytic bacteria with potential for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and derivatives


Badriah Alabdulkarim, Zubaida Abdel Nabi Bakeet and Shaista Arzoo

Effect of frying oils on quality characteristics of frozen chicken patties incorporated with honey

Luciano Bruno de Carvalho-Silva, Maria Teresa Bertoldo Pacheco, Rachel Bertoldo, Clarice de Carvalho Veloso, Luciana Costa Teodoro, Alexandre Giusti-Paiva Pablo, Cristhiano Barboza Lollo and Roseli Soncini

Anti-inflammatory activities of enzymatic (alcalase) hydrolysate of a whey protein concentrate


Heidi Riedel, Divine N. Akumo, Nay Min Min Thaw Saw, Onur Kütük, Peter Neubauer and Iryna Smetanska

Elicitation and precursor feeding influence phenolic acids composition in Vitis vinifera suspension culture

Bashir Ahmad, Niaz Ali, Saziq Azam and Shumila Bashir

Blood pressure lowering effect of Tylophora hirsuta wall


Seyed Ali Hosseini, Che Roos Saad, Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, Mohammad Sayyad Bourani, Hassan Mohd Daud and Sharr Azni Harmin

Effect of weight on osmoregulation ability in Rutilus frisii kutum fingerlings

Maria  Mohammadizadeh, Majid Afkhami, Kazem Darvish Bastami, Maryam Ehsanpour Aida khazaali and Farzane Soltani

Determination of some biochemical values in the blood of Liza klunzingeri from the coastal water of the Persian Gulf

Gui-Mei Kong, Xiao-Rong Zhang , Ke-Yan Wu, Yue-Xiao Liao1and Ping Bo

Anti-proliferative activity of recombinant melittin expressed in Escherichia coli toward U937 cells


Y. R. Yang, F. C. Meng, P. Wang3, Y. B. Jiang, Q. Q. Yin1, J. Chang1, R. Y. Zuo, Q. H. Zheng and J. X. Liu

Effect of organic and inorganic selenium supplementation on growth performance, meat quality and antioxidant property of broilers

Chunling Bai, Cheberi, Lei Cheng, Fengxia Yin, Dongsheng Wu, Xihe Li, Bou Shorgan and Guang-Peng Li

Effect of jasplakinolide on the in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (8-9), 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (8), 2012


Full Length Research Article


Juntao Gu, Liu Weina, Akindele Akinnagbe, Jinmao Wang, Li Jia and Mingsheng Yang

Effect of salt stress on genetic diversity of Robinia pseudoacacia seedlings

Kong Juanjuan and Zhu Ping

p53 oncogene mutations in head and neck cancer based on the weighted Euclidean distance

Wu-Feng Li, Jun-Ya Li, Xue Gao, Shang-Zhong Xu and Wen-Bin Yue

Association analysis of PRKAG3 gene variants with carcass and meat quality traits in beef cattle


Marijana Skorić, Suzana Živković, Jelena Savić, Branislav Šiler, Aneta Sabovljević, Sladjana Todorović and Dragoljub Grubišić

Efficient one-step tissue culture protocol for propagation of endemic plant, Lilium martagon var. cattaniae Vis.

Cevdet Saglam, Ibrahim Tobi, Ferhat Küp and Melih Yavuz Çevik

An input-output energy analysis in pistachio nut production: A case study for Southeastern Anotolia region of Turkey

Shiva Ram Bhandari, Suk-Keun Park, Young-Cheol Cho and Young-Sang Lee

Evaluation of phytonutrients in Adlay (Coix lacryma-jobi L.) seeds

Suzanne M. Huddy, Ann E. Meyers and Vernon E. Coyne

Transformation of lacZ using different promoters in the commercially important red alga, Gracilaria gracilis

Rizwan Ali Sheirdil, Kashif Bashir, Rifat Hayat and Mohammad Saleem Akhtar

Effect of cadmium on soybean (Glycine max L) growth and nitrogen fixation

Nagehan Desen Köycü, Nuray Özer and Nafiz Delen

Sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea isolates against some fungicides used in vineyards

Sara Saadatmand and Fariba Azarbooyeh

New records of fungi from Iran

Jeong-Eun Lee, Sang-Gyu Seo, Bong-kyu Kim, Seong-Min Woo, Bon-Cheol Koo, Tae-Ho Park, Yong Pyo Lim and Sun-Hyung Kim

Induction of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in the reed grass (Phragmites communis Trin.)

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Behavior of durum wheat genotypes under normal irrigation and drought stress conditions in the greenhouse

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Isolation and characterization of native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from Saudi Arabia

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Enrichment of Pb, Hg and Cr in cultured carp otolith

Wu-Shan Chu, Yi-You Hou, Yih-Tsong Ueng, and Jiang-Ping Wang

Length-weight relationship of largescale mullet, Liza macrolepis (Smith, 1846), off the southwestern coast of Taiwan


Sung-Soo Jang, Yoshihito Shirai, Motoharu Uchida and Minato Wakisaka

Production of mono sugar from acid hydrolysis of seaweed

Monnat Theerachat, Sandrine Morel, David Guieysse, Magali Remaud-Simeon and Warawut Chulalaksananukul

Comparison of synthetic dye decolorization by whole cells and a laccase enriched extract from Trametes versicolor DSM11269

Shujiang Li, Tianhui Zhu, Guanghai Liu and Hanmingyue Zhu

Diversity of macrofungal community in Bifeng Gorge: the core giant panda habitat in China

Sulaiman Ngongu Depamede, Niken Asri, Nur Indah Julisaniah, Bambang F. Suryadi, and Djoko Kisworo

Isolation and partial purification of lysozyme from saliva of Bali cattle (Bos sondaicus) using an aqueous mixture of polyethylene glycol (PEG) with sodium sulfate

Du Yun-peng, Li Wen-yuan, Zhang Ming-fang, He Heng-bin and Jia Gui-xia

The establishment of a slow-growth conservation system in vitro for two wild lily species


B. Ghosh, B. P. Mukhopadhyay and H. R. Bairagya

Effect of amino acids on bioleaching of chalcopyrite ore by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Aicha Benlounissi, Aicha Mechakra-Maza, Zoubida Gherib, Meriem Mahfouz, Loic J. Blum and Christophe A. Marquette

Milk-clotting fungus enzymes production: A sustainable development approach based on whey recycling


Sina Dobaradaran, Ramin Nabizadeh, Amir Hossein Mahvi, Azita Noroozi, Masoud Yunesian, Noushin Rastkari, Shahrokh Nazmara and Soraya Zarei

Kinetic and degradation efficiency of trichloroethylene (TCE) via photochemical process from contaminated water

Azza M. Gawish, Aliaa M. Issa, Nahed S. Bassily and Sherin M. Manaa

Role of green tea on nicotine toxicity on liver and lung of mice: Histological and morphometrical studies

Xinzhang, Guangdao Yang, Jie Yang and Qinglong Shu

Physiological mechanism of resistance to anthracnose of different Camellia varieties

Sun Yan-Lin, Jin Cheng-Wu and Hong Soon-Kwan

Effect of saturation on seed dormancy and germination of the halophyte Leymus chinensis


Huang Yong, Kong Jian qiang, Shen Jun hao, Zheng Xiao dong, Wang Wei, Yang Kang juan and Zhu Ping

Effect of mating types on amorpha-4,11-diene production in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Muhammad Shakil Khan, Sana Zahra and Hamid Rashid

Bioinformatic analysis to discover putative drug targets against diarrheal causative agents

Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Farid Khan, Kamran Ahmad Khan, Haroon Khan, Muhammad Tahir Razi, Asim.ur.Rehman and Naseem Ullah

Glutathione role in gallium induced toxicity

Zhi Liu, Lushan Liu, Yueqiao Xu, Qi Hua and Jian Qin

Influence of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) on plasma B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with acute ST elevated myocardial infarction

