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Turczaninowia - 13 (4), 2010


Gorovoy P.G., Dobryakov E.Yu. Duchesnea chrysantha (Zoll. et Moritzi) Miq. (Rosaceae), new species in the flora of Russia

Gorovoy P.G., Chubar E.A. Gastrodia elata Blume (Orchidaceae) in the russian Far East

Kreshchenok I.A. The floristic findings of species of the genus Woodsia R. Br. in Amur region

Pshennikova L.M. The yellow pond lily (Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.) in the Primorsky territory

Salokhin A.V., Doudkin R.V., Tsarenko N.A. New records of Orchidaceae species in Sakhalin island

Gontcharova S.B., Doudkin R.V., Koldaeva M.N. On distribution of Barnardia japonica in the russian Far East

Chubar E.A. Supplements to the flora of the islands of the Far East marine reserve

Gorovoy P.G., Salokhin A.V., Doudkin R.V., Gavrilenko I.G. Orchidaceae of the Far East: taxonomy, chemical composition, possibilities of protection and use (review)

Aistova E.V. Invasion plants – source pollinose in the russian Far East

Basargin D.D., Boyko E.V. Invasion plants – source pollinose in the russian Far East

Boyko E.V. Morphological and anatomical strusture of achenes of the far eastern species of Kalimeris and Boltonia (Asteraceae: Astereae)

Gavrilenko I.G. On area of Thalictrum baicalense Turcz. ex Ledeb.

Gorovoy P.G. The genus Rhaponticum Vail. (Asteraceae: Cardueae – Centaureinae) in Siberia and Far East

Tkachenko K.G. Essential oils and systematics of the genus Heracleum L.


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