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African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (1-2), 2012

African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (1), 2012


Research Articles


Tianbo Jin, Gang Li, Dong Lin, Hongjuan Liang and Qing Wang

A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) assay for population stratification test between eastern Asians in association studies

Mahmoud H. El_Komy, Amgad A. Saleh and Younes Y. Molan

Molecular characterization of early blight disease resistant and susceptible potato cultivars using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers

Jinlong Huo, Pei Wang, Yongwang Miao, Hailong Huo, Lixian Liu, Yangzhi Zeng and Heng Xiao

Isolation, sequence identification and tissue expression profile of a novel ribokinase gene (RBKS) from Chinese Banna mini-pig inbred line (BMI)

Y. Couoh-Uicab, I. Islas-Flores, N. Kantún-Moreno, L.-H. Zwiers, M. Tzec-Simá, S. Peraza-Echeverría, L. Brito-Argáez, L. Peraza-Echeverría, R. 2Grijalva-Arango, A. James, C. Rodríguez-García, and B. Canto-Canché

Cloning, in silico structural characterization and expression analysis of MfAtr4, an ABC transporter from the banana pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis

Tao Huang, Dongwei Gong, Quanli Gao, Xuhua Zhang, Xiaodong Lv, Hongbo Ma, Baishun Wan and Ziming Dong

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition is associated with increased invasiveness of side population cells from hepatoma SMMC-7721 cells

Rashid Mehmood Rana, Shinan Dong, Zulfiqar Ali, Azeem Iqbal Khan and Hong Sheng Zhang

Identification and characterization of the Bcl-2-associated athanogene (BAG) protein family in rice

Pauline BATIONO/KANDO, Cyrille BISSEYE, Romaric K. NANEMA, Ernest R. TRAORE, Henri YE, Boukary O. DIALLO, Tegwinde R. COMPAORE, Jacques SIMPORE and Jean-Didier ZONGO

Genetic diversity of Sclerocarya birrea subspecies birrea populations in Burkina Faso detected by RAPDs


Özlem Çetin, Ahmet Duran, Esra Martin and Süleyman Tuştaş

A taxonomic study of the genus Fibigia Medik. (Brassicaceae)

Dong-mei Kong, Hai-long Shen and Nan Li

Influence of AgNO3 on somatic embryo induction and development in Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr.)

Ameen, S. A., Adedeji, O. S., Ojedapo, L. O., Salihu, T. and Fakorede, O. L.

Anthelmintic efficacy of pawpaw (Carica papaya) seeds in commercial layers

Weon Tai Jeon

Effects of nitrogen levels on growth, yield and nitrogen uptake of fiber-rich cultivar, Goami 2

Faiz Ahmad Joyia and Muhammad Sarwar Khan

Reproducible and expedient rice regeneration system using in vitro grown plants


S. Lee, Y. Huang, C. Chen and C. Chang

Modeling and analysis of different control strategies for fogging system in a subtropical greenhouse

Hany M. El-Naggar

Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) gene activity in response to proline and tyrosine in rosemary callus culture

Hussein Oraki, Fataneh Parhizkar khajani and Majid Aghaalikhana

Effect of water deficit stress on proline contents, soluble sugars, chlorophyll and grain yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids


Ersan Kara

Effect of a three-month football training program on trace element metabolism of boys in the eight to twelve age group

Reza Mirnejad, Hamid Babavalian, Mehrdad Moosazadeh Moghaddam, Samaneh Khodi and Fatemeh Shakeri

Rapid DNA extraction of bacterial genome using laundry detergents and assessment of the efficiency of DNA in downstream process using polymerase chain reaction

T. Mohammadabadi, M. Chaji and R. Tahmasebi

Evaluation of the effect of fat content of sunflower meal on rumen fungi growth and population by direct (quantitative competitive polymerase chain reaction) and indirect (dry matter and neutral detergent fibre disappearance) methods


Pankaja Sharma, Amal Kumar Ghimeray, Anup Gurung, Cheng Wu Jin, Ho Sik Rho and Dong Ha Cho

Phenolic contents, antioxidant and ?-glucosidase inhibition properties of Nepalese strain buckwheat vegetables

Amir Mohammadi and Ramin Azar

Effects of dietary L-arginine on orthodontic tooth movement in rats

Prohp, T. P. and Onoagbe, I. O.