Mahin Bakhshi, Majid Sirati Sabet, Elham Sadat Hashemi, Sedigheh Bakhtiari, Maryam Tofangchiha, Saranaz Azari Marhabi and Somayyeh Alirezaei

Evaluation of biochemical changes in unstimulated salivary, calcium, phosphorous and total protein during pregnancy


Lovet T. Kigigha and Marigold N. Atuzie

Assessment of traditional medicinal application of Alchornea cordifolia


Jessy Van Wyk and Trevor J. Britz

A rapid high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for the extraction and quantification of folates in dairy products and cultures of Propionibacterium freudenreichii

Jennifer Lamb, Melanie Napier and Samson Mukaratirwa

PCR-based identification reveals unique Southern African internal transcribed spacer (ITS) haplotypes of hookworms (Ancylostoma) of dogs from the Durban metropole, South Africa

Xiaoyu Zhao, Deshui Yu, Hainan Gong, Liqiang Meng, Jing Li, Shumei Zhang, Xu Cao and Xingjun Feng

Design, synthesis and antibacterial activity of a novel hybrid antimicrobial peptide LFM23

Li Li, Hong-jun Yang, Dai -cheng Liu, Hong-bin He, Chang-fa Wang, Ji-feng Zhong, Yun-dong Gao and Yanjun Zeng

Analysis of biofilm formation and associated gene detection in Staphylococcus isolates from bovine mastitis


Borhan Shokrollahi and Masoud Zandieh

Estimation of genetic parameters for body weights of Kurdish sheep in various ages using multivariate animal models


Hosseini Aliabad S. A., Pourbakhsh, S. A., Charkhkar S., Bozorgmehri Fard M. H. and Shikhi, N.

Molecular study and phylogenetic analysis of Mycoplasma synoviae isolated from poultry flocks from Mazandran Province of Iran

Ismet Ara, Najat A. Bukhari, N. M. Aref, Mahera M. A. Shinwari and M. A. Bakir

Antiviral activities of streptomycetes against tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in Datura plant: Evaluation of different organic compounds in their metabolites

Ali Asghar Saki, Reza Nasseri Harcini, Enayat Rahmatnejad and Jalal Salary

Herbal additives and organic acids as antibiotic alternatives in broiler chickens diet for organic production

Bechr Hamrita, Kamel Rouissi, Soumaya Kouidhi, Bassem Jaouadi and Amel Benammar Elgaaied

Do diosgenin ameliorate urinary bladder toxic effect of cyclophosphamide and buthionine sulfoximine in experimental animal models?


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (9), 2012


Full Length Research Article


Ning Qiu, Meihu Ma and Gang Chen

Genome analyses of Nocardia farcinica for the identification and comparison of cytochrome P450 complement with related actinomycetes

Ali Ouji, Safia El Bok, Naeem H. Syed, Raoudha Abdellaoui, Mustapha Rouaissi, Andrew J. Flavell and Mohamed El Gazzah

Genetic diversity of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) populations revealed by sequence specific amplified polymorphism (SSAP) markers

Raul Tapia-Tussell, Alba Suaste-Dzul, Alberto Cortes-Velazquez, Claudia Torres-Calzada, Andres Quijano-Ramayo, Rodolfo Martin-Mex, Angel Nexticapan-Garcez and Daisy Perez-Brito

Molecular characterization of Yucatan tomato phytoplasma (Group 16Sr III)s


Rassaa N., Bnejdi F., Chalh A. and El Gazzah M

The validity of using juvenile stages for evaluation of salt stress tolerance of Triticum durum genotypes

Morteza Kahrarian

Studies of occurrence of pod borer Heliothis viriplaca in relation to the phenology of chickpea in rain-fed chickpea fields in Kermanshah region of Iran

Abdul Rehman, Atta Rehman U, Nazir Javed, Aman Ullah Malik and Saira Mehboob

Toxin production by Fusarium solani from declining citrus plants and its management

Bilgin Guller

Effects of heat treatment on density, dimensional stability and color of Pinus nigra wood

Hamdache Ahlem, Ezziyyani Mohammed, Alain Badoc and Lamarti Ahmed

Effects of calcium and humic acid treatment on the growth and nutrient uptake of Oriental lily

Le Chang, Yun Wu, Wei-wei Xu, Ali Nikbakht1, and Yi-ping Xia

Effect of pH, temperature and water activity on the inhibition of Botrytis cinerea by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens isolates

Enteshari Shekoofeh, Hajbagheri Sepideh, Razavizadeh Roya

Role of mycorrhizal fungi and salicylic acid in salinity tolerance of Ocimum basilicum resistance to salinity

Onyeonagu, C. C and Ukwueze, C. C.

Anti-nutrient components of guinea grass (Panicum maximum) under different nitrogen fertilizer application rates and cutting management

Ubani, E. K, Oluduro, A. O, E. K. and Ofoezie, I. E.

A survey of common habits of computer users as indicators of possible environmental contamination and cross infection source

Jianmin Tang, Jingyi Xu, Yongsheng Wu, Yansheng Li and Qian Tang

Effects of high concentration of chromium stress on physiological and biochemical characters and accumulation of chromium in tea plant (Camellia sinensis L.)


Fu-Lin Sun, You-Shao Wang, Mei-LinWu1, Yu-Tu Wang and Qian P. Li

Spatial and vertical distribution of bacteria in the Pearl River estuary sediment

Chellaiah Edward Raja and Kiyoshi Omine

Arsenic, boron and salt resistant Bacillus safensis MS11 isolated from Mongolia desert soil

Sahar W. Hassan and Hala Y. El-Kassas

Biosorption of Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions Using A local Fungus Aspergillus cristatus (Glaucus Group)

Abdul Hussain Shar, Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Nisar Ahmed Kanhar and Irshad Hussain Soomro

Bacterial community patterns of municipal water of Sukkur city in different seasons

Wissam A. Alaiwi, Rudrabhatla V. Sairam1, Puthiyaparambil C. Josekutty, Shobha D. Potlakayala, Deepkamal Karelia and Stephen L. Goldmang

In vitro regeneration, flowering, and cell culture of Centaurea species

Shi-Miao Tan, Rui-Min Luo1, Yan-Ping Zhou1, Hong Gong and Ze Tan

Rapid and non-destructive discrimination of tea varieties by near infrared diffuse reflection spectroscopy coupled with classification and regression trees


Yassin M. El-Ayouty, Amira El-said and Ahmed M. Salama

Purification and characterization of a keratinase from the feather-degrading cultures of Aspergillus flavipes


Milanović Spasenija, Kanurić Katarina, Vukić Vladimir, Hrnjez Dajana, Iličić Mirela, Ranogajec Marjan and Milanović Maja

Physicochemical and textural properties of kombucha fermented dairy products

E. Rahimi, H. Momtaz, M. Mohammad Hosseini Anari, M. Alimoradi, M. Momeni and M. Riahi

Isolation and genomic characterization of Escherichia coli O157:NM and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in minced meat and some traditional dairy products in Iran

Milne, S. J. and Avenant-Oldewage, A.

