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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (58-59), 2011

African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (58), 2011


Workshop on Social Impact of Biotechnology, Bangi, Malaysia, 5th to 7th April, 2011
Special Issue


Latifah Amin


Zinatul A. Zainol, Latifah Amin, Kamaruzaman Jusoff, Anowar Zahid and Frank Akpoviri

Pharmaceutical patents and access to essential medicines in sub-Saharan Africa

Zinatul A. Zainol, Latifah Amin, Noor Sharizad Rusly, Hasrizul Hashim, Nik Marzuki Sidik, Frank Akpoviri and Rosli Ramli

The need for biosafety regulation in developing countries: Benefits and controversies

Zinatul A. Zainol, Latifah Amin, Frank Akpoviri and Rosli Ramli

Biopiracy and states’ sovereignty over their biological resources

Latifah Amin, Hasrizul Hashim, Nik Marzuki Sidik, Zinatul A. Zainol and Nurina Anuar

Public attitude towards modern biotechnology

Latifah Amin, Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol, Noor Sharizad Rusly, Frank Akpoviri and Nik Marzuki Sidik

Risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Research Articles


Latifah Amin, Zinatul A. Zainol, Jamaluddin Md. Jahi, Abd. Rahim Md Nor, Mohamad Osman and Nor Muhammad Mahadi

Effect of demographic variables on public attitudes towards genetically modified insulin

Latifah Amin, Noor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan, Hasrizul Hashim and Jamil Ahmad

Ethical perception of modern biotechnology

Latifah Amin, Noor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan, Mohd Fadhli Hamdan, Abdul Latif Samian and Mohamad Sabri Haron

Awareness and knowledge on modern biotechnology

Latifah Amin, Noor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan and Hasrizul Hashim

Ethical perception of cross-species gene transfer in plant

Latifah Amin, Noor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan, Jamil Ahmad, Hasrizul Hashim, Abdul Latif Samian and Mohamad Sabri Haron

Ethical perception of synthetic biology

Latifah Amin, Fadhli Hamdan, Roosfa Hashim, Mus Chairil Samani, Nurina Anuar, Zinatul A. Zainol and Kamaruzzaman Jusoff

Risks and benefits of genetically modified foods

Latifah Amin, Noor Ayuni Ahmad Azlan and Jamil Ahmad

Ethical perception of human gene in transgenic banana

Mus Chairil Samani, Nurul Ilyana Rezali, Latifah Amin and Zaharah Hassan

Biotechnology issues in four Malaysian mainstream newspapers



African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (59), 2011




Haeyoung Na, Guiyoung Hwang, Jung-Ho Kwak, Moo Koung Yoon and Changhoo Chun

Microspore derived embryo formation and doubled haploid plant production in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var italica) according to nutritional and environmental conditions

Wu, H. C. and du Toit, E. S.

Role and significance of total phenols during rooting of Protea cynaroides L. cuttings

Cai Hong-Guang, Gao Qiang, Mi Guo-Hua and Chen Fan-Jun

Effect of environmental conditions on the genotypic difference in nitrogen use efficiency in maize

Cervenski Janko, Gvozdanovic-Varga Jelica, Glogovac Svetlana and Dragin Sasa

Variability of characteristics in new experimental hybrids of early cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)

Huifang Yu, Zhenqing Zhao, Xiaoguang Sheng, Jiansheng Wang and Honghui Gu

Evaluation of genetic diversity in self-incompatible broccoli DH lines assessed by SRAP markers

Jong Myung Choi, Ahmed Latigui and Chiwon W. Lee

Growth and nutrient uptake responses of ‘Seolhyang’ strawberry to various ratios of ammonium to nitrate nitrogen in nutrient solution culture using inert media

Cetin Karademir, Emine Karademir, Remzi Ekinci and Kudret Berekatoglu

Yield and fiber quality properties of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under water stress and non-stress conditions

Quanzhen Wang, Tianming Hu, Jian Cui, Xianguo Wang, He Zhou, Jianguo Han and Tiejun Zhang

Modelling of seed yield and its components in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) based on a large sample

Sharif, M., Matiullah, K., Tanvir, B., Shah, A. H. and Wahid, F.

