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Willdenowia - Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem - 40 (2), 2010

A phylogenetic analysis of Pfeiffera and the reinstatement of Lymanbensonia as an independently evolved lineage of epiphytic Cactaceae within a new tribe Lymanbensonieae
Korotkova, Nadja; Zabel, Leonie; Quandt, Dietmar; Barthlott, Wilhelm

Juncus dichotomus (Juncaceae) in northwestern Italy, a xenophyte new to Europe
Verloove, Filip

New species of the genus Taraxacum (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) from Croatia II
Uhlemann, Ingo

Filago wagenitziana (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae), a new species from western Crete, Greece
Bergmeier, Erwin

Med-Checklist Notulae, 29
Greuter, Werner; Raus, Thomas

Studies on Hanguana (Commelinales, Hanguanaceae) for Sunda II: Five new forest species from Peninsular Malaysia and recircumscription of Hanguana malayana
Siti Nurfazilah, BT Abdul Rahman; Ahmad Sofiman, Othman; Mohd Fahmi, Bin Abu Bakar; Boyce, Peter C.

Typification of Eremostachys labiosa (Phlomoides labiosa, Lamiaceae) and its synonyms
Sennikov, Alexander N.; Lazkov, Georgy A.

Taxonomic revision of the genus Smilax (Smilacaceae) in Central America and the Caribbean Islands
Ferrufino-Acosta, Lilian

Calycogonium bissei, a new melastome (Melastomataceae, Miconieae) from Cuba
Bécquer Granados, Eldis R.

Notes on some endemic Cuban species of Ruelliinae (Acanthaceae), on their seeds, pollen morphology and hygroscopic features
Greuter, Werner; Rankin Rodríguez, Rosa

Stylosanthes (Leguminosae, Dalbergieae) of Venezuela
Calles, Teodardo; Schultze-Kraft, Rainer

New species of Araceae from Ecuador
Croat, Thomas B.; Joyce, Maggie V.; Kostelac, Carla V.

A new species of Gymnanthes (Euphorbiaceae) from northeastern Brazil
Esser, Hans-Joachim; Araújo Lucena, Maria de Fátima de; Alves, Marccus

New chromosome counts in the genus Cousinia (Asteraceae, Cardueae) from Iran
Djavadi, Seyyedeh Bahereh; Attar, Farideh

New or interesting lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
Boom, Pieter P.G. van den

Beat Ernst Leuenberger (1946-2010)
Lack, Hans Walter; Raus, Thomas


Index to new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 40(2)

Index to typifications of names in Willdenowia 40(2)

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