Seasonal growth of the attachment clamps of a Paradiplozoon sp. as depicted by statistical shape analysis


M. M. Suleiman, V. Naidoo and J. N. Eloff

Preliminary screening of some fractions of Loxostylis alata (Anacardiaceae) for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities

Lorena Dediu, Victor Cristea and Zhang Xiaoshuan

Waste production and valorization in an integrated aquaponic system with bester and lettuce

Anjun Liu, Kezhuang Sun, Chuanling SI, Zhenyuan Zhu and Wei Zhang

The adverse reaction of chitooligosaccharides in rats

Islam Saruhan

Discrimination of the Palomena prasina L. (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) nymph stages and sex using some morphological parameters by the multiple regression analysis


Yi-Qiang Xie and Xian-bo Wu

Lentinan treatment of Plasmodium yoelii-infected mice induces apoptosis of regulatory T cells

Shabnam Sadoogh Abbasian, Hamid Abtahi, Mohammad Reza Zolfaghari, Safieh Soufian and Ehsanollah Ghaznavi- Rad

Cloning, expression, purification and antigenic evaluation of hyaluronidase antigenic fragments recombinant protein of streptococcus pyogenes


Peyman Namvar, Mohammed Hassan Safaralizadeh, Valiollah Baniameri, Ali Asghar Pourmirza and Javad Karimzadeh

Estimation of larval density of Liriomyza sativae Blanchard (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in cucumber greenhouses using fixed precision sequential sampling plans


Ming-hua Deng, Jin-fen Wen, Jin-long Huo, Hai-shan Zhu, Xiong-ze Dai, Zhu-qing Zhang, Hui Zhou and Xue-xiao Zou

Cloning and characterization of two novel purple pepper genes (CHS and F3H)


Reza Masoudi, Hamid Kohram, Ahmad Zare Shahne, Seyed Danial Moein Ale Davoud and Abbas Akbari sharif

Effects of exogenous oxytocin on cervical penetration of Iranian ewes


Iara Carvalho Faria, Ana Cláudia Coelho Nery-Diez, Pablo Christiano Barboza Lollo, Jaime Amaya-Farfán, Clécio da Silva Ferreira

Myocardial glycogen is increased in sedentary rats fed milk whey protein digests when brought to exhaustion


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (7), 2012


Full Length Research Article


Xiao-Hong Guo, Yan-Dong Lv, Jing Jiang, Hui-Yu Li and Gui-Feng Liu

Expression, purification and characterization of a peroxidase from Tamarix hispida

Jaber Nasiri, Aboubakr Moradi, Somayeh Ahangarian Abhari and Ali Nasiri

Analysis of some conventional ab initio gene finders using human and mouse DNA sequences


Kerlley Cristina de Assis, Flávia Dionísio Pereira, Paula Sperotto Alberto, Fabiano Guimaraes Silva, José Waldemar Silva and Carlos César Evangelista de Menezes

In vitro cultivation of Anacardium othonianum Rizz.: Effects of growth regulator, explant orientation and lighting

Muhammad Azim Malik, Faisal Zahoor, Muhammad Ramzan Anser, Muhammad Rasheed, Umarah Aslam, Khalid Mehmood, S. H. Raza

Weed biomass and economic yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum) as influenced by chemical weed control under rainfed conditions

R.Naroui Rad, M.Ab d ul Ka d ir, Hawa Z.E. Jaafar and D.C.Gement

Physiological and biochemical relationship under drought stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Zhou Xin-Bin, Huang Jian-Guo, Zhou Yong-xiang and Shi Wei-Ming

The mechanism on rhizosphere phosphorus activation of two wheat genotypes with different phosphorus efficiency

Po-Hung Wu and Doris C. N. Chang

Cytokinin treatment and flower quality in Phalaenopsis orchids: Comparing N-6-benzyladenine, kinetin and 2-isopentenyl adenine

Li-xin Han, You-ke Wang, Xiao-bin Li and Ping Zhang

Improved irrigation scheduling for pear-jujube trees based on trunk diameter sensing data

C. C. Onyeke and C. O. Akueshi

Pathogenicity and reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) chitwood on African yam bean, Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst Ex. A. Rich) Harms accessions

Yancheng Wen, Tingdong Fu, Jing Wen, Jinxin Tu, Chaozhi Ma, Jinxiong Shen, Shufen Zhang and Yi Bin

Profound improvements of isolated microspores culture techniques in winter Brassica napus L.

Hui An and Zhouping Shangguan

Generality of leaf traits relationships of dominant species along the secondary succession in the Loess Plateau of China

Behrouz Golein, Masoumeh Nazeryan and Babak Babakhani

Assessing genetic variability in male sterile and low fertile citrus cultivars utilizing simple sequence repeat markers (SSRs)

M. Foroughi and S. Toghiani

Phosphorus removal from aquaculture wastewater and latex by Ceratophyllum demersum

Hossein Kari Dolatabadi, Ebrahim Mohammadi Goltapeh, Ahmad Moieni and Ajit. Varma

Evaluation of different densities of auxin and endophytic fungi (Piriformospora indica and Sebacina vermifera) on Mentha piperita and Thymus vulgaris growth

Ndukwe, O. O., Muoneke, C. O., Baiyeri, K. P.3 and Tenkouano, A.

Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on nutrient concentrations in plantain (Musa spp.) fruit pulp


Hakan Yener

Determination of horizontal and vertical distribution of tree species in Turkey via Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) satellite data and geographic information system: the case of Crimean pine (Pinus nigra)


Zulfiqar Ahmad,Masood Sadiq Butt, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Muhammad Siddique Awan, Habib Ahmed Rathore, Muhammad Tahir Nadeem, Anwar Ahmad and Abdul Khaliq

Effect of corn cobs concentration on xylanase biosynthesis by Aspergillus niger


Khoddami, A., Ariffin, A. A., Bakar, J. and Ghazali, H. M.

Quality and fatty acid profile of the oil extracted from fish waste (head, intestine and liver) (Euthynnus affinis)

Houi Lee, Tzuching Wang, Tachen Lin, Jiahsin Guo, Chiching Yang and Yingpei Shen

Anti-Inflammatory molecular mechanisms of Bo-Ye-Niu-Pi-Xiao (Cynanchum taiwanianum Yamazaki)

A. Babu, V. Venkatesan and S. Rajagopal

Biochemical composition of different body parts of Gafrarium tumidum (Roding, 1798) from Mandapam, South East Coast of India


J. L. Lim, F. D. A. Bakar, H. M. Yusof and A. M. A. Murad

Cloning and expression of a Trichoderma longibrachiatum ß-mannanase gene in Pichia pastoris

Chenghua Li, Hui Li, Xiurong Su, Taiwu Li, Zhendong Zhang and Ye Li

Isolation of an ATP synthase cDNA from Sinonovacula constricta and its mRNA expression by thermal stress

Xingyi Li, Li Yang, Rongmin Yu, Jianhua Zhu, Tian Tian, Ge Song and Liyan Song

Biotransformation of dihydro-epi-deoxyarteannuin B by suspension-cultured cells of Averrhoa carambola

Nurullah Akcan

Production of extracellular protease in submerged fermentation by Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 12759


Wajiha Irum and Tehmina Anjum

Production enhancement of Cyclosporin ‘A’ by Aspergillus terreus through mutation

Fadhl M. Al-Akwaa

Analysis and visualization of gene expression data using biclustering: A comparative study

Yawen Zeng, Chunyan Zhao, Xiaoying Pu, Tao Yang, Juan Du and Shuming Yang

Identification of quantitative trait locus (QTLs) for ?-aminobutyric acid content in grain of barley

Narges Obeidi, Eisa Safavi and Habib Emami

Evaluation of the effect of temperature and time of incubation on complete blood count (CBC) tests


Muhammad Yousaf, Abdus Salam, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Younas Khokhar

Effect of body size on elemental concentration in wild Wallago attu (Bloch and Schneider) from southern Punjab, Pakistan


A. Tripathi and S. K. Srivastava

Biodegradation of orange G by a novel isolated bacterial strain Bacillus megaterium ITBHU01 using response surface methodology


Okoye, E. L, Nworu, C. S., Ezeifeka, G. O. and Esimone, C. O.

Inhibition of HIV-1 lentiviral particles infectivity by Gynostemma pentaphyllum extracts in a viral vector-based assay

Qinxiong Lin, Mao Li, Riming Zhou and Yun Liu

Chemical composition and anti-bacterial activity of essential oil from Cedrela sinensis (A. Juss.) Roem. seed


Guang-Hui Zhao, Chuan-Chuan Shang, Yan-Qing Zhao, Man Gao, Guo-Ying Fan, Ting-Ting Tian, Yun-Liang Yao, De-Kun Chen and Xing-Quan Zhu

Seroprevalence of chlamydial infection in dairy goats in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China

Bulbul, A., Bulbul, T., Biricik, H., Yesilbag, D. and Gezen, S. S.

