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Gardenwise Singapore Botanic Gardens - 39, 2012

02 The passing of Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice
06 Haji Sidek bin Kiah
07 Uncovering the history of the Bendstand
09 Paths Less Travelled - Surprising Finds in the Cameron Highlands
14 Plant (and animal) hunting at a watershed area in East Kalimantan
18 The Limestone flora of Sumatra

Regular Features:
01 Message from the Director
Around the Gardens
22 A Bloom for the Singapore Botanic Gardens
23 Elephant Parade
24 Singapore Botanic Garden Volunteers Appreciation Tea 2012
25 Ancient Giant falls at SBG
New and Exciting
27 New in the Library Shop
Ginger and its Allies
29 New? New! Newmania...the ginger surprise from Vietnam
Research Fellows
32 Botanic research fellows in the Gardens: 2011-2012
What’s Blooming
34 Nonis, Forbidden Fruits and Fish-Killers...
From Education Outreach
38 Storytime in the Gardens - Outreach to our Young Visitors
Beyond the Gardens
39 Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens (SEABG) Network Staff Exchange Programme
Key Visitors to the Garden
41 January - June 2012
From the Archives
Back Cover: Illustrations of Australian Plants

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