Effects of aqueous extract of Triplochiton scleroxylon on some haematological parameters and blood glucose concentrations in non-diabetic rabbits

S. A. Ameen, E. A. Okewole, O. S.Adedeji, K. A. Ogundipe and A. A. Okanlawon

The micro-minerals composition in serum of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) infected with Trypanosoma congolense

M. Bhattacharjee, B.G. Unni, S. Das, P. K. Baruah, P.sharma, D.Gogoi, M.Deka, S. B. Wann and P. G. Rao

Alpha 1 antitrypsin gene: A case-control study in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Khalid Hussain, Jifeng Qi, Hui Liu, Sun Quan, Jinhua Chang and Feng Lin

Extraction of differential expressing aphid-resistance genes of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Monech) and construction of suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) library


Hui Li, Xiaoxian Wang, Meizhe Han, Zhenzhen Zhao, Minqian Wang, Qin Tang, Changhong Liu, Brian Kemp, Yucheng Gu, Jinglei Shuang and Yarong Xue

Endophytic Bacillus subtilis ZZ120 and its potential application in control of replant diseases


Stella Bitanyi, Gro Bjornstad, Marit Nesje, Eblate M. Ernest, Robinson H. Mdegela and Knut H. Roed

Molecular identification versus local people’s information for accurate estimates of bushmeat utilization from the Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania


African Journal of Biotechnology - 11 (2), 2012


Research Articles


Yang J. Xiao, Gao Jiong, Jin Yu, Zhang J. Jian and Kuai B. Ke

Probenazole treatment inhibits anthocyanins biosynthesis via salicylic acid and AtNPR1 signal pathway in Arabidopsis

Firooz Fadaeifard, Hasan Momtaz, Ebrahim Rahimi and Ali Mirzakhani

Detection of Streptococcus iniae and Lactococcus garvieae by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in some rainbow trout farms of Iran

Yang Yuan, Li Peng, Hu Gong-Hua, Zhou Yu, Dai Lu and Zhong Cai-Gao

Association between VDAC1 mRNA expression and intracellular ATP levels of cultured L-02 hepatocytes during hexavalent chromium toxicity


Dong-Sheng Tang, Muhammad Hamayun, Abdul Latif Khan, Samin Jan, Yasmin Nawaz, Muhammad Irshad, Young-Eun Na and In-Jung Lee

Exposure to red light, temperature and exogenous gibberellins influenced germination of some winter weeds

Mojtaba Ghane Jahromi, Ali Asgar Pourmirza and Mohammad Hasan Safaralizadeh

Repellent effect of sirinol (garlic emulsion) against Lasioderma serricorne (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) and Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) by three laboratory methods

Guangmin Xia, Li Yan, Xiang Xie, Zhenying Peng and Shuantao Liu

A physiological evaluation of the enhanced osmotic stress tolerance of an asymmetric somatic hybrid introgression line SR3 between bread wheat and couch grass

Zahra Khodarahmpour, Mansour ifar and Mohammad Motamedi

Effects of NaCl salinity on maize (Zea mays L.) at germination and early seedling stage


Adel Ayari, Houda Morakchi and Kirane Gacemi Djamila

Identification and antifungal activity of Streptomyces sp. S72 isolated from Lake Oubeira sediments in North-East of Algeria

Hanane Hamdali, Koriko Moursalou, Gado Tchangbedji, Yedir Ouhdouch and Mohamed Hafidi

Isolation and characterization of rock phosphate solubilizing actinobacteria from a Togolese phosphate mine

Jiang Zheng, Jumin Hao, Zhongbao Li, Qingpi Yan, Jun Wang, Fang Han, Yuanyue Li, Zhiqiang Lu and Yongquan Su

Comparison of classifications of aptamers against Vibrio alginolyticus based on their primary and secondary structure

Mohd Arif Syed, Siti Aqlima Ahmad, Norzila Kusnin and Mohd Yunus Abdul Shukor

Purification and characterization of amidase from acrylamide-degrading bacterium Burkholderia sp. strain DR.Y27

Xia Ding, Xiao-Jue Peng, Xiao-Tong Peng and Huai-Yang Zhou

Diversity of bacteria and archaea in the deep-sea low-temperature hydrothermal sulfide chimney of the Northeastern Pacific Ocean

S. K. Mishra and A. K. Tiwari

Phenological, quantitative and analytical studies of Pleurotus flabellatus

Yanjing Lou, Xianguo Lu, Guoping Wang and Ming Jiang and Kuiyi Zhao

Vegetative zonation patterns in depression and riparian wetlands of the Sanjiang Plain, Northeastern China

Nasima Junejo, Khanif, M. Y., Dharejo, K. A., Hazandy Abdul-Hamid and Arifin Abdu

Evaluation of coated urea for ammonia volatilization loss, nitrogen mineralization and microsite pH in selected soil series

Mostafa Heidari

Effects of salinity stress on growth, chlorophyll content and osmotic components of two basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) genotypes


Negar Shafiei Sabet, Geetha Subramaniam, Parasakthi Navaratnam and Shamala Devi Sekaran

In vitro mecA gene transfer among Staphylococcus aureus in Malaysian clinical isolates

