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Taiwania - 55 (2), 2010


Three New Species of Orchids (Orchidaceae) from Vietnam
Leonid V. Averyanov

Riccia (Hepaticae: Ricciaceae) of West Bengal
S. K. Singh, A. K. Bag and S. G. Bhattacharya

Molecular Phylogeny of Cercophora, Podospora, and Schizothecium (Lasiosphaeriaceae, Pyrenomycetes)
Jong-How Chang, Hsiao-Wei Kao and Yei-Zeng Wang

Magnesium Enhanced Fibrinolytic Activity of Protease from Schizophyllum commune
Chung-Lun Lu and Shiu-Nan Chen

Acanthocephalan Fauna of Marine Fish in Taiwan and the Differentiation of Three Species by Ribosomal DNA Sequences
Hsiu-Hui Shih, Hui-Yu Chen and Chew-Yuen Lee

Competitive Exclusion of Parthenium hysterophorus by Other Invasive Species - A Case Study from Andhra Pradesh, India
J. Asha kumari, P. Rama Chandra Prasad and K. B. Reddy

Insights of the Latest Naturalized Flora of Taiwan: Change in the Past Eight Years
Shan-Huah Wu, T. Y. Aleck Yang, Yung-Ching Teng, Chih-Yuan Chang, Kuoh-Cheng Yang and Chang-Fu Hsieh

Spatial Autocorrelation Patterns of Understory Plant Species in a Subtropical Rainforest at Lanjenchi, Southern Taiwan
Su-Wei Fan and Chang-Fu Hsieh

Three New Bryophyte Records for Andaman Islands, India
K. P. Rajesh

Diodia teres Walt. (Rubiaceae), a Newly Recorded Weed in Fujian
Yi-Ding Gao, Rui-Jiang Wang and Ching-I Peng

Rhododendron farrerae Tate ex Sweet (Ericaceae), a Reconfirmed Species in Taiwan
Sheng-You Lu, Chien-Fan Chen, Yu-Jen Lin and Sheng-Zehn Yang

Sikkim Himalayas – The Megadiversity Centre of Pedicularis L. in India
Arti Garg and Tariq Husain

Galium paradoxum Maxim. (Rubiaceae), a Newly Recorded Plant in Taiwan
Tsung-Hsin Hsieh and Po-Yi Chiang

Nomenclature Priority: about a New Combination of Pedicularis cleilanthifolia var. purpurea
Arti Garg

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