Response of fed dung composted with rock phosphate on yield and phosphorus and nitrogen uptake of maize crop

S. N. Emrani, A. Arzani and G. Saeidi

Seed viability, germination and seedling growth of canola (Brassica napus L.) as influenced by chemical mutagens

Lin Yang, Feng-Ling Fu, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Shu-Feng Zhou, Yue-Hui She and Wan-Chen Li

T-DNA integration patterns in transgenic maize lines mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Hasan Hüseyin Dogan and Ilgaz Akata

Ecological features of Tricholoma anatolicum in Turkey

Asia Nosheen, Asghari Bano, Faizan Ullah, Uzma Farooq, Humaira Yasmin and Ishtiaq Hussain

Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on root morphology of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

Lili Geng, Lihong Niu, Changlong Shu, Fuping Song, Dafang Huang and Jie Zhang

High-efficiency regeneration of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) plants from leaf discs


Prakash Nathan, Xavier Rathinam, Marimuthu Kasi, Zuraida Abdul Rahman and Sreeramanan Subramaniam

A pilot study on the isolation and biochemical characterization of Pseudomonas from chemical intensive rice ecosystem

Shanooba Palamthodi, Dhiraj Patil2 and Yatin Patil

Microbial degradation of textile industrial effluents


Awole, S., Woldetsadik, K. and Workneh, T. S.

Yield and storability of green fruits from hot pepper cultivars (Capsicum spp.)

Nomasonto M. Xazela, Voster Muchenje and Upenyu Marume

Effects of different cooking methods on the consumer acceptability of chevon

Tomislav Jurendić and Branko Tripalo

Biot number - lag factor (Bi-G) correlation for tunnel drying of baby food


Zhonghai Tang, Shiyin Guo, Liqun Rao, Jingping Qin, Xiaona Xu and Yizeng Liang

Optimization of the technology of extracting water-soluble polysaccharides from Morus alba L. leaves

Ali Salehzadeh, Hamideh Ofoghi, Farzin Roohvand, Mohammad Reza Aghasadeghi and Kazem Parivar

Intracellular expression of human calcitonin (hCT) gene in the methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris

Mohammad Esmaeel Ebrahimi Chaharom, Mehdi Abed Kahnamoii, Soodabeh Kimyai and Mohammadreza Hajirahiminejad Moghaddam

Effect of sodium hypochlorite on the shear bond strength of fifth- and seventh-generation adhesives to coronal dentin

Maysoon Mohammad Najeeb Mohammad Saleem, Arieg Abdul Whab Mohammad, Jazaer Abdulla Al-Tameemi and Ghassan Mohammad Sulaiman

Biological study of the effect of licorice roots extract on serum lipid profile, liver enzymes and kidney function tests in albino mice

Ashok, G., Rajendran, P., Jayam, S., Karthika, R., Kanthesh, B. M., Vikram, Reddy, E., and Kulkarni, P. S.

Assessment of immune response and safety of two recombinant hepatitis B vaccines in healthy infants in India


Givemore Munhenga and Lizette L. Koekemoer

Differential expression of cytochrome P450 genes in a laboratory selected Anopheles arabiensis colony


Farzad Ghiasi

Predominant lactic acid bacteria isolated from the intestines of silver carp in low water temperature

Shan-Hu Lai, Yao-Horng Wang, Kuo-Tai Yang, Chia-Hsuan Chen and Mu-Chiou Huang

Novel family- and genus-specific DNA markers in Mugilidae


Shuang Zhong, Yingdui He, Huicai Zeng, Yiwei Mo, ZhaoXi Zhou, XiaoPing Zang and Zhiqiang Jin

Effects of banana wilt disease on soil nematode community structure and diversity

Aafia Aslam, Aamir Ali, Naima Huma Naveed, Asif Saleem and Javed Iqbal

Effect of interaction of 6-benzyl aminopurine (BA) and sucrose for efficient microtuberization of two elite potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars, Desiree and Cardinal

Kian Mau Goh, Charles Voon, Yen Yen Chai and Rosli Md. Illias

Meiothermus sp. SK3-2: A potential source for the production of trehalose from maltose

Yin-Chun Chao, Shuenn-Kung Su, Ya-Wun Lin, Wan-Ting Hsu and Kuo-Shien Huang

Synthesis and application of polyethylene glycol/vinyltriethoxy silane (PEG/VTES) copolymers

Abbas Doosti, Pejman Abbasi and Sadegh Ghorbani-Dalini

Fraud identification in fishmeal using polymerase chain reaction (PCR)


G. Q. Lan, N. Abdullah, S. Jalaludin and Y. W. Ho

Purification and characterization of a phytase from Mitsuokella jalaludinii, a bovine rumen bacterium

Hamid Reza Ebadi Azar, Kambiz Nazer Adl, Yahya Ebrahim Nezhad and Mohammad Moghaddam

Effect of different levels and particle sizes of perlite on carcass characteristics and tibia ash of broiler chicks

Mehrdad Irani, Shahabodin Gharahveysi, Mona Zamani and Reza Rahmatian

The effect of butyric acid glycerides on performance and some bone parameters of broiler chickens

RunJun Yang , Meng Huang, JunYa Li , ZhiHui Zhao, ShangZhong Xu

Construction of a mammalian cell expression vector pAcGFP-FasL and its expression in bovine follicular granulosa cells


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