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African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (5), 2012



Ganesh D. Saratale and Sang Eun Oh.

Lignocellulosics to ethanol: The future of the chemical and energy industry

Jin-Tun Zhang, Lihong Fan, and Min Li

Functional diversity in plant communities: Theory and analysis methods

Full Length Research Article



Binoy Babu, Vinayaka Hegde, T. Makeshkumar and M. L. Jeeva

Rapid and sensitive detection of potyvirus infecting tropical tuber crops using genus specific primers and probes

Mahdi Ziaei Nasab, Seyed Mohsen Hesamzadeh Hejazi, Mohammad Reza Bihamta, Mehdi Mirza and Mohabbat Ali Naderi-Shahab

Assessment of karyotypical variation among 16 populations of Thymus daenensis Celak and Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. species in Iran

Lunguang Yao, Pengfei Jin, Shuo Su, Hua Xu, Jian He, Li Peng and Jingchen Sun

Quantitative analysis of three commonly-used insect cell-specific promoters’ activities by transient and baculovirus-mediated expression

Remziye Yilmaz, Oya Akça, Mehmet Cengiz Baloglu, Mehmet Tufan Öz, Hüseyin Avni Öktem and Meral Yücel

Optimization of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) RNA isolation method for real-time quantitative PCR and microarray analysis

Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Al-Agamy, Atef Mohamed Shibl, and Hesham H. Radwan

Detection of mutations in quinolone-resistant determining regions in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli from Saudi Arabia

Nagasundarapandian Soundrarajan, Selvakumar Edwardraja, Sun-Gu Lee, Hyungdon Yun, Niraikulam Ayyadurai

Enhancing the productivity of soluble green fluorescent protein through methionine-residue specific consensus approach

Jihong Zhang, Tianyun Wang, Baosheng Yang, Yan Lin and Zhaoxi Li

Synthesis of the human VEGF165 gene based on overlap PCR and recombinant expression in stable transfected CHO cells


Naglaa A. Ashry and Heba I. Mohamed

Impact of secondary metabolites and related enzymes in flax resistance and/or susceptibility to powdery mildew

Amrollah Nabigol

Pre-harvest calcium sulfate application improves postharvest quality of cut rose flowers

Nhut, D. T., Vinh, B. V. T., Hien, T. T., Huy, N. P., Nam, N. B., Chien, H. X.

Effects of spermidine, proline and carbohydrate sources on somatic embryogenesis from main root transverse thin cell layers of Vietnamese ginseng (Panax vietnamensis Ha et. Grushv.)

Charles Lung’aho, George Chemining’wa, Solomon Shibairo, Margaret Hutchinson and Miriam Mbiyu

Cost effective slow growth in vitro conservation of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) using table sugar as an alternative carbon source

Hend A. Alwathnani and Kahkashan Perveen

Biological control of fusarium wilt of tomato by antagonist fungi and cyanobacteria

Meihong Xu and Ming-Hui Wang

Genome-wide analysis of 1-amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase gene family in Arabidopsis, rice, grapevine and poplar

Shakil Ahmed, Noor Zaman and S. N. Khan

Evaluation of manuring practices on root rot disease and agronomic characters of Arachis hypogeae L.

Taregh Ghanifathi, Reza Shahryari and Vahid Mollasadeghi

Effect of potassium humate on early growth of Gobustan wheat variety

Ijaz Ahmad, Tasneem Khaliq Ashfaq Ahmad, Shahzad M. A. Basra, Zuhair Hasnain and Amjed Ali

Effect of seed priming with ascorbic acid, salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide on emergence, vigor and antioxidant activities of maize

Josef Vlasák, Jindřich Břiza, Hana Niedermeierová, Daniela Pavingerová, Aleš Eichmeier, Miroslav Baránek and Miroslav Pidra

GFLV coat protein constructs based on local isolates from the Czech Republic

L. Nyobe, J-T. Zhang and S.T. Huang

Saikosaponins a and d roots concentration in five Bupleurum species from four mountains in China


Li Yu-hong, Wang Ke-jian, Wu Sui-jie, Harrison I. Atagana, Wu Wen-lin and Tian Yun