Effects of various levels of rosemary and oregano volatile oil mixture on oxidative stress parameters in quails

K. Khalid Kadhim, A. B. Z. Zuki, M. M. Noordin, S. M. A. Babjee and M. Zamri-Saad

Histomorphometric evaluation of small intestinal mucosa of red jungle fowl and commercial broiler from one day to four months of age

Nwakaego Ernestina Nweze

In vitro anti-trypanosomal activity of Morinda lucida leaves

Bouhroum, N., Bensahli, B. and Niar, A.

Evolution of biochemical parameters in post partum cows affected with brucella, in the wilaya of Relizane

Mohammod Abdul Hamid, Xi Wang and Xingbo Zhao

Genotyping of flavin-containing mono-oxygenase 3 (FMO3) gene by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and mismatch amplification mutation assay (MAMA-PCR) in chickens

O. Samet-Bali, M. A. Ayadi and H. Attia

Development of fermented milk “Leben” made from spontaneous fermented cow’s milk


sobota, 28 kwietnia 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (6), 2012



P. O. Fayemi and V. Muchenje

Meat in African context: From history to science

Full Length Research Article


Jing Zou,Qiuping Liu,Qiong Zou and Jinglin Yi

Nkx2.2 expression in corneal epithelia during pre- and post-natal mice and human development

Bahnaz Rahmanifar, Nader Hasanzadeh, Javad Razmi and Abolghasem Ghasemi

Genetic diversity of Iranian potato soft rot bacteria based on polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis

A. Mahender, D. M. Swain, Das.Gitishree, H. N. Subudhi and G. J. N. Rao

Molecular analysis of native Manipur rice accessions for resistance against blast

Kuan-Te Li and Yuh-Chyang Charng

The use of hygromycin phosphotransferase gene (hpt) with an artificial intron to obtain marker-off transgenic plants


Kittipat Ukoskit, Penjun Thipmongkolcharoen and Prasert Chatwachirawong

Novel expressed sequence tag- simple sequence repeats (EST-SSR) markers characterized by new bioinformatic criteria reveal high genetic similarity in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) breeding lines

Y. Wen Xu, Shuai Shuai Lv, Dan Zhao, Jun Wen Chen, Wen Ting Yang and Wei Wu

Effects of salicylic acid on monoterpene production and antioxidant systems in Houttuynia cordata

Erdal Sakin

Organic carbon organic matter and bulk density relationships in arid-semi arid soils in Southeast Anatolia region

Mahdi Zare, Forood Bazrafshan and Khodadad Mostafavi

Competition of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivars with weeds

Kshipra Dhabhai and Amla Batra

Physiological and phylogenetic analysis of rhizobia isolated from Acacia nilotica L.


Amir Hamzah Sharaai, Noor Zalina Mahmood and Abdul Halim Sulaiman

Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) using the ecological scarcity (ecopoints) method: A potential impact analysis to potable water production

Yong-Qian Fu, Shuang Li, Hua-Yue Zhu, Ru Jiang and Long-Fei Yin

Biosorption of copper (II) from aqueous solution by mycelial pellets of Rhizopus oryzae

Fan-Juan Meng, Feng-Lan Huang and Qiu-yu Wang

The effects of exotic and native poplars on rhizosphere soil microbe and enzyme activity

Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad, Shehnaz Yunas, Nudrat Aisha Akram, Yasir Rizwa, Muneeba Shaheen, Mian Jehan Zaib and Munawar Aziz

Effect of different doses of urea on the uptake of cadmium from soil by Brassica napus: A case study in Sargodha, Pakistan

Kazem Hashemimajd, Tayebeh Mohamadi farani and Shahzad Jamaati-e-Somarin

Effect of elemental sulphur and compost on pH, electrical conductivity and phosphorus availability of one clay soil


Premjet Siripong, Srisawat Chuleekorn and Premjet Duangporn

Enhanced cellulose production by ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (NTG) mutagenesis of an Acetobacter species isolate


Y. Z. Njisane, V. Muchenje and C. S. Gajana

Effect of consumer background on sensory scores of microwaved Angus loins

Inanç A. Levent and Ak Ferit

Partial removal of water from red pepper by immersion in an osmotic solution before drying


Taissir El-Guizani, Nizar Tlili and Saida Triki

Fruit characteristics and chemical proprieties of juice and seeds of three Opuntia ficus indica cultivars

Adeniran, H. A. and Abiose, S. H.

Partial purification, characterization and hydrolytic activities of amylases from Bacillus licheniformis and Aspergillus niger cultured on agricultural residues

P. E. Ghamba, E. B. Agbo, A. F. Umar, D. N. Bukbuk and L. J. Goje

In vitro antibacterial activity of crude ethanol, acetone and aqueous Garcinia kola seed extracts on selected clinical isolates

Nakhshab Choudhry, Saeed Ahmed Nagra, Tahir Shafi, Ghulam Mujtaba, Muhammad Abiodullah and Naeem Rashid

Lack of association of insertion/deletion polymorphism in angiotensin converting enzyme gene with nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients in Punjabi population of Pakistan

Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Zuber, Tanveer Husain Bokhari, Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad, Saira Hina, Ameer Fawad Zahoor Gulshan Shahid, Naseer Ahmad and Ambreen Anjum

A study on the evaluation of zinc status of two groups of cows and buffaloes using various organs as indicators in semi-arid environmental conditions of Pakistan


S. Gurudeeban, K. Satyavani, T. Ramanathan and T. Balasubramanian

Effect of antioxidant and anti-aggregating properties of micro-propagated plantlets of Ruta graveolens

Mehrnoush Eskandari, Hassan Momtaz, Sharareh Moghim and Mahboobeh Madani

Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of Herpes simplex virus type-2 gG gene in Iran

Akhtar Rasul and Naveed Akhtar

Anti-aging potential of a cream containing milk thistle extract: Formulation and in vivo evaluation

Ashraf A. Khalil, Hend M. Hussien and Eman M. Sarhan

Oxidative stress induces idiopathic infertility in Egyptian males


Selin Sayin, Oya Isik, Murat Ozturk, Leyla Hizarci Uslu and Funda Turan

Bioavailability of iron speciations and EDTA-iron complexes for Thallassiosira weissflogii (Bacillariophyta)


Mahdi Raeesi, Amir Roofchaee, Ahmad Zare Shahneh and Mohammad Bagher Pasha Zanousi

Effects of transient hypo- and hyper-thyroidism on growth performance, organ weights and serum levels of thyroid hormones in broiler chickens

Fuchuan Wang, Yibo Yan, Yuhuan Zhang, Yichao Han and Chao Guan

Effects of immune synergist of Chinese medicinal herbs on the efficacy of vaccination against classic swine fever


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (5), 2012



Ganesh D. Saratale and Sang Eun Oh.

Lignocellulosics to ethanol: The future of the chemical and energy industry

Jin-Tun Zhang, Lihong Fan, and Min Li

Functional diversity in plant communities: Theory and analysis methods

Full Length Research Article



Binoy Babu, Vinayaka Hegde, T. Makeshkumar and M. L. Jeeva

Rapid and sensitive detection of potyvirus infecting tropical tuber crops using genus specific primers and probes

Mahdi Ziaei Nasab, Seyed Mohsen Hesamzadeh Hejazi, Mohammad Reza Bihamta, Mehdi Mirza and Mohabbat Ali Naderi-Shahab

Assessment of karyotypical variation among 16 populations of Thymus daenensis Celak and Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. species in Iran

Lunguang Yao, Pengfei Jin, Shuo Su, Hua Xu, Jian He, Li Peng and Jingchen Sun

Quantitative analysis of three commonly-used insect cell-specific promoters’ activities by transient and baculovirus-mediated expression

Remziye Yilmaz, Oya Akça, Mehmet Cengiz Baloglu, Mehmet Tufan Öz, Hüseyin Avni Öktem and Meral Yücel

Optimization of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) RNA isolation method for real-time quantitative PCR and microarray analysis

Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Al-Agamy, Atef Mohamed Shibl, and Hesham H. Radwan

Detection of mutations in quinolone-resistant determining regions in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli from Saudi Arabia

Nagasundarapandian Soundrarajan, Selvakumar Edwardraja, Sun-Gu Lee, Hyungdon Yun, Niraikulam Ayyadurai

Enhancing the productivity of soluble green fluorescent protein through methionine-residue specific consensus approach

Jihong Zhang, Tianyun Wang, Baosheng Yang, Yan Lin and Zhaoxi Li

Synthesis of the human VEGF165 gene based on overlap PCR and recombinant expression in stable transfected CHO cells


Naglaa A. Ashry and Heba I. Mohamed

Impact of secondary metabolites and related enzymes in flax resistance and/or susceptibility to powdery mildew

Amrollah Nabigol

Pre-harvest calcium sulfate application improves postharvest quality of cut rose flowers

Nhut, D. T., Vinh, B. V. T., Hien, T. T., Huy, N. P., Nam, N. B., Chien, H. X.

