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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (70-74), 2011

African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (70), 2011



Yue-fei Xu, Jing-wei Jin, Tie-yuan Liu, He Zhou, Tian-ming Hu, Quan-zhen Wang and Ming-xiu Long

Regulation function of nitric oxide (NO) in leaves of plant under environmental stress

Research Articles


Sun Min, Shi Qing Qing, Yin Yan Hui, Fu De Zhi, Qin Yu Rong, Xu Feng and Li Bi Chun

Generation of antiviral transgenic chicken using spermatogonial stem cell transfected in vivo

H. R. Singh, B. G. Unni, K. Neog and M. Bhattacharyya

Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) based genetic variation studies in eri silkworm (Samia cynthia ricini Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)

Izzat S. A. Tahir, Osman S. Abdalla, Nakata Noboru, Hala M. M. Elamein, Abdelbagi M. Ali and Fouad J. El-Haramein

Allelic variation at Glu-1 loci and its association with grain quality of wheat grown in an irrigated hot environment

Dagmawit Chombe Tobiaw and Endashaw Bekele

Analysis of genetic diversity among cultivated enset (Ensete ventricosum) populations from Essera and Kefficho, southwestern part of Ethiopia using inter simple sequence repeats (ISSRs) marker

K. Abbasi, S. Abbasi, K. B. Fotouhifar, A. R. Zebarjadi and K. Cheghamirza

Genetic diversity of Cytospora chrysosperma isolates obtained from Iranian walnut trees using molecular markers

Ilknur Solmaz, Nebahat Sari, Irmak Gürsoy, Serkan Kasapoglu

Comparison of in vivo and in vitro Colchicine Application for Production of Dihaploid ‘Kirkagac’ and ‘Yuva Hasanbey’ Melons


Lei Lei, Zheren Fan, Lin Tang and Fang Chen

Molecular cloning and identification of tissue-specific expression of ent-kaurene oxidase gene in Momordica charantia

Aamir Ali, Anum Sajid, Naima Huma Naveed, Abdul Majid, Asif Saleem, Umair A. Khan, Fisal Iqbal Jafery and Shagufta Naz

Initiation, proliferation and development of micro-propagation system for mass scale production of banana through meristem culture

S. K. Sabbagh

Effect of GR24, a synthetic analogue of strigolactones, on gene expression of solopathogenic strain of Sporisorium reilianum

X.M Ma, C.F. Wu and G.R. Wang

Application of artificial seeds in rapid multiplication of Pseudostellaria heterophylla

Murat Aydin, Metin Tosun and Kamil Haliloglu

Plant regeneration in wheat mature embryo culture


Ramesh kumar, M. and Saravanan, K.

Application of reverse osmosis membrane system for treatment of effluent in textile knitted fabric dyeing

Weiyu Shi and Kaibo Wang

Assessment of ecological, economic and social impacts of grain for green on the counties of north Shaanxi in the Loess Plateau, China: A case study of Mizhi County

Liu Da-lin, Hu Kai-qi, Ma Jing-jing, Qiu Wei-wei, Wang Xiu-ping and Zhang Shu-pan

Effects of cadmium on the growth and physiological characteristics of sorghum plants


Xin Cheng, Jia Zhou, Lin Huang and Kun-tai Li

Improved riboflavin production by Eremothecium ashbyii using glucose and yeast extract

Mohammad S. Abdul-Razzaq and Lamees A. Abdul-Lateef

Molecular phylogeny of Escherichia coli isolated from clinical samples in Hilla, Iraq


Y. Vaghasiya, H. Patel and S. Chanda

Antibacterial activity of Mangifera indica L. seeds against some human pathogenic bacterial strains


Parisa Honari, Zeenathul Nazariah Allaudin, Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila and Nor Hidayah Bt Mustafa

An approach towards optimal usage of immobilized sensor chips in Surface Plasmon Resonance based biosensor


Li Dong-Bao, Hua Qi, Li Hong-Wei, Chen Hui and Zhao Shu-Mei

Effects of early angioplasty after fibrinolysis on prognosis of patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction

Rong Li and Zhiling Dao

Identification of Meconopsis species by a DNA barcode sequence: The nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of ribosomal deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)


Gulab Singh Thakur, Rohit Sharma, Bhagwan S. Sanodiya, Mukeshwar Pandey, Rakesh Baghel, Astha Gupta, GBKS Prasad and P. S. Bisen

High frequency in vitro shoot regeneration of Momordica balsamina, an important medicinal and nutritional plant


Sreten Mitrovic, Snezana Bogosavljevic-Boskovic, Goran Stanisic, Vladan Djermanovic, Vladimir Doskovic and Simeon Rakonjac

Carcass characteristics of two strains of native broilers (White Naked Neck and Black Svrljig) fattened under a semi-intensive system

Mahmoud karami, Cyrus Amirinia, Naser E. J. Kashan, Nour Amirmozafari, Mohammad Chamani and Mohammad Hossein Banabazi

