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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (77), 2011



Zhang Fengyun, Wu Pute, Zhao Xining and Cheng Xuefeng

The effects of no-tillage practice on soil physical properties

Guillermo De la Torre-Gea, Genaro M. Soto-Zarazúa, Irineo López-Crúz, Irineo Torres-Pacheco and Enrique Rico-García

Computational fluid dynamics in greenhouses: A review

Arthur GD

Benefits and concerns surrounding the cultivation of genetically modified crops in Africa: The debate

Research Articles


Leilei Wang, Ying Zhang, Lingling Wang, Jialong Yang, Zhi Zhou , Yunchao Gai , Limei Qiu, Linsheng Song

A new anti-lipopolysaccharide factor (EsALF-3) from Eriocheir sinensis with antimicrobial activity

Mohammad Reza Sarookhani and Majid Asiabanha

Spectrum of ?-thalassemia mutations in Qazvin Province, Iran

Wang Yuhua, Wang Wei, Tong Wei and Zhao Weiguo

Analysis of chloroplast ribosomal subunit S16 (rpS16) intron sequences in Morus (Urticales: Moraceae)

Chunlian Wu, Jinghui Sun and Wanru Hou

cDNA, genomic sequence cloning and analysis of the ribosomal protein L37A gene (RPL37A) from the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) and its over-expression


Feng Hui, Yang Ning, Liu Zhiyong and Wang Hao

A genetic male sterile line developed by molecular marker-assisted selection in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis)

Ojokoh, A. O.

In vitro effect of steep water and slurry from fermented sorghum varieties on bacteria that causes diarrhea

Zahra Ahmad Abadi, M. Ghajar Sepanlou and M. A. Bahmanyar

The effect of municipal compost application on the amount of micro elements and their absorption in soil and medicinal plant of mint (Menthas)

Gamze Özdemir and Ismail Hakki Kalyoncu

A selection study on oleaster (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) grown in the campus area of Selcuk University in Konya, Turkey

Han Yuzhu, Wang Xiaomei and Song Shuyao

Nitrogen determination in pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) plants by color image analysis (RGB)

Hongying Duan, Xiaosheng Ding, Zhiqing Wei, Chune Zhou and Yanqing Zhou

The influences of Hygromycin B on growth of Arabidopsis thaliana cotyledon and leaf

Xia Jiang-bao, Zhang Shu-Yong, Zhang Guang-Can, Xie Wen-Jun1,Lu Zhao-Hua

Critical responses of photosynthetic efficiency in Campsis radicans (L.) Seem to soil water and light intensities

Hamdollah Eskandari

Intercropping of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and bean (Vicia faba): Effects of complementarity and competi-tion of intercrop components in resource con-sumption on dry matter production and weed growth

Asita, A. O. and Molise, T.

Antimutagenic effects of red apple and watermelon juices on cyclophosphamide-induced genotoxicity in mice

Neelam Singh, Mukesh Kumar Meena and Vidya Patni

Effect of plant growth regulators, explants type and efficient plantlet regeneration protocol through callus induction in Naringi crenulata (Roxb.) Nicolson and its biochemical investigation

Aisha Waheed Qurashi and Anjum Nasim Sabri

Alleviation of salt stress by Halomonas sp. and osmolytes in Zea mays

Kamyar Kazemi and Hamdollah Eskandari

Effects of salt stress on germination and early seedling growth of rice (Oryza sativa) cultivars in Iran

Sayed Mohammad Reza Khoshroo, Ramezanali Khavarinejad, Amin Baghizadeh, Hamid Fahimi and Zahra Noor mohammadi

Seed storage protein electrophoretic profiles in some Iranian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars

Roza Gholamin and Majid Khayatnezhad

The Effects of water and salt stresses on germination in two bread wheat genotypes


Kanokphorn Sangkharak and Poonsuk Prasertsan

Utilization of biodiesel waste as a feedstock for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate by Cupriavidus necator

Atilgan Atilgan, Hasan Oz and Kenan Buyuktas

The location of manure accumulated in cattle livestock barns and its interaction with the environment


Khwaja Salahuddin, Ram Prasad, Santosh Kumar and Manish D. Visavadia

Isolation of soil thermophilic strains of actinomycetes for the production of ?-amylase


M. Djuric, J. Mladenovic, R. Pavlovic, N. Murtic, S. Murtic, V. Milic and G. Šekularac

Aluminium content in leaf and root of oat (Avena sativa L.) grown on pseudogley soil


Jamaleddine Z. O. Lyam P., Fajimi O., Giwa A., Aina A., Lawyer E. F., Okere A. U. and Odofin W. T.

In vitro growth response of Artemisia annua seeds to different concentrations of plant growth regulators

M. J. Zhu, H. X. Wang and T. B. Ng

Purification and identification of a phytase from fruity bodies of the winter mushroom, Flammulina velutipes

Naseem Ullah, Muhammad Farid Khan, Muhammad Mukhtiar, Haroon Khan and Asim.ur.Rehman

Metabolic modulation of glutathione in whole blood components against lead-induced toxicity

Sellema Bahri, Raja Marrakchi, Amel Benammar-ElGaaied and Jeannette Ben Hamida

Cross reaction between P-61 sunflower seedlings oleosomal protein band and porcine pancreatic lipase

Muhammad Azmat Ullah Khan, Ahmad Ali Shahid, Abdul Qayyum Rao, Sarfraz Kiani, Muhammad Aleem Ashraf, Adnan Muzaffar and Tayyab Husnain

Role of epicuticular waxes in the susceptibility of cotton leaf curl virus (CLCuV)

Sadia Aslam and Muhammad Asgher

Partial purification and characterization of ligninolytic enzymes produced by Pleurotus ostreatus during solid state fermentation

Nargis Jamila, Riaz Ullah, Mohamed Ali Abdunnabi Alwahsh, Sajjad Haider, K.C Wong and Zahoor Ullah

Secondary metabolites from Nepeta juncea


Hai-Yan Sun, Juanhua Li, Pingjuan Zhao and Ming Peng

Banana peel: A novel substrate for cellulase production under solid-state fermentation


Adnyane, I. K. M., Zuki, A. B. Z., Noordin, M. M., Wahyuni, S. and Agungpriyono, S.

Morphological study of the infraorbital gland of the male barking deer, muntiacus muntjak

Fhulufhelo Vincent Ramukhithi, Tshimangadzo Lucky Nedambale, Ben Sutherland and Khoboso Christina Lehloenya

Cryopreservation of South African indigenous goat semen

Ali Hashemi, Karim Mardani, Mohammad Farhadian, Iraj Ashrafi and Mehdi Ranjbari

Allelic polymorphism of Makoei sheep leptin gene identified by polymerase chain reaction and single strand conformation polymorphism


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