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The Plant Journal - 66 (2), 2011


Isolation and functional characterization of an influx silicon transporter in two pumpkin cultivars contrasting in silicon accumulation
Mitani, Namiki; Yamaji, Naoki; Ago, Yukiko; Iwasaki, Kozo; Ma, Jian Feng

Transpositional landscape of the rice genome revealed by paired-end mapping of high-throughput re-sequencing data
Sabot, François; Picault, Nathalie; El-Baidouri, Moaine; Llauro, Christel; Chaparro, Cristian; Piegu, Benoit; Roulin, Anne; Guiderdoni, Emmanuel; Delabastide, Mélissa; McCombie, Richard; Panaud, Olivier

Methanol is an endogenous elicitor molecule for the synthesis of tryptophan and tryptophan-derived secondary metabolites upon senescence of detached rice leaves
Kang, Kiyoon; Park, Sangkyu; Natsagdorj, Uyanga; Kim, Young Soon; Back, Kyoungwhan

The shade avoidance syndrome in Arabidopsis: a fundamental role for atypical basic helix-loop-helix proteins as transcriptional cofactors
Galstyan, Anahit; Cifuentes-Esquivel, Nicolás; Bou-Torrent, Jordi; Martinez-Garcia, Jaime F.

Arabidopsis SNARE protein SEC22 is essential for gametophyte development and maintenance of Golgi-stack integrity
El-Kasmi, Farid; Pacher, Tobias; Strompen, Georg; Stierhof, York-Dieter; Müller, Lena M.; Koncz, Csaba; Mayer, Ulrike; Jürgens, Gerd

Evidence of Arabidopsis salt acclimation induced by up-regulation of HY1 and the regulatory role of RbohD-derived reactive oxygen species synthesis
Xie, Yan-Jie; Xu, Sheng; Han, Bin; Wu, Ming-Zhu; Yuan, Xing-Xing; Han, Yi; Gu, Quan; Xu, Dao-Kun; Yang, Qing; Shen, Wen-Biao

Silencing GhNDR1 and GhMKK2 compromises cotton resistance to Verticillium wilt
Gao, Xiquan; Wheeler, Terry; Li, Zhaohu; Kenerley, Charles M.; He, Ping; Shan, Libo

Solanaceae XIPs are plasma membrane aquaporins that facilitate the transport of many uncharged substrates
Bienert, Gerd Patrick; Bienert, Manuela Désirée; Jahn, Thomas Paul; Boutry, Marc; Chaumont, François

Functional implication of the MYB transcription factor RVE8/LCL5 in the circadian control of histone acetylation
Farinas, Benoit; Mas, Paloma

A pyruvate formate lyase-deficient Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strain provides evidence for a link between fermentation and hydrogen production in green algae
Philipps, Gabriele; Krawietz, Danuta; Hemschemeier, Anja; Happe, Thomas

Rootless with undetectable meristem 1 encodes a monocot-specific AUX/IAA protein that controls embryonic seminal and post-embryonic lateral root initiation in maize
von Behrens, Inga; Komatsu, Mai; Zhang, Yanxiang; Berendzen, Kenneth W.; Niu, Xiaomu; Sakai, Hajime; Taramino, Graziana; Hochholdinger, Frank

Building bridges: formin1 of Arabidopsis forms a connection between the cell wall and the actin cytoskeleton
Martiniere, Alexandre; Gayral, Philippe; Hawes, Chris; Runions, John

Sucrose transporter plays a role in phloem loading in CMV-infected melon plants that are defined as symplastic loaders
Gil, Lidor; Yaron, Imry; Shalitin, Dror; Sauer, Norbert; Turgeon, Robert; Wolf, Shmuel

Multiple light inputs to a simple clock circuit allow complex biological rhythms
Troein, Carl; Corellou, Florence; Dixon, Laura E.; van Ooijen, Gerben; O'Neill, John S.; Bouget, François-Yves; Millar, Andrew J.

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