Polymorphisms of the prion protein gene Arabi sheep breed in Iran

D. Ružić-Muslic, M. P. Petrovic, M. M. Petrovic, Z. Bijelic, V. Pantelic and P. Perišic

Effects of different protein sources of diet on yield and quality of lamb meat

Beheshti Rahim, Shaiegh Jalal and Nasiri Yosef

Effect of cysteine supplementation on in vitro maturation of bovine oocyte

Weiwei Wu, Hanikezi, Mei Yang, Ping Gong, Feng Wang, Yuezhen Tian, Xinming Xu, Xuefeng Fu, Haqikezi, Kechuan Tian and Zhiqin Guo

Effect of two follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) preparations and simplified superovulatory treatments on superovulatory response in Xinji fine-wool sheep


African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (71), 2011


Research Articles


Nguyen Minh Tam, Nguyen T. Phuong Trang and Nguyen Thi Hoa

Genetic diversity of an endangered species, Fokienia hodginsii (Cupressaceae)

Ghaffar Kiani

Marker aided selection for aroma in F2 populations of rice

Yujie Lu, Zhongjian Guo, Ruifang Li and Wei Yan

Identification and sequence analysis of pyrokinin/PBAN peptide of psocids, Liposcelis entomophila

Lv Lingling, Sun Guangming, Xie Jianghui, Zhang Jianxia, Liu Shenghui, Liu Yuge, Wei Changbin, Zeng Songjun and Duan Jun

Cloning and expression analysis of a partial LEAFY homologue from pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.)


Djordje Moravčević, Vukašin Bjelić, Dubravka Savić, Jelica Gvozdanović Varga, Damir Beatović, Slavica Jelačić and Vlade Zarić

Effect of plant density on the characteristics of photosynthetic apparatus of garlic (Allium sativum var. vulgare L.)

Sati Çöçü and Oguzhan Uzun

Germination, seedling growth and ion accumulation of bitter vetch (Vicia ervilia (L.) Willd. ) lines under NaCl stress

S. Z. Tesfay, I. Bertling, A. O. Odindo, P. L. Greenfield and T.S. Workneh.

Growth responses of tropical onion cultivars to photoperiod and temperature based on growing degree days

R. El-Bakatoushi, A. K. Hegazy, H. Saad and M. Fawzy

Genetic diversity in coastal and inland desert populations of Peganum harmala L. (Peganaceae)

M. Brestic, Shao H. B., P. Ferus and J. Malbeck

Perioxidases play important roles in abscisic acid (ABA)-simulating photosystem II (PSII) thermostabilty of apple tree rootstock leaves

Ibrahim Mohamed Aref, Hashim Ali El Atta, Thobayet Al Shahrani and Abdullah Ismail Mohamed

Effects of seed pretreatment and seed source on germination of five Acacia spp.

González-Cruz Leopoldo, Jaramillo-Flores María Eugenia, Bernardino-Nicanor Aurea and Mora-Escobedo Rosalva

Influence of plant age on fructan content and fructosyltranserase activity in Agave atrovirens Karw leaves

Ilknur Korkutal, Alain Carbonneau and Elman Bahar

Effects of early water stress levels on berry set and berry development in Merlot cv. (Vitis vinifera L.)

Marcos Ribeiro da Silva Vieira, Giuseppina Pace Pereira Lima, Angela Vacaro de Souza, Paula Nepomuceno Costa, Caio Marcio Guimaraes Santos, Leonardo de Sousa Alves and Nelson Geraldo de Oliveira

Effect of gibberellic acid on the quality of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora L.) cv. Faroe

Nikolaos Kapoulas, Zoran S. Ilić, Mihal Đurovka, Radmila Trajković and Lidija Milenković

Effect of organic and conventional production practices on nutritional value and antioxidant activity of tomatoes

Mohiti, M., Ardalan, M. M., Mohammadi Torkashvand, A. and Shokri Vahed, H.

The efficiency of potassium fertilization methods on the growth of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under salinity stress

Bekir Bukun

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) yield loss estimation with common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.) interference

Zahra Khodarahmpour

Screening maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids for salt stress tolerance at germination stage


Shruti Murthy, Geetha Bali and S. K. Sarangi

Effect of lead on metallothionein concentration in lead-resistant bacteria Bacillus cereus isolated from industrial effluent

Mohammed Saidu, Mohd Razman Salim and Muhamad Ali Mohamed Yuzir

Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) on palm oil mesocarp fibre

Liping Qiu, Xingchang Zhang, Linhai Li and Jianlun Gao

Changes in soil properties with vegetation types in highland grassland of the Loess Plateau, China


Tochukwu N. Nwagu, Bartho N. Okolo and Hideki Aoyagi

Immobilization of raw starch digesting amylase on silica gel: A comparative study

Ben Hammou, F., Skali, S. N., Idaomar, M. and Abrini, J.