Effects of spermidine, proline and carbohydrate sources on somatic embryogenesis from main root transverse thin cell layers of Vietnamese ginseng (Panax vietnamensis Ha et. Grushv.)

Charles Lung’aho, George Chemining’wa, Solomon Shibairo, Margaret Hutchinson and Miriam Mbiyu

Cost effective slow growth in vitro conservation of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) using table sugar as an alternative carbon source

Hend A. Alwathnani and Kahkashan Perveen

Biological control of fusarium wilt of tomato by antagonist fungi and cyanobacteria

Meihong Xu and Ming-Hui Wang

Genome-wide analysis of 1-amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase gene family in Arabidopsis, rice, grapevine and poplar

Shakil Ahmed, Noor Zaman and S. N. Khan

Evaluation of manuring practices on root rot disease and agronomic characters of Arachis hypogeae L.

Taregh Ghanifathi, Reza Shahryari and Vahid Mollasadeghi

Effect of potassium humate on early growth of Gobustan wheat variety

Ijaz Ahmad, Tasneem Khaliq Ashfaq Ahmad, Shahzad M. A. Basra, Zuhair Hasnain and Amjed Ali

Effect of seed priming with ascorbic acid, salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide on emergence, vigor and antioxidant activities of maize

Josef Vlasák, Jindřich Břiza, Hana Niedermeierová, Daniela Pavingerová, Aleš Eichmeier, Miroslav Baránek and Miroslav Pidra

GFLV coat protein constructs based on local isolates from the Czech Republic

L. Nyobe, J-T. Zhang and S.T. Huang

Saikosaponins a and d roots concentration in five Bupleurum species from four mountains in China


Li Yu-hong, Wang Ke-jian, Wu Sui-jie, Harrison I. Atagana, Wu Wen-lin and Tian Yun

Physiological responses and expression of Mn-superoxide dismutase mRNA in Phascolosoma esculenta exposed to benzo(a)pyrene (BaP)

H. G. Ularamu, O. A. Owolodun, T. Y. Woma, B. J. Audu, G. B. Aaron, S. C. Chollom and D. Shamaki

Molecular diagnosis of recent suspected outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Wael N. Hozzein, Mohammed Bastawy Ahmed and Marzouka Shaban Abdel Tawab

Efficiency of some actinomycete isolates in biological treatment and removal of heavy metals from wastewater


Weijun Wang, Lanwei Zhang and Yanhua Li

Effect of specialized combined strains on reconstituted milk reduced-fat cheese

Hadiza Altine Adamu, Shahid Iqbal, Kim Wei Chan and Maznah Ismail

Biotransformation of ferulic acid to 4-vinyl guaiacol by Lactobacillus farciminis

Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar and Nayera A.M. Abdelwahed

Optimization of process parameters for the production of alkali-tolerant carboxymethyl cellulase by newly isolated Streptomyces sp. strain NEAE-D


Donatien Kaboré, Hagrétou Sawadogo-Lingani, Mamoudou H. Dicko, Bréhima Diawara and Mogens Jakobsen

Acid resistance, bile tolerance and antimicrobial properties of dominant lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional “maari” baobab seeds fermented condiment


O. S. Olorunnisola, G. Bradley and A. J. Afolayan

Antioxidant activity of acetone and ethanolic leaves extracts of Hippobromus pauciflorus (L.f.) Radlk.

Sai-Kun Pan, Dong-Rui Yao, Ming-Qian Zhou and Sheng-Jun Wu

Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of peptide from sea cucumber using enzyme complex isolated from the digestive tract of sea cucumber


Siavash Savadi Oskoee, Amir Ahmad Ajami, Soodabeh Kimyai2*, Mahmood Bahari, Saeed Rahimi, Parnian Alizadeh Oskoee, Elmira Jafari Navimipour and Shiva Solahaye Kahnamouii

The effect of storage and type of adhesive resin on microleakage of enamel margins in class V composite restorations

Qiuyang Li, Jie Tang, Yanmi Li, Xiang Fei, Yan Zhang, Enhui He and Mingbo Zhang

Potential predictive factors of positive prostate biopsy in the Chinese population

Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit, Y. Jamous, Fars Al-Anazi, Mohsen Bayomi, Ibrahib Alsarrah and M. D. Fathallah

Quality control of optimized hepatitis B plasmid DNA vaccine

Rüstem Duman

Antiherpetic activity of some endemic Hypericum species in Turkey


Zheng Ma, Xuping Shentu, Yalin Bian and Xiaoping Yu

Production of 1,3-propanediol by Klebsiella pneumoniae using raw glycerol from Zygosacharomyces rouxii

Ferda Gönen and D. Selen Serin

Adsorption study on orange peel: Removal of Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution

Amira Sh. Soliman, Nermeen T. Shanan, Osama N. Massoud and D.M. Swelim

Improving salinity tolerance of Acacia saligna (Labill.) plant by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium inoculation

Yongtao Li, Sanmei Ma, Yongfei Wang, Xiaoli Xuan, Liqun Hou, Qingrong Sun and Keqiang Yang

The dynamics of fat, protein and sugar metabolism during walnut (Juglans regia L.) fruit development


Guojian Jiang

Can white spot syndrome virus be transmitted through the phytoplankton›rotifer ›artemia›shrimp pathway?


AL-Eissa M. S., Saad Alkahtani, Al-Farraj S. A., Saud A. Alarifi, Al-Dahmash B. and Hamad Al-Yahya

Seasonal variation effects on the composition of blood in Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) in Saudi Arabia

Akbar Pirestani, Mohmmad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, Sayed Morteza Hosseini, Fariba Moulavi, Mahdi Hajian, Mohsen Forouzanfar, Parvaneh Abedi, Somayeh Ostad Hosseini, and Laleh Hosseini

Application of in vitro production-embryo transfer in the protection and development of lactational potential of superior cows

Maryam Royan

A study on correlation coefficients between fatty acids in the meat of chickens fed fatty acids (PUFAs) rich diets


piątek, 27 kwietnia 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (4), 2012



Wahid Herchi, David Arráez-Román, Sadok Boukhchina, Habib Kallel, Antonio Segura-Carretero and Alberto Fernández-Gutierrez.

A review of the methods used in the determination of flaxseed components

Full Length Research Article


Adewale A. Sorungbe and Adegoke, J. A.