Andréa Miura da Costa, Marina Kimiko Kadowaki, Monique Caroline Minozzo, Cristina Giatti Marques de Souza, Cinthia Gandolfi Boer, Adelar Bracht and Rosane Marina Peralta

Production, purification and characterization of tannase from Aspergillus tamarii

Hanan Mohamed Khairy and Heba Saad El-Sayed

Effect of enriched Brachionus plicatilis and Artemia salina nauplii by microalga Tetraselmis chuii (Bütcher) grown on four different culture media on the growth and survival of Sparus aurata larvae


Samy Selim, Sahar El Alfy, Meshref Al-Ruwaili, Amin Abdo and Soad Al Jaouni

Susceptibility of imipenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa to flavonoid glycosides of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) tamar growing in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia


Dong-Rui Yao, Ming-Qian Zhou, Sheng-Jun Wu and Sai-Kun Pan

Depolymerization of chitosan by enzymes from the digestive tract of sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus

Mingjiang Geng, Mingxin Ren, Zhenling Liu and Xiaojun Shang

Free radical scavenging activities of pigment extract from Hibiscus syriacus L. petals in vitro


Tarighi, H., Majidian, M., Baghaie, A.H. and Gomarian, M.

Zinc availability of two wheat cultivars in soil amended with organic and inorganic Zn sources

Mohammad Arif, Shilpi Chawla, N. W. Zaidi, J. K. Rayar, M. Variar and U. S. Singh

Development of specific primers for genus Fusarium and F. solani using rDNA sub-unit and transcription elongation factor (TEF-1?) gene

Seyed Jalal Marashi, Sima Ataollahi Eshkoor, Mir saed Mirinargesi, Mohammad Reza Sarookhani, Asmah Bt. Rahmat and Patimah Bt. Ismail

Detection of eight common ß-globin gene mutation in thalassemia major patients using real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-high resolution melting and EvaGreen™ dye

Ruimin Mu, Guixia Ma, Cuizhen Sun and Jingjing Jia

Inhibition of Microcystis aeruginosa and microcystin-LR with one algicidal bacterium isolated from a eutrophic lake

Shagufta Kanwal, Sumaira Nishat, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Shaukat Iqbal Malik and Khalid Akhtar

Comparative homology modeling of human rhodopsin with several templates of bovine rhodopsin

Morid Bahar and Hajmansoor Shahab

Analysis of Iranian isolates of Fusarium solani using morphological, pathogenicity and microsatellite DNA marker characterization

Lin-Feng Zheng, Su-Juan Zheng, Zhi-Jian Ma, Yuan-Zhong Xu, Xi-Nan Yi and Gui-Xiang Zhang

Up-regulation of Robo1 in dorsal root ganglia after sciatic nerve transection in rats

Xue Gao, Ming Yan Shi, Zheng Rong Yuan, Ruo Yu Chen, Zheng Kui Zhou, Jiao Li, Jun Ya Li, Hui Jiang Gao and Shang Zhong Xu

Identification and isolation of gene differentially expressed on scrotal circumference in crossbreed bulls


Mohammad-Bagher Majnooni, Kamran Mansouri, Mohammad-Bagher Gholivand4, Ali Mostafaie, Hamid-Reza Mohammadi-Motlagh, Nazanin-Sadat Afnanzade, Mir-Mehdi Abolghasemi and Marzieh Piriyaei

Chemical composition, cytotoxicity and antioxidant activities of the essential oil from the leaves of Citrus aurantium L.

Amporn Leecharoenkiat, Tirawat Wannatung and Duncan R. Smith

Erythroblast cell expansion as a marker for disease severity in b0-thalassemia/Hb E disease

Mohammadreza Radfar, M. S. Sudarshana, H. U. Kavitha, S. Satish and M. H. Niranjan

Evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal activity of root and root callus extracts of Trianthema decandra L.

Sepideh Vosoughhosseini, Mehrdad Lotfi, Ashraf Fakhrjou, Amirala Aghbali, Monir Moradzadeh, Mahmood Sina and Parya Emamverdizadeh

Analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor in histopathologically tumor-free surgical margins in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma

Nemati Farkhondeh and Dehpour Abbas Ali

Hydrochlorothiazide increases interleukin-1 beta (IL-1ß) secretion by peripheral blood mononuclear cells in healthy subjects


Athanase K. Otchoumou, Célestin M. Blé, Olivier A. Etchian, Yao L. Alla, Sébastien L. Niamké and Jacques K. Diopoh

Effects of increasing dietary protein levels on growth, feed utilization and body composition of Heterobranchus longifilis (Valenciennes, 1840) fingerlings


Hamed Naderipour, Jafar Yadi, Ali GhaziKhani Shad and Mohammad Ali Sirjani

The effects of three methods of synchronization on estrus induction and hormonal profile in Kalkuhi ewes: A comparison study


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