The antimicrobial effect of Origanum compactum essential oil, nisin and their combination against Escherichia coli in tryptic soy broth (TSB) and in sheep natural sausage casings during storage at 25 and 7°C

Eneji, S.M., Inuwa, H.M., Ibrahim, S., Ibrahim, A.B. and Abdulfattah, A.

In vitro assessment of bioactive components of Mirabilis jalapa ethanolic extract on clinical isolates of Salmonella typhi and Bacillus cereus

Sooraj S. Nath, K. Nathiya, R. Dhanabalan, J. Angayarkanni and M. Palaniswamy

Detection of mycobacterial antibodies in serum samples by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay


N. Nganou Donkeng, J. Maiwore, L. Tatsadjieu Ngoune, D. Montet and C. M. F. Mbofung

Characterization of the bacterial flora of tilapia (Oreochoromis niloticus) harvested from four lakes in the north of Cameroon

E. C. Okwor, D. C. Eze, K. E. Okonkwo1 and J. O. Ibu

Comparative evaluation of agar gel precipitation test (AGPT) and indirect haemagglutination test (IHA) for the detection of antibodies against infectious bursal disease (IBD) virus in village chickens


Gaytán-Martínez M., Figueroa J. D. C., Morales-Sánchez E., Vázquez-Landaverde P. A. and Martínez-Flores H. E.

Physicochemical properties of masa and corn tortilla made by ohmic heating

Sevinç Aydin, Ökkeş Yilmaz and Zehra Gokce

Effectiveness of matured Morus nigra L. (black mulberry) fruit extract on 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH?) and hydroxyl (OH?) radicals as compared to less matured fruit extract


Kamel Ahmad Saleh and Mohammad Ali Alshehri

The intensity of pollutant genotoxicity in Lake Uluabat: Investigation of the peripheral erythrocytes of Cyprinus carpio

Basheer K. Adebayo, Segun Ayejuyo, Hussein K. Okoro and B. J. Ximba

Spectrophotometric determination of iron (III) in tap water using 8-hydoxyquinoline as a chromogenic reagent

Hai-Lin Yang, Yan-Yu Wei, Li-Ping Zhou and Jing-Jing Kong

Expression and characterization of recombinant human serum albumin fusion protein with C-peptide

Ömer Beyhan, Mahfuz Elmastaş, Nusret Genc and Hüseyin Akşit

Effect of altitude on fatty acid composition in Turkish hazelnut(Coryllus avellana L.) varieties


Ramasamy Sivasamy, Jayaraman Angayarkanni and Muthuswamy Palaniswamy

A novel filarial topoisomerase II inhibitor produced by native isolate Micrococcus luteus B1252

Fariba Saleh Saber and Nader Abolfazli

The effect of disinfection by spray atomization on dimensional accuracy of condensation silicone impressions

Shahriar Shahi, Hamid Reza Yavari, Mahsa Eskandarinezhad, Arezoo Kashani,Saeed Rahimi and Hooman Sadrhaghighi

Comparative investigation of marginal adaptation of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and Portland cement as root-end filling materials: A scanning electron microscopy (SEM) study


Hussein Khamis Hussein, Osama Abdullah Abu-Zinadah, Haddad Abdel Samie El Rabey and Mohamed Fareez Meerasahib

Environmental assessment of ground water pollution by heavy metals and bioaccumulation of mercury residues in chicken tissues

E. Maroufyan, A. Kasim, M. Hair Bejo, T. C. Loh, A. F. Soleimani, and M. Ebrahimi

Functional alteration of breast muscle fatty acid profile by manipulation of dietary n-6:n-3 ratios in broiler chickens

Karolina Szulc, Magdalena Szyndler-Nędza, Piotr Luciński, Ewa Skrzypczak and Janusz T. Buczyński

The effect of sex, slaughter weight and weight gains in PEN-AR-LAN fatteners on their slaughter value

African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (72), 2011



Zhang Zhengbin, Duan Ziyuan, Shao Hongbo, Chen Peng and Xu Ping

Establishing a biotech-agriculture for China

Abimbola M Enitan and Josiah Adeyemo

Food processing optimization using evolutionary algorithms

Research Articles


Baosheng Wang, Jingjuan Yu, Dengyun Zhu and Qian Zhao

Maize defensin ZmDEF1 is involved in plant response to fungal phytopathogens

Pin Zhang, Li Zeng, Yan-Xue Su, Xiao-Wen Gong and Xiao-Sha Wang

Karyotype studies on Tagetes erecta L. and Tagetes patula L.

