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African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (6), 2012



P. O. Fayemi and V. Muchenje

Meat in African context: From history to science

Full Length Research Article


Jing Zou,Qiuping Liu,Qiong Zou and Jinglin Yi

Nkx2.2 expression in corneal epithelia during pre- and post-natal mice and human development

Bahnaz Rahmanifar, Nader Hasanzadeh, Javad Razmi and Abolghasem Ghasemi

Genetic diversity of Iranian potato soft rot bacteria based on polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis

A. Mahender, D. M. Swain, Das.Gitishree, H. N. Subudhi and G. J. N. Rao

Molecular analysis of native Manipur rice accessions for resistance against blast

Kuan-Te Li and Yuh-Chyang Charng

The use of hygromycin phosphotransferase gene (hpt) with an artificial intron to obtain marker-off transgenic plants


Kittipat Ukoskit, Penjun Thipmongkolcharoen and Prasert Chatwachirawong

Novel expressed sequence tag- simple sequence repeats (EST-SSR) markers characterized by new bioinformatic criteria reveal high genetic similarity in sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) breeding lines

Y. Wen Xu, Shuai Shuai Lv, Dan Zhao, Jun Wen Chen, Wen Ting Yang and Wei Wu

Effects of salicylic acid on monoterpene production and antioxidant systems in Houttuynia cordata

Erdal Sakin

Organic carbon organic matter and bulk density relationships in arid-semi arid soils in Southeast Anatolia region

Mahdi Zare, Forood Bazrafshan and Khodadad Mostafavi

Competition of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivars with weeds

Kshipra Dhabhai and Amla Batra

Physiological and phylogenetic analysis of rhizobia isolated from Acacia nilotica L.


Amir Hamzah Sharaai, Noor Zalina Mahmood and Abdul Halim Sulaiman

Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) using the ecological scarcity (ecopoints) method: A potential impact analysis to potable water production

Yong-Qian Fu, Shuang Li, Hua-Yue Zhu, Ru Jiang and Long-Fei Yin

Biosorption of copper (II) from aqueous solution by mycelial pellets of Rhizopus oryzae

Fan-Juan Meng, Feng-Lan Huang and Qiu-yu Wang

The effects of exotic and native poplars on rhizosphere soil microbe and enzyme activity

Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad, Shehnaz Yunas, Nudrat Aisha Akram, Yasir Rizwa, Muneeba Shaheen, Mian Jehan Zaib and Munawar Aziz

Effect of different doses of urea on the uptake of cadmium from soil by Brassica napus: A case study in Sargodha, Pakistan

Kazem Hashemimajd, Tayebeh Mohamadi farani and Shahzad Jamaati-e-Somarin

Effect of elemental sulphur and compost on pH, electrical conductivity and phosphorus availability of one clay soil


Premjet Siripong, Srisawat Chuleekorn and Premjet Duangporn

Enhanced cellulose production by ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (NTG) mutagenesis of an Acetobacter species isolate


Y. Z. Njisane, V. Muchenje and C. S. Gajana

Effect of consumer background on sensory scores of microwaved Angus loins

Inanç A. Levent and Ak Ferit

Partial removal of water from red pepper by immersion in an osmotic solution before drying


Taissir El-Guizani, Nizar Tlili and Saida Triki

Fruit characteristics and chemical proprieties of juice and seeds of three Opuntia ficus indica cultivars

Adeniran, H. A. and Abiose, S. H.

Partial purification, characterization and hydrolytic activities of amylases from Bacillus licheniformis and Aspergillus niger cultured on agricultural residues

P. E. Ghamba, E. B. Agbo, A. F. Umar, D. N. Bukbuk and L. J. Goje

In vitro antibacterial activity of crude ethanol, acetone and aqueous Garcinia kola seed extracts on selected clinical isolates

Nakhshab Choudhry, Saeed Ahmed Nagra, Tahir Shafi, Ghulam Mujtaba, Muhammad Abiodullah and Naeem Rashid

Lack of association of insertion/deletion polymorphism in angiotensin converting enzyme gene with nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patients in Punjabi population of Pakistan

Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Zuber, Tanveer Husain Bokhari, Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad, Saira Hina, Ameer Fawad Zahoor Gulshan Shahid, Naseer Ahmad and Ambreen Anjum

A study on the evaluation of zinc status of two groups of cows and buffaloes using various organs as indicators in semi-arid environmental conditions of Pakistan


S. Gurudeeban, K. Satyavani, T. Ramanathan and T. Balasubramanian

Effect of antioxidant and anti-aggregating properties of micro-propagated plantlets of Ruta graveolens

Mehrnoush Eskandari, Hassan Momtaz, Sharareh Moghim and Mahboobeh Madani

Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of Herpes simplex virus type-2 gG gene in Iran

Akhtar Rasul and Naveed Akhtar

Anti-aging potential of a cream containing milk thistle extract: Formulation and in vivo evaluation

Ashraf A. Khalil, Hend M. Hussien and Eman M. Sarhan

Oxidative stress induces idiopathic infertility in Egyptian males


Selin Sayin, Oya Isik, Murat Ozturk, Leyla Hizarci Uslu and Funda Turan

Bioavailability of iron speciations and EDTA-iron complexes for Thallassiosira weissflogii (Bacillariophyta)


Mahdi Raeesi, Amir Roofchaee, Ahmad Zare Shahneh and Mohammad Bagher Pasha Zanousi

Effects of transient hypo- and hyper-thyroidism on growth performance, organ weights and serum levels of thyroid hormones in broiler chickens

Fuchuan Wang, Yibo Yan, Yuhuan Zhang, Yichao Han and Chao Guan

Effects of immune synergist of Chinese medicinal herbs on the efficacy of vaccination against classic swine fever


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