Karyotypic studies of four species of the blackfly, Simulium (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Junqing Xu, Yan Xue, Zifan Lu, Mengqi Wei, Haiyan Fu, Yong Yang, Fan Lu, Yousheng Wu and Yi Huan

Activity enhancement of activating transcription factor 3 by restin, a novel melanoma-associated antigen

Choladda Sae-Eung, Thiti Kanchanaketu, Nitsri Sangduen and Vipa Hongtrakul

DNA methylation and genetic diversity analysis of genus Cycas in Thailand

Ou Lijun and Zou Xuexiao

Inter simple sequence repeat analysis of genetic diversity of five cultivated pepper species

Yaofa Li, Yuchuan Qin, Zhanlin Gao, Zhihong Dang, Wenliang Pan and Guiming Xu

Cloning, expression and characterisation of a novel gene encoding a chemosensory protein from Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)

Xiaoran Hao, Yuan Ji, Shourong Liu, Jiannan Bi, Qing Bi, Jiao Pan and Xudong Zhu

Optimized integration of T-DNA in the taxol-producing fungus Pestalotiopsis malicola

Jaleel Kizhakkayil and B. Sasikumar

Characterization of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) germplasm based on volatile and non-volatile components


Muhammad Asif Shehzad, Muhammad Maqsood, Muhammad Anwar-ul-Haq and Abid Niaz

Efficacy of various herbicides against weeds in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Hayssam M. Ali, Manzer H. Siddiqui, Mohammed O. Basalah, Mohamed H. Al-Whaibi, Ahmed M. Sakran and Abdullah Al-Amri

Effects of gibberellic acid on growth and photosynthetic pigments of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. under salt stress

Ying-ni Cao, Wei-guo Hu and Cheng-she Wang

Relationship among the key enzymatic activities involved in starch synthesis and amylopectin chain distributions in developing wheat grain

Ki-Won Lee, Ochirbat Chinzorig, Gi Jun Choi, Ki-Yong Kim, Hee Chung Ji, Hyung Soo Park, Won Hoo Kim and Sang-Hoon Lee

Factors influencing callus induction and plant regeneration of Dahurian wildrye grass (Elymus dahuricus L.)

Waqas Wakil, M. Usman Ghazanfar, Yong Jung Kwon, Ehsan Ullah, Shamas-ul-Islam and Kashif Ali

Testing Paecilomyces lilacinus, diatomaceous earth and Azadirachta indica alone and in combination against cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii Glover) (Insecta: Homoptera: Aphididae)


Ma. Soledad Vázquez-Garciduenas, Israel Morales Guzmán and Gerardo Vázquez-Marrufo

Molecular genetic identification and extracellular laccase activity of two wild fungal isolates from Mexico

Olowoyo, J. O., Mdakane, S. T. R. and Okedeyi, O. O.

Assessing the levels of trace metal from two fish species harvested from treated waste water stored in a manmade lake Pretoria, South Africa

Godliving Y. S. Mtui

Oxalic acid pretreatment, fungal enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of maize residues to ethanol

Ali Shafaghat, Farshid Salimi, Mahdi Valiei, Jaber Salehzadeh and Masoud Shafaghat

Removal of heavy metals (Pb2+, Cu2+ and Cr3+) from aqueous solutions using five plants materials

Rabi G. Rasaily, Hongwen Li, Jin He, Qingjie Wang and Caiyun Lu

Influence of no tillage controlled traffic system on soil physical properties in double cropping area of North China plain

Ikbel Sellami, Samira Ben Romdahane, Wassim Guermazi, Monia El Bour, Asma Hamza, Mohammed Alaoui Mhamdi, Bernadette Pinel-Alloul, Lotfi Aleya and Habib Ayadi

Seasonal dynamics of plankton communities coupled with environmental factors in a semi arid area: Sidi Saâd reservoir (Center of Tunisia)


A. Arastehnodeh, M. Ardjmand1, M. A. Fanaei and A. A. Safekordi

Kinetic modeling of concentrated acid hydrolysis of walnut green skin


Ben Youssef Nabil, Ouni Youssef, Dabbech Nizar, Baccouri Bechir, Abdelly Chedly and Zarrouk Mokhtar

Effect of olive storage period at two different temperatures on oil quality of two tunisian cultivars of Olea europea, Chemlali and Chétoui


Farshid Aref

Manganese, iron and copper contents in leaves of maize plants (Zea mays L.) grown with different boron and zinc micronutrients

Wahid Herchi, Hajer Trabelsi, Hamadi Ben Salah, Yuan Yuan Zhao, Sadok Boukhchina, Habib Kallel and Jonathan M. Curtis

Changes in the triacylglycerol content of flaxseeds during development using liquid chromatography- atmospheric pressure photoionization-mass spectrometry (LC-APPI-MS)

Sonia Hamlaoui-Gasmi, Nadia Limam, Meherzia Mokni, Ferid Limam, Ezzedine Aouani, Mohamed Amri and Lamjed Marzouki

Modulation of heart redox status by garlic based on route of administration in rat

Zhenqiang Xia and Shengjun Wu

Cell number as an important variable in optimising inoculum age and size in yeast cultivation

Chen Xiang, Zheng Xiaowei, Lou Xiaojuan, Huang Yong, Zhang Guohai, Guo Xueqi, Qian Jin, Pan Yuexian and Yang Yongping

Effects of crude polysaccharides from Purslane on fatigue induced by forced swimming

Ergin M. ALTUNER, Cemil IŞLEK, Talip ÇETER and Hami ALPAS

High hydrostatic pressure extraction of phenolic compounds from Maclura pomifera fruits

Nahed Fakhfakh, Manel Gargouri, Ines Dahmen, Alya Sellami-Kamoun, Abdelfattah El Feki and Moncef Nasri

Improvement of antioxidant potential in rats consuming feathers protein hydrolysate obtained by fermentation of the keratinolytic bacterium, Bacillus pumilus A1


Rangarajulu Senthil Kumaran, Yong-Keun Choi, Seongmin Lee, Hyeon Jin Jeon, Heehoon Jung and Hyung Joo Kim

Isolation of taxol, an anticancer drug produced by the endophytic fungus, Phoma betae

Sara Faryadian, Afra Khosravi, Hoseein Ali Safakha and Ali Rashidy-Pour

The influence of verapamil on the inhibitory effects of corticosterone against neuropathic pain behaviors in rats

Mohammad Kargar, Maryam Baghernejad and Sadegh Ghorbani-Dalini

Multi-drug resistance and molecular pattern of erythromycin and penicillin resistance genes in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Madhuri K., Vani K., Rabbani Syed, S. Jithender Kumar Naik and Khalid Alharbi

Assessment of drug induced genotoxicity in gastric cancer patients


Atinç Yilmaz and Kürşat Ayan

Comparison with Sugeno Model and Measurement Of Cancer Risk Analysis By New Fuzzy Logic Approach

Zahid Anwar, Muhammad Gulfraz, M. Javaid Asad, Muhammad Imran, Zahid Akram, Sajid Mehmood, Abdul Rehman, Pervez Anwar and Alia Sadiq

Bioethanol productions from rice polish by optimization of dilute acid pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis


M. Seker and A. Can

Determination of forage escape protein value with in situ and enzyme techniques


czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (3), 2012


Research Articles


CHENG Han-liang, JI Nan-jing, PENG Yong-xing, SHEN Xin, XU Jian-he, DONG Zhi-guo and WU Chen-chen

cDNA sequence and tissue expression analysis of glucokinase from liver of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

Guang-xin, E., Di Liu, Dong-Jie Zhang, Xiu-Qin Yang and Ji-Yuan Zhu

Cloning and expression of porcine SRPK1 gene

Youxiong Que, Jinxian Liu, Liping Xu, Jinrong Guo1 and Rukai Chen

Molecular cloning and expression analysis of a Mn-superoxide dismutase gene in sugarcane


V. H. Kabambe, A. D. C. Chilimba, A. Ngwira, M. Mbawe, G. Kambauwa and P. Mapfumo

Using innovation platforms to scale out soil acidity-ameliorating technologies in Dedza district in central Malawi

Yunting Zhang, Tengfei Fan, Wensuo Jia, Wen Zhang, Qizhi Liu, Bingbing Li and Lusheng Zhang

Identification and characterization of a Bacillus subtilis strain TS06 as bio-control agent of strawberry replant disease (Fusarium and Verticilium wilts)

Duan Jinghua, Li Fangdong, Du Hongyan, Zhang Lin, Yuan Deyi, Feng Yanzhi, Long Hongxu and Ma Lvyi

Cloning and expression analysis of a LFY homologous gene in Chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujube Mill.)