M. Ajmal Ali, Fahad M. A. Al-Hemaid1, Joongku Lee, R. K. Choudhary, Naif A. Al-Harbi and Soo-Yong Kim

Genetic diversity assessment of Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C. Jeffrey from India using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA

Ikram-ul-Haq, Salma Memon, Nazia Parveen Gill and Muhammad Tahir Rajput

Regeneration of plantlets under NaCl stress from NaN3 treated sugarcane explants


Wichuda Jankangram, Sompong Thammasirirak, Meriel G. Jones, James Hartwell and Piyada Theerakulpisut

Proteomic and transcriptomic analysis reveals evidence for the basis of salt sensitivity in Thai jasmine rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. KDML 105)

Ilhan Kaya, Asude Çallak Kirişözü, Figen Yildirim Ersoy, Şahin Dere and Mahinur S. Akkaya

Genetic diversity and relationship analysis among accessions of Aegilops ssp. in Turkey using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers

Wu Chun, Xu Li, Wang Yuancheng, Chen Hu and Huang Xianzhi.

Determination of total polyphenol content and antityrosinase capacity of mulberrymedicine (Morusnigra L.) extract

Petrić Marija, Subotić Angelina, Jevremović Slađana and Trifunović Milana

Somatic embryogenesis and bulblet regeneration in snakehead fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris L.)

Yu Jiang, Chunbang Ding, Haixia Yue and Ruiwu Yang

Meiotic behavior and pollen fertility of five species in the genus Epimedium


Sohbat Bahraminejad, Saeed Abbasi and Mehdi Fazlali

In vitro antifungal activity of 63 Iranian plant species against three different plant pathogenic fungi

Sabahi asl Mitra, Nejatkhah Parisa, Ramezanpour Zohreh, Heidary Negin

Effects of different photoperiods and concentrations of phosphate on the growth of the cyanobacterium Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Woloszynska)

Yongqing Liu, Guang-Cai Chen, Jianfeng Zhang, Xiang Shi and Renmin Wang

Uptake of cadmium from hydroponic solutions by willows (Salix spp.) seedlings

Saeed Saeedipour and Foad Moradi.

Relationship between abscisic acid (ABA) concentration and some physiological traits in two wheat cultivars differing in post-anthesis drought-resistance

Dong Shikui, Li Jinpeng, Li Xiaoyan, Liu Shiliang, and Zhao Qinghe.

Impacts of geo-physical factors and human disturbance on composition and diversity of roadside vegetation: A case study from Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve of Southwest China

Saleh Arekhi

Modeling spatial pattern of deforestation using GIS and logistic regression: A case study of northern Ilam forests, Ilam province, Iran

Ines Slama, Selma Tayachi, Asma Jdey, Aida Rouached and Chedly Abdelly

Differential response to water deficit stress in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) cultivars: Growth, water relations, osmolyte accumulation and lipid peroxidation


Xiaopu Yin, Qiuyan Wang, Shu-juan Zhao, Peng-fei Du, Kai-lin Xie, Peng Jin and Tian Xie

Cloning and characterization of a thermostable 2-deoxy-D-ribose-5-phosphate aldolase from Aciduliprofundum boonei

Young-Jung Wee, Soo-Yeon Kim, Soon-Do Yoon and Hwa-Won Ryu

Isolation and characterization of a bacterial cellulose-producing bacterium derived from the persimmon vinegar

Hong Yan, Yingjie Dai, Ying Zhang, Lilong Yan and Dan Liu.

Purification and characterization of an endo-1,4-ß-glucanase from Bacillus cereus


Rong Li, Yu Zhao and Xiaolu Jiang

Chemical composition of Hirsutella beakdumountainsis, a potential substitute for Cordyceps sinensis

Fatma Yaylaci Karahalil and Hüseyin Şahin

Phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity of Cherry laurel (Laurocerasus officinalis Roem.) sampled from Trabzon region, Turkey

Da-Yong Jiang, Yun Bai and He-jun Guo

Exhaust emissions and combustion performances of ethylene glycol monomethyl ether palm oil monoester as a novel biodiesel

Ying Xia Li, Jian Wei Yang, Feng Li Hui, Wei Wei Fan and Ying Yang

Optimization of biodiesel production from rice bran oil via immobilized lipase catalysis


Wang Zhong, Chen Shaoze, Wang Daowen, Wang Li, Zhai Zhihong, Duan Juncang, Zhang Wangqiang and Zhang Jingyu

Study on correlation between polymorphism of adiponectin receptor gene and essential hypertension of Xinjiang Uygur, Kazak and Han in China

Neeta N. Surve and Uttamkumar S. Bagde

Mechanism of action of pefloxacin on surface morphology, DNA gyrase activity and dehydrogenase enzymes of Klebsiella aerogenes

N. W. Muhd Sharif, N. A. Mustahil, H. S. Mohd Noor, M. A. Sukari*, M. Rahmani, Y. H. Taufiq-Yap and G. C. L. Ee

Cytotoxic constituents of Clausena excavata

Nwadinigwe, Alfreda Ogochukwu

Antimicrobial activities of methanol and aqueous extracts of the stem of Bryophyllum pinnatum Kurz (Crassulaceae)

