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Asia Life Sciences - 18 (1), 2009 (w numerze o Hoya aurantiaca, H. lucardenasiana, H. landgrantensis i H. soligamiana )


Effects of pure pine plantations on the soil chemical properties and plant diversity in Guizhou Province, China
Ou Guowo, Leonardo M. Florece

Three new species of Phyllhermannia Berlese 1916 (Acari: Oribatida: Hermanniidae) from the Philippines, with notes on the chaetotaxy of notogaster and legs in this genus
Leonila A. Corpuz-Raros, William Sm. Gruarzo

Philippine oribatid mites of the genus Phyllhermannia Berlese 1916 (Acari: Oribatida: Hermanniidae)
Leonila A. Corpuz-Raros

Coconut endosperm fiber: Effects on blood serum lipids of male domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus L. 1758)
Ma. Victoria F. Angeles, Raymundo Celestino F. Habito, Nieva T. Librojo-Basilio

Brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity and liver melanomacrophage centers (MMCs) formation in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) following exposure to glyphosate herbicide
George R. Ugaddan, Pablo P. Ocampo

Geometric morphometric analysis of intrapopulational variation in the carapace and telson of the Indo-Pacific mole crab, Hippa pacifica Dana 1852 (Anomura: Hippidae) from Linamon, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Mark Anthony J. Torres, Siegfried B. Razo, Adelina A. Barrion, Cesar G. Demayo

Ontogenic change in the seedling photosynthetic activity of four temperate seagrass species in Northern Japan
Maria Luisa Sasi-Orbita, Hiroshi Mukai

Transpiration rate and stomatal parameters of transgenic papaya conferred with papaya ringspot virus resistance
Pompe C. Sta. Cruz, Ann Mylalulex A. Magnaye, Pablito M. Magdalita, Desiree M. Hautea, Randy A. Hautea

Dipterocarpaceae of Bohol Island, Philippines
Edwino S. Fernando, Marlito J.M. Bande, Restituto A. Piollo, Diosdado D. Sopot, Nemrod E. Dolotina, William G. Granert

Additional four new species of Hoya R.Br. (Apocynaceae) from the Philippines
Robert Dale Kloppenburg, Simeona V. Siar

Vegetation and wildlife fauna of the Emerald Bay coast, Zambales Province, Philippines
William SM. Gruezo


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