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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (47), 2011



Mustafa Korkmaz and Hasan Özçelik

Economic importance of Gypsophila L., Ankyropetalum Fenzl and Saponaria L. (Caryophyllaceae) taxa of Turkey

Raisa Bano, Sahar Fazal, Mohammad Haroon Khan and Hamid Rashid

miRNAs: Small but deadly

Research Articles


Xiao-ming Zhao, Guo-qing Wei, Chao-liang Liu, Chang-rui Zou and Bao-jian Zhu

Linkage and mapping analyses of the no glue egg gene Ng in the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) using simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers

Zhigang Wu, Wei Ning, Yaosheng Wang, Shuangshuang Lv, Yabo Zhao and Xin Zhao

Genetic diversity of taraxacum germplasm revealed by sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) analysis

Yun Li, Zhi Liu, Qiang Cai, Guangsheng Yang, Qingbiao He and Pingwu Liu

Identification of a microsatellite marker linked to the fertility-restoring gene for a polima cytoplasmic male-sterile line in Brassica napus L.

Khierallah, H., Bader, S., Baum, M. and Hamwieh, A.

Assessment of genetic diversity for some Iraqi date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.) using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP) markers


Meseldzija Maja and Konstantinovic Branko

Activity of acetolactate synthase (ALS) of redroot pigweed in relation to imazethapyr application

Ebiamadon Andi Brisibe, Sophia Eloho Adugbo, Uduak Ekanem, Fraideh Brisibe and Glyn Mara Figueira

Controlling bruchid pests of stored cowpea seeds with dried leaves of Artemisia annua and two other common botanicals

Y. Benal Yurtlu

Drying characteristics of bay laurel (Laurus nobilis L.) fruits in a convective hot-air dryer

Onyeonagu, C. C. and Asiegbu, J. E.

Preliminary study of the contribution of native legumes to the nitrogen economy of natural grasslands

Fahri Yigit

Acibenzolar-S-methyl induces lettuce resistance against Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians

Yan Zhao, Ruolan Wang, Kang Tu and Kunlun Liu

Efficacy of preharvest spraying with Pichia guilliermondii on postharvest decay and quality of cherry tomato fruit during storage

Sonia Ruiz, Lourdes Adriano, Isidro Ovando, Cuauhtemoc Navarro and Miguel Salvador

Biofertilization of micropropagated Agave tequilana: Effect on plant growth and production of hydrolytic enzymes


Qi-Chun Zhang, Ying-ying Liang, Imran Haider Shamsi, Guang-huo Wang, Li-ping Lou and Nazim Hussain

Surface runoff and phosphorus (P) loss from bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) forest ecosystem in southeast China

Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Xiao-yu Xie, Muhammad Farooq, Long-chang Wang, Lan-lan Xue, Muhammad Shahbaz and Jalaladeen Salhab

Effect of exogenous methyl jasmonate on growth, gas exchange and chlorophyll contents of soybean subjected to drought

Saberi A. R., Siti Aishah H., R. A. Halim and Zaharah A. R.

Morphological responses of forage sorghums to salinity and irrigation frequency


Doughari, James Hamuel

Production of ß-glucanase enzyme from Penicillium oxalicum and Penicillium citrinum

Monique Meiko Takeda de Almeida Alves, Ravely Casarotti Orlandelli, Daniela Andressa Lino Lourenço and Joao Alencar Pamphile

Toxicity of the insect growth regulator lufenuron on the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin assessed by conidia germination speed parameter


Seyed Ali Mortazavi and Alireza Sadeghi

Investigating the sourdough potential for enhance microbiological shelf life and roasty aroma of traditional Lavash bread

R. Amooaghaie and S. Moghym

Effect of polyamines on thermotolerance and membrane stability of soybean seedling


ByungHoon Park, YoungHan Kim, JaeDeok Lee, JaeWon Park, HyoJeong Lee, SungMook Yoo, DaeKwang Cho, ByungKu Park, DaMi Song, DongWan Kim and Sangdeog A. Kim

Sorghum cobalt analysis on not determined wave length with atomic absorption spectrophotometer on background correction mode

Suntud Sirianuntapiboon and Tusanee Tondee

Melanoidin decolorization mechanism and some properties of Issatchenkia orientalis No.SF9-246


Dib-Bellahouel, S. and Fortas, Z.

Antibacterial activity of various fractions of ethyl acetate extract from the desert truffle, Tirmania pinoyi, preliminarily analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

I. O. Ademola and J. N. Eloff

Anthelmintic efficacy of cashew (Anarcadium occidentale L.) on in vitro susceptibility of the ova and larvae of Haemonchus contortus


N. D. Davachi, H. Kohram and S. Zeinoaldini

Effect of the presence of corpus luteum on the ovary and the new oocyte recovery method on the oocyte recovery rate and meiotic competence of ovine oocytes

Kai Quan, Xingxu Zhao, Changxing Zhang, Qiuliang Xu, Hongfang We, Junjie Hu and Yong Zhang

A novel approach for very early pregnancy diagnosis in swine by anti-early pregnancy factor (EPF) antiserum blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)


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