Ahmad Sheibaninia, Mohammad Ali Saghiri, A. Showkatbakhsh, C. Sunitha, S. Sepasi, M. Mohamadi and N. Esfahanizadeh

Determining the relationship between the application of fixed appliances and periodontal conditions


Gonca Ece Ozcan, Mahmut Eroglu and Hazan Alkan Akinci

Use of pheromone-baited traps for monitoring Ips sexdentatus (Boerner) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in oriental spruce stands

Abbas Hosseinzadeh

Distributional record of oak gall wasp (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) species’ diversity in different regions of West-Azerbaijan, Iran

XuHong Song, PingPing Wang and HongYu Zhang

Phosphine resistance in Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) from different geographical populations in China

Adile Akpinar, Ismail Varol, Faruk Kutbay and Bilal Taşdemir

Contribution to the knowledge of Gnaphosidae (Arachnida: Araneae) in Turkey


Yechun Wang and Kexuan Tang

A new endophytic taxol- and baccatin III-producing fungus isolated from Taxus chinensis var. mairei


Cheng-Han Huang, Yi-Ming Huang, Yung-Sheng Tseng, Wei-Chi Lee, Jui-Te Wu, Zhi-Jia Zheng and Hsi-Tien Wu

Heart dysfunction and fibrosis in rat treated with myocardial ischemia and reperfusion

Orelien Sylvain Mtopi Bopda, Theophile Dimo, Ives Seukep Tonkep, Louis Zapfack, Desire Zeufiet Djomeni and Pierre Kamtchouing

Cardiodepression as a possible mechanism of the hypotensive effects of the methylene chloride/methanol leaf extract of Brillantaisia nitens Lindau (Acanthaceae) in rats

Karolina Szulc, Karol Borzuta, Dariusz Lisiak, Janusz T. Buczynski, Jerzy Strzelecki, Eugenia Grzeskowiak, Fabian Magda and Beata Lisiak

Influence of cross-breeding of native breed sows of Zlotnicka spotted with boars of Duroc and polish large white (PLW) breeds on the slaughter value fatteners


African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (73), 2011



Zhong, J. and Dai, L. C.

Liposomal preparation by supercritical fluids technology

Research Articles


Mohammadreza Shiri

Identification of informative simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for drought tolerance in maize

Jin-Yu Zhang, Ji Zhang, Wei-Ze Yang, Yuan-Zhong Wang, Hong Yu and Hang Jin

Morphological diversity of wild medicinal Paris L. from China and Vietnam

Nurhayati H. Munawer, Siti Aishah Md Ali, Reena Md Zain, Munirah Mohd Ali, Rohaizak Muhammad, Noraidah Masir, Chandramaya S. Florence, Rafie Mohamed K, Asmiati Arbi, Sharifah Noor Akmal and Srijit Das

Determination of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) amplification using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH) and automated silver in situ hybridization (SISH)

Weerachai Matthayatthaworn, Prapa Sripichitt, Chalermphol Phumichai, Sarawut Rungmekarat, Saovaluck Uckarach and Tanee Sreewongchai

Development of specific simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for non-pollen type thermo-sensitive genic male sterile gene in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

R. H. Yu, X. H. Shan, S. Wang, X. H. Li, Y. Jiang, H. Tan and Y. D. Li

A screening method for detecting simple sequence repeat (SSR) polymorphism of Zea mays using high-resolution melting-curve analysis

Cengiz Yücedag

Effects of cracking and sowing time on germination of Styrax officinalis L. seeds

Xiaoling Yang, Jing Ji, Gang Wang, Shaohui Yang, Qing Zhao and Tchouopou Lontchi Josine

Over-expressing Salicornia europaea (SeNHX1) gene in tobacco improves tolerance to salt

Ghorban Elyasi Zarringhabaie, Nasrollah Pirany and Arash Javanmard

Molecular traceability of the species origin of meats using multiplex PCR


Mei-Zhen Wang, Yan-Lin Pan, Cong Li, Chen Liu, Qian Zhao, Guang-Ming Ao and Jing-Juan Yu

Culturing of immature inflorescences and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of foxtail millet (Setaria italica)

Malka Saba, Abdul Nasir Khalid and Najam-Ul-Sehar Afshan

Species of the genus Uromyces (Basidiomycota: Pucciniales) from Leepa Valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ and K), Pakistan

Nausherwan Nobel Nawab, Akhter Saeed, Muhammad Sudheer Tariq, Kashif Nadeem, Khalid Mahmood, Mumtaz Ul-Hassan, Qamar Shakil, Muhammad Shafique Alam, Syed Ijaz Hussain and Asif Ali Khan

Inheritance of okra leaf type in different genetic backgrounds and its effects on fibre and agronomic traits in cotton

Doungous Oumar, Anne Eyango Sama, Amayana Adiobo and Simon Zok

Determination of ploidy level by flow cytometry and autopolyploid induction in cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)

