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African Journal of Biotechnology - 10 (50), 2011



Xuyong Zhao and Jun Xi

The vaccines for Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1: A review

Research Articles


Morteza Kamrani, Bahram Baghban Kohnehrouz and Ashraf Gholizadeh

Cisgenic inhibition of the potato cold induced phosphorylase L gene expression and decrease in sugar contents

M. Farhadian, A. Hashemi, K. Mardani, R. Darvishzadeh and M. Ranjbari

Allelic polymorphism of 'Makoei' sheep myostatin gene identified by polymerase chain reaction and single strand conformation polymorphism


M. D. Hossain, M. M. Hanafi, H. Jol and A. H. Hazandy

Growth, yield and fiber morphology of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) grown on sandy bris soil as influenced by different levels of carbon

Po-Hung Wu, Ding-Ding Huang and Doris C. N. Chang

Mycorrhizal symbiosis enhances Phalaenopsis orchid’s growth and resistance to Erwinia chrysanthemi

S. Amiri and S. K. Kazemitabar

Enhancement of callus induction and regeneration efficiency from embryo cultures of Datura stramonium by adjusting carbon sources and concentrations

Ogunsumi, Lucia Omobolanle

Attitude of farmers towards improved agricultural technologies in south-west Nigeria

Shouping Zhao, Xuzhu Ye and Jici Zheng

Lead-induced changes in plant morphology, cell ultrastructure, growth and yields of tomato


Babaei Semiromi, F., Hassani, A.H., Torabian, A., Karbassi, A.R. and Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, F.

Water quality index development using fuzzy logic: A case study of the Karoon River of Iran

Raúl Tapia-Tussell, Daisy Pérez-Brito, Rafael Rojas-Herrera, Alberto Cortes-Velazquez, Gerardo Rivera-Munoz and Sara Solis-Pereira

New laccase-producing fungi isolates with biotechnological potential in dye decolorization

Lotmani Brahim and Mesnoua Mohamed

Effects of copper stress on antioxidative enzymes, chlorophyll and protein content in Atriplex halimus

Shaukat Ali Abro, Xiaohong Tian, Xudong Wang, Faqi Wu and Jumoke Esther Kuyide

Decomposition characteristics of maize (Zea mays. L.) straw with different carbon to nitrogen (C/N) ratios under various moisture regimes

A. Hadeel, A. B. M. S. Hossain, Khayyat Latifa, Haitham ALNaqeb, Jama Abear and AlHewiti Norah

Bioethanol fuel production from rambutan fruit biomass as reducing agent of global warming and greenhouse gases


Ferdinandi Patrick, Godliving Mtui, Anthony Manoni Mshandete and Amelia Kivaisi

Optimization of laccase and manganese peroxidase production in submerged culture of Pleurotus sajor-caju


Shi-hao Zhao, Xiao-hui Liang, Dong-liang Hua, Tong-suo Ma and Hong-bing Zhang

High-yield cellulase production in solid-state fermentation by Trichoderma reesei SEMCC-3.217 using water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Sunčica Kocić-Tanackov, Gordana Dimić, Jelena Lević, Ilija Tanackov and Danijela Tuco

Antifungal activities of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) extract on Fusarium species


Hosein Abtahi, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, Mohammad Shabani, Haleh Edalatkhah, Reza Hadavi, Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi and Saeed Talebi

Causes of bimodal melting curve:Asymmetric guanine-cytosine (GC) distribution causing two peaks in melting curve and affecting their shapes

Yong-Guo Jin, Wen-Wen Fu, and Mei-Hu Ma

Preparation and structure characterization of soluble bone collagen peptide chelating calcium

Pengwei Zhao, Ruixia Bai, Lanling Chen, Wenbing Hu, Shiyong Wen, Yan mi, Jianrong Liang, Guifang Cao, Haijun Li, Yingfeng Yang, Chenguang Du, Liping Jiang and Limin Yang

Prokaryotic expression of antimicrobial ovine ß-defensin-1 in Escherichia coli

Diya’uddeen Basheer Hasan, A. R. Abdul Aziz and Wan Mohd Ashri Wan Daud

Application of response surface methodology in process parameters optimization for phenol mineralization using Fenton’s peroxidation

Ji Tian, Hongxiang Shen, Jie Zhang, Tingting Song and Yuncong Yao

Characteristics of chalcone isomerase promoter in crabapple leaves ( ‘royalty’) and transient expression assay modified in onion epidermal cell


Salawu, O. T. and Odaibo, A. B.

The molluscicidal effects of Hyptis suaveolens on different stages of Bulinus globosus in the laboratory

Akinboro Akeem, Kamaruzaman Bin Mohamed, Mohd Zaini Asmawi and Othman Ahmad Sofiman

Mutagenic and antimutagenic potentials of fruit juices of five medicinal plants in Allium cepa L.: Possible influence of DPPH free radical scavengers

Eyong U. Eyong, Item J. Atangwho, Esien David-Oku, Margaret A. Agiang and Patrick E. Ebong

Haematological and immunological effects of co-administration of extract of Vernonia amygdalina and Azadirachta indica on normal and diabetic rats

Jian-Min Zhang, Hai-Yan Shen, Cheng-Gang Xu, Li-Li Guo, Bin Zhang, Jing-Yi Li, Ji-Dang Chen, Hui-Ying Fan and Ming Liao

Development and application of a loop-mediated isothermal ampli?cation method for rapid detection of Haemophilus parasuis


Mehmet Zulfu Coban and Dursun Sen

Examination of liver and muscle glycogen and blood glucose levels of Capoeta umbla (Heckel, 1843) living in Hazar Lake and Keban Dam Lake (Elazig, Turkey)


Hongli Xia, Zui Tan, Jianguo Qiao and Chuan Liang

Recovery of DNA from agarose gel by trap method

Shimin Wang, Xiaolu Li, Lili Yang, Hongzhi Wu, Sixiang Zheng, Xiyan Zhang and Lemin Zhang

Microspore culture of Zantedeschia aethiopica: The role of monosaccharides in sporophytic development


Marko R. Cincović, Branislava Belić, Bojan Toholj, Aleksandar Potkonjak, Milenko Stevančević, Branislav Lako and Ivan Radović

Metabolic acclimation to heat stress in farm housed Holstein cows with different body condition scores

M. Khalili, A.D. Foroozandeh and M. Toghyani

Lactation performance and serum biochemistry of dairy cows fed supplemental chromium in the transition period

Madoroba, Evelyn, Gelaw, Awoke, Hlokwe, Tiny and Mnisi, Mkhevu

Prevalence of Campylobacter foetus and Trichomonas foetus among cattle from Southern Africa

Ugwu, S. O. C., Ogbu, C. C. and Ikechiuno, I. K.

Reproductive characterization of three species of Giant African land snails (GALs) in captivity

Ahmad Ziarlarimi, Mehrdad Irani, Shahabodin Gharahveysi and Zahra Rahmani

Investigation of antibacterial effects of garlic (Allium sativum), mint (Menthe spp.) and onion (Allium cepa) herbal extracts on Escherichia coli isolated from broiler chickens


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