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Genome Biology and Evolution - 4 (3), 2012


Research Articles

        Alexandra Popa, Paul Samollow, Christian Gautier, and Dominique Mouchiroud
    The Sex-Specific Impact of Meiotic Recombination on Nucleotide Composition
        Danielle Venton
    Highlight: Our Reptilian Brethren: Mammals and Live-Bearing Lizards Show Similar Pregnancy Mechanisms
        Matthew C. Brandley, Rebecca L. Young, Dan L. Warren, Michael B. Thompson, and Günter P. Wagner
    Uterine Gene Expression in the Live-Bearing Lizard, Chalcides ocellatus, Reveals Convergence of Squamate Reptile and Mammalian Pregnancy Mechanisms
        Eduardo Castro-Nallar, Honglei Chen, Simon Gladman, Sean C. Moore, Torsten Seemann, Ian B. Powell, Alan Hillier, Keith A. Crandall, and P. Scott Chandry
    Population Genomics and Phylogeography of an Australian Dairy Factory Derived Lytic Bacteriophage
        Ching-Ping Lin, Chung-Shien Wu, Ya-Yi Huang, and Shu-Miaw Chaw
    The Complete Chloroplast Genome of Ginkgo biloba Reveals the Mechanism of Inverted Repeat Contraction
        M. M. Pentony, P. Winters, D. Penfold-Brown, K. Drew, A. Narechania, R. DeSalle, R. Bonneau, and M. D. Purugganan
    The Plant Proteome Folding Project: Structure and Positive Selection in Plant Protein Families
        Sonja Grath and John Parsch
    Rate of Amino Acid Substitution Is Influenced by the Degree and Conservation of Male-Biased Transcription Over 50 Myr of Drosophila Evolution
        Elizabeth Skippington and Mark A. Ragan
    Evolutionary Dynamics of Small RNAs in 27 Escherichia coli and Shigella Genomes
        Anna R. Kersting, Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Andrew D. Moore, and Sonja Grath
    Dynamics and Adaptive Benefits of Protein Domain Emergence and Arrangements during Plant Genome Evolution
        Kasper U. Kjeldsen, Thomas Bataillon, Nicolás Pinel, Stéphane De Mita, Marie B. Lund, Frank Panitz, Christian Bendixen, David A. Stahl, and Andreas Schramm
    Purifying Selection and Molecular Adaptation in the Genome of Verminephrobacter, the Heritable Symbiotic Bacteria of Earthworms
        Daniel B. Sloan, Andrew J. Alverson, Martin Wu, Jeffrey D. Palmer, and Douglas R. Taylor
    Recent Acceleration of Plastid Sequence and Structural Evolution Coincides with Extreme Mitochondrial Divergence in the Angiosperm Genus Silene
        José L. Campos, Brian Charlesworth, and Penelope R. Haddrill
    Molecular Evolution in Nonrecombining Regions of the Drosophila melanogaster Genome
        James C. Schnable, Michael Freeling, and Eric Lyons
    Genome-Wide Analysis of Syntenic Gene Deletion in the Grasses
        Jana Fulnečková, Tereza Hasíková, Jiří Fajkus, Alena Lukešová, Marek Eliáš, and Eva Sýkorová
    Dynamic Evolution of Telomeric Sequences in the Green Algal Order Chlamydomonadales
        Felix Horns, Elsa Petit, Roxana Yockteng, and Michael E. Hood
    Patterns of Repeat-Induced Point Mutation in Transposable Elements of Basidiomycete Fungi
        Masafumi Nozawa, Sayaka Miura, and Masatoshi Nei
    Origins and Evolution of MicroRNA Genes in Plant Species
        Thomas D. Cuypers and Paulien Hogeweg
    Virtual Genomes in Flux: An Interplay of Neutrality and Adaptability Explains Genome Expansion and Streamlining
        Michael F. Seidl, Guido Van den Ackerveken, Francine Govers, and Berend Snel
    Reconstruction of Oomycete Genome Evolution Identifies Differences in Evolutionary Trajectories Leading to Present-Day Large Gene Families

        Matthew A. Campbell, Antonis Rokas, and Jason C. Slot
    Horizontal Transfer and Death of a Fungal Secondary Metabolic Gene Cluster

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