Vahid Reza Saffari, G. R. Sharifi-Sirchi and M. H. Torabi-Sirchi

Enhancing rooting consistency in Rosa damascena scions

Ying Liu, Jiarong Gao, Huipin Lou, Jinrui Zhang and Qiang Cui

The root anchorage ability of Salix alba var. tristis using a pull-out test

Ösmetullah Arvas, Şeyda Zorer Çelebi and Ibrahim Hakki Yilmaz

Effect of sewage sludge and synthetic fertilizer on pH, available N and P in pasture soils in semi-arid area, Turkey

Zeynel Dalkiliç and H. Osman Mestav

In vitro pollen quantity, viability and germination tests in quince

Barkatullah and Muhammad Ibrar

Plants profile of Malakand Pass Hills, District Malakand, Pakistan

Wenting Han, Shuaibin Shi, Zhaolong Zhu, Xue Liu and Zhang Juanli

A simulation test of the impact on soil moisture by agricultural machinery

Muhammad Ahmad, Abdur Razzaq, Muhammad Ashraf, Abdul Qayyum and Mathew A. Jenks.

Response of spring type wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars to different chilling treatments

Narges Khanpour Ardestani, Hassan Zare-Maivan and Faeze Ghanati

Effect of different concentrations of potassium and magnesium on mycorrhizal colonization of maize in pot culture

Entela Lato and Dritan Ajdinaj

Evaluation of extractive content in Albanian white oak (Quercus petraea Liebl)


Xuemei Han, Renqing Wang, Weihua Guo2, Xugui Pang, Juan Zhou, Qiang Wang, Jincheng Zhan and Jierui Dai

Soil microbial community response to land use and various soil elements in a city landscape of north China

Saleem, M.1, Chakrabarti, M. H. and Diya’uddeen Basheer Hasan

Electrochemical removal of nitrite in simulated aquaculture wastewater


Multivariate analysis of germination ability and tolerance to salinity in Agropyron desertorum genotypes in greenhouse condition

Fonge, B. A., Tening, A. S., Egbe, A. E., Awo, E. M., Focho, D. A., Oben, P. M., Asongwe, G. A. and Zoneziwoh, R. M.

Fish (Arius heudelotii Valenciennes, 1840) as bio-indicator of heavy metals in Douala Estuary of Cameroon


García-Méndez, S., Martínez-Flores, H.E. and Morales-Sánchez, E.

Effect of extrusion parameters on some properties of dietary fiber from lemon (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) residues


Li Xu, Hui Liang, Li- Ping Gan, Wen-Dong Wang, Yang-Hu Sima and Shi-Qing Xu

Timeless is a critical gene in the diapause of silkworm, Bombyx mori

Zhang Man-Hua, Wan Yan-Hui, Wang Song, Ji Shang-Wei, Zhang Yong-Gui, Li Yan, Li Hong-Yan and Wang Jiang-Bin

C@Fe3O4/NTA-Ni magnetic nanospheres purify histidine-tagged fetidin: A technical note

T. Feng, X. Shao1, J. Li, L. Cheng, M. Fang, L. Wu and N. Wu

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 Tat downregulates the phosphorylation of recepteur d'origine nantais (RON) receptor tyrosine kinase induced by macrophage-stimulating protein

A. F. El Baz, Y. M. Shetaia and R. R. Elkhouli

Kinetic behavior of Candida tropicalis during xylitol production using semi-synthetic and hydrolysate based media

Chen Liu, HongLi Yuan, JinShui Yang and BaoZhen Li

Effective biosorption of reactive blue 5 by pH-independent lyophilized biomass of Bacillus megaterium


Anita Tilwari, Shukla N.P. and Uma Devi P.

Effect of five medicinal plants used in Indian system of medicines on immune function in Wistar rats

Saad Norazalina, Mohd Esa Norhaizan, Ithnin Hairuszah, Abdul Rahman Sabariah, Shafie Nurul Husna and Ismail Norsharina

Antiproliferation and apoptosis induction of phytic acid in hepatocellular carcinoma (HEPG2) cell lines

Mohamed Anwar K Abdelhalim, Mohammed S Al-Ayed, AS Alhomida and Sherif A. Abdelmottaleb Moussa

Absorption optical density as a diagnostic tool for indicating the toxicity of gold nanoparticles

Hasan Ejaz, Ikram-ul-Haq, Aizza Zafar, Saqib Mahmood, Muhammad Mohsin Javed

Urinary tract infections caused by extended spectrum ß-lactamase (ESBL) producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae


Subramaniam Gopalakrishnan, G. V. Ranga Rao, Pagidi Humayun, V. Rameshwar Rao, Gottumukkala Alekhya, Simi Jacob, Kanala Deepthi, Meesala Sree Vidya, V. Srinivas, Linga Mamatha and Om Rupela