Gorica Cvijanović, Gordana Dozet, Vojin Djukić, Snežana Đorđević and Goran Puzić

Microbial activity of soil during the inoculation of soya bean with symbiotic and free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Leta Tulu Bedada, Miccah Songelael Seth, Steven Maina Runo, Wondyifraw Tefera and Machuka Jesse

Regenerability of elite tropical maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines using immature zygotic embryo explants

Anser Ali, Shahzad M. A. Basra, Javaid Iqbal, Safdar Hussain, M. N. Subhani, Muhammad Sarwar and Ahmad Haji

Silicon mediated biochemical changes in wheat under salinized and non-salinzed solution cultures

Dušica Ćalić, Nina Devrnja, Jelena Milojević, Snežana Zdravković-Korać, Ljiljana Tubić, Milutin S. Djuričković and Branka Vinterhalter

Pollen morphology and variability of Tulipa hungarica Borb

Enteshari, Shekoofeh and Sharifian, Shahla

Influence of salicylic acid on growth and some biochemical parameters in a C4 plant (Panicum miliaceum L.) under saline conditions


A. Hasannattaj Jelodar, H. Amini Rad, B. Navaiynia and M. A. Zazouli

Heavy metal ions adsorption by suspended particle and sediment of the Chalus River, Iran

Sebnem Kusvuran, Sebnem Ellialtioglu, Fikret Yasar and Kazim Abak

Antioxidative enzyme activities in the leaves and callus tissues of salt-tolerant and salt-susceptible melon varieties under salinity

Anser Ali, Shahzad M. A. Basra, Javaid Iqbal, Safdar Hussain, M. N. Subhan, Muhammad Sarwar and Muhammad Ahmed

Augmenting the salt tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum) through exogenously applied silicon


Zulfiqar Ali Malik and Safia Ahmed

Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons by oil field isolated bacterial consortium

El Ouardy Khay, Lorenzo Miguel Pastrana Castro, Paula Fajardo Bernárdez, Nadia Skali Senhaji, Mohamed Idaomar and Jamal Abrini

Growth of Enterococcus durans E204 producing bacteriocin-like substance in MRS Broth: Description of the growth and quantification of the bacteriocin-like substance

Nanis G. Allam, Abd El-Raheem R. El-Shanshoury, Hamdy A. Emara and Amira Z. Zaky

Biological activity of Streptomyces noursei against ochratoxin A producing Aspergillus niger


S. F. Güçlü and Fatma Koyuncu

Peroxidase isozyme profiles in some sweet cherry rootstocks and ‘0900 Ziraat’ cherry variety

Sang Phil Shin, Hyo Jin Yang, Ji Hyung Kim, Casiano H. Choresca Jr., Jee Eun Han, Jin Woo Jun, Sang Yoon Han and Se Chang Park

Rapid detection and isolation of Salmonella sp. from amphibians and reptiles

Jun Wang, Haizhu zhou, Tao Zhang, Lei Sun, Jing Xu and Yujie Lou

Evidence for a role of KISS-1/GPR54 system in decreased luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion in fasted prepubertal ewes


Jianyu Su,Ling Chen and Lin Li

Characterization of polycaprolactone and starch blends for potential application within the biomaterials field

Sharifi Yazdi M. K., Jabbari H., Soltan Dallal M. M, and Bahrmand A.

Primary drug resistance patterns in newly diagnosed tuberculosis patients in Yazd, Southern Province of Iran

Chunli Mei, Jing Mang, Jinting He, Guihua Xu, Zhongshu Li, Wenzhao Liang and Zhongxin Xu

Effects of RNA interference targeting Smad7 on nerve cells ischemic injury induced in PC12 cells


Azhar H. Shah, Safdar H. Shah, Habib Ahmad, Zahoor A. Swati, Abrar H. Shah, M. Afzal, Umm-e-Aiman1 and Q. Khalid

The phenomenon of cross tolerance in osmotically and ionically adapted rice (Oryza sativa L.) cell lines


Xiaoyun Shen and Zhigang Jiang

Serum biochemical values and mineral contents of tissues in Przewalski’s and Tibetan gazelles


środa, 25 kwietnia 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (1-2), 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (1), 2012


Research Articles


Tianbo Jin, Gang Li, Dong Lin, Hongjuan Liang and Qing Wang

A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) assay for population stratification test between eastern Asians in association studies

Mahmoud H. El_Komy, Amgad A. Saleh and Younes Y. Molan

Molecular characterization of early blight disease resistant and susceptible potato cultivars using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers

Jinlong Huo, Pei Wang, Yongwang Miao, Hailong Huo, Lixian Liu, Yangzhi Zeng and Heng Xiao

Isolation, sequence identification and tissue expression profile of a novel ribokinase gene (RBKS) from Chinese Banna mini-pig inbred line (BMI)

Y. Couoh-Uicab, I. Islas-Flores, N. Kantún-Moreno, L.-H. Zwiers, M. Tzec-Simá, S. Peraza-Echeverría, L. Brito-Argáez, L. Peraza-Echeverría, R. 2Grijalva-Arango, A. James, C. Rodríguez-García, and B. Canto-Canché

Cloning, in silico structural characterization and expression analysis of MfAtr4, an ABC transporter from the banana pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis

Tao Huang, Dongwei Gong, Quanli Gao, Xuhua Zhang, Xiaodong Lv, Hongbo Ma, Baishun Wan and Ziming Dong

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition is associated with increased invasiveness of side population cells from hepatoma SMMC-7721 cells

Rashid Mehmood Rana, Shinan Dong, Zulfiqar Ali, Azeem Iqbal Khan and Hong Sheng Zhang

Identification and characterization of the Bcl-2-associated athanogene (BAG) protein family in rice

Pauline BATIONO/KANDO, Cyrille BISSEYE, Romaric K. NANEMA, Ernest R. TRAORE, Henri YE, Boukary O. DIALLO, Tegwinde R. COMPAORE, Jacques SIMPORE and Jean-Didier ZONGO

Genetic diversity of Sclerocarya birrea subspecies birrea populations in Burkina Faso detected by RAPDs


Özlem Çetin, Ahmet Duran, Esra Martin and Süleyman Tuştaş

A taxonomic study of the genus Fibigia Medik. (Brassicaceae)

Dong-mei Kong, Hai-long Shen and Nan Li

Influence of AgNO3 on somatic embryo induction and development in Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.)

Ameen, S. A., Adedeji, O. S., Ojedapo, L. O., Salihu, T. and Fakorede, O. L.

Anthelmintic efficacy of pawpaw (Carica papaya) seeds in commercial layers

Weon Tai Jeon

Effects of nitrogen levels on growth, yield and nitrogen uptake of fiber-rich cultivar, Goami 2

Faiz Ahmad Joyia and Muhammad Sarwar Khan

Reproducible and expedient rice regeneration system using in vitro grown plants


S. Lee, Y. Huang, C. Chen and C. Chang

Modeling and analysis of different control strategies for fogging system in a subtropical greenhouse

Hany M. El-Naggar

Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) gene activity in response to proline and tyrosine in rosemary callus culture

Hussein Oraki, Fataneh Parhizkar khajani and Majid Aghaalikhana

Effect of water deficit stress on proline contents, soluble sugars, chlorophyll and grain yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids


Ersan Kara

Effect of a three-month football training program on trace element metabolism of boys in the eight to twelve age group

Reza Mirnejad, Hamid Babavalian, Mehrdad Moosazadeh Moghaddam, Samaneh Khodi and Fatemeh Shakeri

Rapid DNA extraction of bacterial genome using laundry detergents and assessment of the efficiency of DNA in downstream process using polymerase chain reaction

T. Mohammadabadi, M. Chaji and R. Tahmasebi

Evaluation of the effect of fat content of sunflower meal on rumen fungi growth and population by direct (quantitative competitive polymerase chain reaction) and indirect (dry matter and neutral detergent fibre disappearance) methods


Pankaja Sharma, Amal Kumar Ghimeray, Anup Gurung, Cheng Wu Jin, Ho Sik Rho and Dong Ha Cho

Phenolic contents, antioxidant and ?-glucosidase inhibition properties of Nepalese strain buckwheat vegetables

Amir Mohammadi and Ramin Azar

Effects of dietary L-arginine on orthodontic tooth movement in rats

Prohp, T. P. and Onoagbe, I. O.