Physiological responses and expression of Mn-superoxide dismutase mRNA in Phascolosoma esculenta exposed to benzo(a)pyrene (BaP)

H. G. Ularamu, O. A. Owolodun, T. Y. Woma, B. J. Audu, G. B. Aaron, S. C. Chollom and D. Shamaki

Molecular diagnosis of recent suspected outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Wael N. Hozzein, Mohammed Bastawy Ahmed and Marzouka Shaban Abdel Tawab

Efficiency of some actinomycete isolates in biological treatment and removal of heavy metals from wastewater


Weijun Wang, Lanwei Zhang and Yanhua Li

Effect of specialized combined strains on reconstituted milk reduced-fat cheese

Hadiza Altine Adamu, Shahid Iqbal, Kim Wei Chan and Maznah Ismail

Biotransformation of ferulic acid to 4-vinyl guaiacol by Lactobacillus farciminis

Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar and Nayera A.M. Abdelwahed

Optimization of process parameters for the production of alkali-tolerant carboxymethyl cellulase by newly isolated Streptomyces sp. strain NEAE-D


Donatien Kaboré, Hagrétou Sawadogo-Lingani, Mamoudou H. Dicko, Bréhima Diawara and Mogens Jakobsen

Acid resistance, bile tolerance and antimicrobial properties of dominant lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional “maari” baobab seeds fermented condiment


O. S. Olorunnisola, G. Bradley and A. J. Afolayan

Antioxidant activity of acetone and ethanolic leaves extracts of Hippobromus pauciflorus (L.f.) Radlk.

Sai-Kun Pan, Dong-Rui Yao, Ming-Qian Zhou and Sheng-Jun Wu

Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of peptide from sea cucumber using enzyme complex isolated from the digestive tract of sea cucumber


Siavash Savadi Oskoee, Amir Ahmad Ajami, Soodabeh Kimyai2*, Mahmood Bahari, Saeed Rahimi, Parnian Alizadeh Oskoee, Elmira Jafari Navimipour and Shiva Solahaye Kahnamouii

The effect of storage and type of adhesive resin on microleakage of enamel margins in class V composite restorations

Qiuyang Li, Jie Tang, Yanmi Li, Xiang Fei, Yan Zhang, Enhui He and Mingbo Zhang

Potential predictive factors of positive prostate biopsy in the Chinese population

Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit, Y. Jamous, Fars Al-Anazi, Mohsen Bayomi, Ibrahib Alsarrah and M. D. Fathallah

Quality control of optimized hepatitis B plasmid DNA vaccine

Rüstem Duman

Antiherpetic activity of some endemic Hypericum species in Turkey


Zheng Ma, Xuping Shentu, Yalin Bian and Xiaoping Yu

Production of 1,3-propanediol by Klebsiella pneumoniae using raw glycerol from Zygosacharomyces rouxii

Ferda Gönen and D. Selen Serin

Adsorption study on orange peel: Removal of Ni(II) ions from aqueous solution

Amira Sh. Soliman, Nermeen T. Shanan, Osama N. Massoud and D.M. Swelim

Improving salinity tolerance of Acacia saligna (Labill.) plant by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium inoculation

Yongtao Li, Sanmei Ma, Yongfei Wang, Xiaoli Xuan, Liqun Hou, Qingrong Sun and Keqiang Yang

The dynamics of fat, protein and sugar metabolism during walnut (Juglans regia L.) fruit development


Guojian Jiang

Can white spot syndrome virus be transmitted through the phytoplankton›rotifer ›artemia›shrimp pathway?


AL-Eissa M. S., Saad Alkahtani, Al-Farraj S. A., Saud A. Alarifi, Al-Dahmash B. and Hamad Al-Yahya

Seasonal variation effects on the composition of blood in Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) in Saudi Arabia

Akbar Pirestani, Mohmmad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, Sayed Morteza Hosseini, Fariba Moulavi, Mahdi Hajian, Mohsen Forouzanfar, Parvaneh Abedi, Somayeh Ostad Hosseini, and Laleh Hosseini

Application of in vitro production-embryo transfer in the protection and development of lactational potential of superior cows

Maryam Royan

A study on correlation coefficients between fatty acids in the meat of chickens fed fatty acids (PUFAs) rich diets


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