Efficacy of botanical extracts and entomopathogens on control of Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera litura


Özgür Emiroglu

Alien fish species in upper Sakarya River and their distribution


Lamia Mhadhebi, Audrey Laroche- Clary, Jacques Robert and Abderrahman Bouraoui

Anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-oxidant activities of organic extracts from the Mediterranean seaweed, Cystoseira crinita


Zhuanjian Li, Wenjiao Guo, Xianyong Lan, Jing Wang, Mingxun Li, Yongzhen Huang, Bao Zhang, Chuzhao Lei and Hong Chen

Weaver gene 3'UTR novel mutations: Associations with production traits and milk composition in dairy goat

Ren-Jin Chen, Zhang-Ping Yang, Xiao-Rong Zhu, Ya-Qin Zhang, De-Jun Ji, Yong-Jiang Mao, Xiao-Long Wang and Yun-Long Li

Analysis of genetic polymorphism and genetic distance among four sheep populations


African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (74), 2011


Research Articles


Dong Xu, Zou Shiping, Wu Xiaoxiong, Dai Hanchuan, Zeng Cuiping, Wang Xu and Long Liangqi

cDNA structure, genomic organization and expression patterns of visfatin in silver Prussian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio)

Reza Nahavandi, Parivash Hafezamini, Hassan Moeini, Mohammad Zareian Jahromi and Mariana Nor Shamsudin

Population of bottleneck and microsatellite: An Analysis Based on genetic diversity of Wild Tiger Shrimp Penaeus monodon (Fabricius) in Malaysia

Limei Wang, Jin Li, Rongsheng Zhu, Liangde Xu, Ying He, Ruijie Zhang and Shaoqi Rao

A novel stepwise support vector machine (SVM) method based on optimal feature combination for predicting miRNA precursors

Wei Deng, Wei-Guo Dong, Na Zhan, Fei Liao and Hong-xue Wu

Human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER 2)/neu expression and gene amplification in colorectal cancer

Chen Xiao Hua, G. R. Wang and Yao Lei

Evaluation of essential oil composition and DNA diversity of mint resources from China

Jun Tao, Chenqin Qian, Zhongqiu Tang, Ping Chen, Yan Wang and Yunrui Han

Chemical fingerprint technique and its application in the classification and quality assessment of the Gastrodia tuber

Gaopu Zhu, Jiyuan Li, Sui Ni, Zhengqi Fan, Hengfu Yin, Xinlei Li and Xingwen Zhou

The potential role of B-function gene involved in floral development for double flowers formation in Camellia changii Ye

Hakan Karadag and Yaşar Akça

Phenological and pomological properties of promising walnut (Juglans regia L.) genotypes from selected native population in Amasya Province

Cong Jiang, Qiang Wen, Ying Chen, Li-an Xu and Min-ren Huang

Efficient extraction of RNA from various Camellia species rich in secondary metabolites for deep transcriptome sequencing and gene expression analysis


Peiqian Li, Birun Lin Huifang Shen and Xiaoming Pu

Species-specific detection of Dickeya sp. (Pectobacterium chrysanthemi) in infected banana tissues, soil and water

A. K. Hegazy, M. H. Emam and A. A. Alatar

Growth and reproductive attributes of radionuclide phytoremediators in the Mediterranean coastal black sands

Mohsin Zafar, M. K. Abbasi, Nasir Rahim, Abdul Khaliq, Aqila Shaheen, Muhammad Jamil and Muhammad Shahid

Influence of integrated phosphorus supply and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on growth, nodulation, yield and nutrient uptake in Phaseolus vulgaris

Tahereh Parvaneh, Hossein Afshari and Abdolghafar Ebadi

A study of the influence of different rootstocks on the vegetative growth of almond cultivars

Ahmad Bybordi

Zinc, nitrogen and salinity interaction on agronomic traits and some qualitative characteristic of canola

Ahmad Bybordi

Effect of ammonium : nitrate ratio on fatty acid composition and proline accumulation of canola cultivars grown under salinity stress

Onyeonagu, C. C. and Asiegbu, J. E.

The effect of sward type, cutting frequency and fertilizer-N application on tiller production, yield and proportions of crop fractions of Panicum maximum with or without Stylosanthes hamata

N. D. Mamphiswana, P. W. Mashela and L. K. Mdee

Accumulative capabilities of essential nutrient elements in organs of Monsonia burkeana

Mozhgan Ziaie Bidhendi, Rajab Choukan, Farokh Darvish, Khodadad Mostafavi, and Eslam Majidi Hervan

Determination of combining abilities and heterotic patterns of fourteen medium to late maturing Iranian maize inbred lines using diallel mating design

Chnar Najmaddin, Khatijah Hussin and Haja Maideen

Comparative study on the anatomy and palynology of the three variety of Vitis vinifera varity (family Vitaceae)

Kalaiselvi Senthil, Nithya Karunanithi, Gon Sup Kim, Arulkumar Nagappan, Sendrayaperumal Sundareswaran, Senthil Natesan and Raveendran Muthurajan.