Effects of aqueous extract of Triplochiton scleroxylon on some haematological parameters and blood glucose concentrations in non-diabetic rabbits

S. A. Ameen, E. A. Okewole, O. S.Adedeji, K. A. Ogundipe and A. A. Okanlawon

The micro-minerals composition in serum of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) infected with Trypanosoma congolense

M. Bhattacharjee, B.G. Unni, S. Das, P. K. Baruah, P.sharma, D.Gogoi, M.Deka, S. B. Wann and P. G. Rao

Alpha 1 antitrypsin gene: A case-control study in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Khalid Hussain, Jifeng Qi, Hui Liu, Sun Quan, Jinhua Chang and Feng Lin

Extraction of differential expressing aphid-resistance genes of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Monech) and construction of suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) library


Hui Li, Xiaoxian Wang, Meizhe Han, Zhenzhen Zhao, Minqian Wang, Qin Tang, Changhong Liu, Brian Kemp, Yucheng Gu, Jinglei Shuang and Yarong Xue

Endophytic Bacillus subtilis ZZ120 and its potential application in control of replant diseases


Stella Bitanyi, Gro Bjornstad, Marit Nesje, Eblate M. Ernest, Robinson H. Mdegela and Knut H. Roed

Molecular identification versus local people’s information for accurate estimates of bushmeat utilization from the Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (2), 2012


Research Articles


Yang J. Xiao, Gao Jiong, Jin Yu, Zhang J. Jian and Kuai B. Ke

Probenazole treatment inhibits anthocyanins biosynthesis via salicylic acid and AtNPR1 signal pathway in Arabidopsis

Firooz Fadaeifard, Hasan Momtaz, Ebrahim Rahimi and Ali Mirzakhani

Detection of Streptococcus iniae and Lactococcus garvieae by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in some rainbow trout farms of Iran

Yang Yuan, Li Peng, Hu Gong-Hua, Zhou Yu, Dai Lu and Zhong Cai-Gao

Association between VDAC1 mRNA expression and intracellular ATP levels of cultured L-02 hepatocytes during hexavalent chromium toxicity


Dong-Sheng Tang, Muhammad Hamayun, Abdul Latif Khan, Samin Jan, Yasmin Nawaz, Muhammad Irshad, Young-Eun Na and In-Jung Lee

Exposure to red light, temperature and exogenous gibberellins influenced germination of some winter weeds

Mojtaba Ghane Jahromi, Ali Asgar Pourmirza and Mohammad Hasan Safaralizadeh

Repellent effect of sirinol (garlic emulsion) against Lasioderma serricorne (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) and Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) by three laboratory methods

Guangmin Xia, Li Yan, Xiang Xie, Zhenying Peng and Shuantao Liu

A physiological evaluation of the enhanced osmotic stress tolerance of an asymmetric somatic hybrid introgression line SR3 between bread wheat and couch grass

Zahra Khodarahmpour, Mansour ifar and Mohammad Motamedi

Effects of NaCl salinity on maize (Zea mays L.) at germination and early seedling stage


Adel Ayari, Houda Morakchi and Kirane Gacemi Djamila

Identification and antifungal activity of Streptomyces sp. S72 isolated from Lake Oubeira sediments in North-East of Algeria

Hanane Hamdali, Koriko Moursalou, Gado Tchangbedji, Yedir Ouhdouch and Mohamed Hafidi

Isolation and characterization of rock phosphate solubilizing actinobacteria from a Togolese phosphate mine

Jiang Zheng, Jumin Hao, Zhongbao Li, Qingpi Yan, Jun Wang, Fang Han, Yuanyue Li, Zhiqiang Lu and Yongquan Su

Comparison of classifications of aptamers against Vibrio alginolyticus based on their primary and secondary structure

Mohd Arif Syed, Siti Aqlima Ahmad, Norzila Kusnin and Mohd Yunus Abdul Shukor

Purification and characterization of amidase from acrylamide-degrading bacterium Burkholderia sp. strain DR.Y27

Xia Ding, Xiao-Jue Peng, Xiao-Tong Peng and Huai-Yang Zhou

Diversity of bacteria and archaea in the deep-sea low-temperature hydrothermal sulfide chimney of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean

S. K. Mishra and A. K. Tiwari

Phenological, quantitative and analytical studies of Pleurotus flabellatus

Yanjing Lou, Xianguo Lu, Guoping Wang and Ming Jiang and Kuiyi Zhao

Vegetative zonation patterns in depression and riparian wetlands of the Sanjiang Plain, Northeastern China

Nasima Junejo, Khanif, M. Y., Dharejo, K. A., Hazandy Abdul-Hamid and Arifin Abdu

Evaluation of coated urea for ammonia volatilization loss, nitrogen mineralization and microsite pH in selected soil series

Mostafa Heidari

Effects of salinity stress on growth, chlorophyll content and osmotic components of two basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) genotypes


Negar Shafiei Sabet, Geetha Subramaniam, Parasakthi Navaratnam and Shamala Devi Sekaran

In vitro mecA gene transfer among Staphylococcus aureus in Malaysian clinical isolates

Andréa Miura da Costa, Marina Kimiko Kadowaki, Monique Caroline Minozzo, Cristina Giatti Marques de Souza, Cinthia Gandolfi Boer, Adelar Bracht and Rosane Marina Peralta

Production, purification and characterization of tannase from Aspergillus tamarii

Hanan Mohamed Khairy and Heba Saad El-Sayed

Effect of enriched Brachionus plicatilis and Artemia salina nauplii by microalga Tetraselmis chuii (Bütcher) grown on four different culture media on the growth and survival of Sparus aurata larvae


Samy Selim, Sahar El Alfy, Meshref Al-Ruwaili, Amin Abdo and Soad Al Jaouni

Susceptibility of imipenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa to flavonoid glycosides of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) tamar growing in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia


Dong-Rui Yao, Ming-Qian Zhou, Sheng-Jun Wu and Sai-Kun Pan

Depolymerization of chitosan by enzymes from the digestive tract of sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus

Mingjiang Geng, Mingxin Ren, Zhenling Liu and Xiaojun Shang

Free radical scavenging activities of pigment extract from Hibiscus syriacus L. petals in vitro


Tarighi, H., Majidian, M., Baghaie, A.H. and Gomarian, M.

Zinc availability of two wheat cultivars in soil amended with organic and inorganic Zn sources

Mohammad Arif, Shilpi Chawla, N. W. Zaidi, J. K. Rayar, M. Variar and U. S. Singh

Development of specific primers for genus Fusarium and F. solani using rDNA sub-unit and transcription elongation factor (TEF-1?) gene

Seyed Jalal Marashi, Sima Ataollahi Eshkoor, Mir saed Mirinargesi, Mohammad Reza Sarookhani, Asmah Bt. Rahmat and Patimah Bt. Ismail

Detection of eight common ß-globin gene mutation in thalassemia major patients using real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-high resolution melting and EvaGreen™ dye

Ruimin Mu, Guixia Ma, Cuizhen Sun and Jingjing Jia

Inhibition of Microcystis aeruginosa and microcystin-LR with one algicidal bacterium isolated from a eutrophic lake

Shagufta Kanwal, Sumaira Nishat, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Shaukat Iqbal Malik and Khalid Akhtar

Comparative homology modeling of human rhodopsin with several templates of bovine rhodopsin

Morid Bahar and Hajmansoor Shahab

Analysis of Iranian isolates of Fusarium solani using morphological, pathogenicity and microsatellite DNA marker characterization

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Up-regulation of Robo1 in dorsal root ganglia after sciatic nerve transection in rats

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