Proteome analysis of in vitro and in vivo root tissue of Withania somnifera

Jianping Bao and Shaoling Zhang

Changes in endogenous hormone contents of pear stock (Pyrus betulaefolia Bge. and Pyrus calleryana Dcne.) seeds during cold stratification


Lina Chen, Hengxia Yin, Jin Xu and Xiaojing Liu

Enhanced antioxidative responses of a salt-resistant wheat cultivar facilitate its adaptation to salt stress

Ling Juan, Zhang Yanying, Dong Junde, Wang Youshao, Chen Lei, Feng Jingbin, Sun Hongyan, Wang Dongxiao and Zhang Si

Spatial variation of bacterial community composition near the Luzon strait assessed by polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) and multivariate analyses

Libin Zhang, Lili Ding, Chao Li, Ke Xu and Hongqiang Ren

Effects of electrolyte total dissolved solids (TDS) on performance and anodic microbes of microbial fuel cells


Amarila Malik, Shu Ishikawa, Muhamad Sahlan, Naotake Ogasawara, Uyen Quynh Nguyen and Herman Suryadi

Screening for sucrose phosphorylase in exopolysaccharide producing-lactic acid bacteria reveals SPaseWRS-3(1) in Leuconostoc mesenteroides isolated from sugar containing-beverage “Wedang Ronde” from Indonesia


M. B. I. Kassim

Production and characterization of the polysaccharide ‘’xanthan gum’’ by a local isolate of the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris


Kahkashan Perveen, Badriah Alabdulkarim and Shaista Arzoo

Effect of temperature on shelf life, chemical and microbial properties of cream cheese

Samia Dabbou, Ines Gharbi, Sihem Dabbou, Faten Brahmi, Amel Nakbi and Mohamed Hammami

Impact of packaging material and storage time on olive oil quality

Eleazu, Chinedum O., Okafor Polycarp N, Amajor John, Awa Ezinne, Ikpeama Ahamefula I. and Eleazu Kate C.

Chemical Composition, antioxidant activity, functional properties and inhibitory action of unripe plantain (M. Paradisiacae) flour


Meziane M., Dilmi Bouras A., El Hameur H., Boukrabouza S. and Bensehaila S.

Lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide production by free and immobilization cells of two Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis in a sugar molasses medium

Jie Lin, Yan Wang and Xu Xu

A novel ensemble and composite approach for classifying proteins based on Chou’s pseudo amino acid composition

Tingtao Chen, Qianglai Tan, Mengjuan Wang, Shunqiang Xiong, Shuying Jiang, Qinglong Wu, Shengjie Li, Cheng Luo and Hua Wei

Identification of bacterial strains in viili by molecular taxonomy and their synergistic effects on milk curd and exopolysaccharides production


Johanna C. Scheepers, Sarel F. Malan, Jan L. Du Preez and Sandra Van Dyk

The high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis of ultraviolet (UV) irradiated chlorophyll a and secondary plant compounds


Amina Zuberi, Muhammad Naeem and Samina Jalali

Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on in vitro oocyte maturation in freshwater cyprinid, Barilius vagra

Ta-Jen Chu, Hsien-Lu Haung, Chun-Han Shih, Feng-Jiau Lin and Tzong-Der Tzeng

Population structure and expansion of kuruma shrimp (Penaeus japonicus) in the adjacent waters of Taiwan inferred from intron sequences


Xuqing Chen, Zongli Hu, Yuxin Yang, Yu Pan, Ning Zhang and Guoping Chen

High level expression human chemokine receptor CCR-5 in fission yeast

Farwa Nurjis and Muhammad Sarwar Khan

Expression of recombinant interferon ?-2a in tobacco chloroplasts using micro projectile bombardment


Liwei Sun, Xiujuan Lei, Rui Ma, Rui Jiang, Daqing Zhao and Yingping Wang

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of different parts of Panax quinquefolius L. root


A. Meimandipour, A.F. Soleimani, M. Houshmand, A. Kasim, M. Hair-Bejo, M. Shuhaimi and A.M. Yazid

Effects of rough handling on short chain fatty acid production and gastrointestinal pH in broilers and modulatory role of Lactobacilli

B. Pushpa Latha, T. Vijaya, I. Rama Manohar Reddy, M. Ismail and S. Dattatreya Rao

Therapeutic efficacy of Achyranthes aspera saponin extract in high fat diet induced hyperlipidaemia in male wistar rats

Yuan-Rong, Li li-Juan, Wang Qi-Wen and Du Guo-Zhen

Copper deficiency in Guizhou semi-fine wool sheep on pasture in south west China karst mountain area

Ramin Salamat Doust Nobar

Feasibility of wood pulping black liquor for treatment of soybean meal as a source of rumen protected protein


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